Enable Caret Browsing in Windows 10 Mail

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This guide will teach you how to browse your Windows 10 mail application using your keyboard navigation keys. This keyboard navigation is commonly referred to as Caret Browsing.

Keyboard Navigation in the Windows 10 Mail App

Open the Mail app and go to Settings > Reading:

Go to Caret Browsing and toggle the switch below Use the caret to navigate the reading pane to On:

How To Use the Caret Browsing Mode

Now that caret browsing is enabled, the Mail app will act like word processor. A text selection cursor will now appear when you click in the body of an email message in the Reading Pane. You can move back and forth in the message using the keyboard arrow keys, highlight text using a combination of the [Shift] + arrow keys, or open hyperlinks nested in the body of the message by placing your cursor next a link and pressing the Enter key.
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