How to backup Windows data: with .bat

How to backup Windows data: with .bat

Data Loss is a big issue associated with formatting your computer. It is good to know that Windows comes with backup and recovery solutions that can prevent this problem. We can use the incremental backup to save important data in the computer before formatting. The Backup Utility of Windows systems supports this type of backup and saves all files that have changed since the last one and prevents data loss. Here's how to make a backup on Windows.

How to use an incremental backup?

Incremental backup can be used to save your important data before you format your computer.

  • During the first batch launch, all the files and folders are saved and when relaunched after 2-3 weeks, all the changes made are saved.

  • In the example below the files are copied from root C to the backup folder on the partition D.

    • "% USERPROFILE%" is the variable of "Documents and Settings \ username". The switches: "E / H / R / Y / I / D", are used to copy the system 's hidden files.

For more information, open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and type: xcopy/?.


  • First, open the notepad and copy:

@echo off        
xcopy C:\Docs D:\Backup\Docs /E /H /R /Y /I /D        
xcopy "%USERPROFILE%"\Favoris D:\Backup\Favoris /E /H /R /Y /I /D        
  • Then click on "File > Save as", name the file extension as name.bat (the name is optional) and select file type as all files

  • Launch the file to copy the data from C to D

Note: Depending on your needs, you can change the letters of drives in the script.

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