How to set low battery notification: Windows 8.1

How to set low battery notification: Windows 8.1

It can be useful to configure Windows 8.1 to play a sound when your laptop is reaching a low or critical battery level so that you never run out of battery at important moments causing you to lose unsaved documents. Read on to find out how to set an alarm for low battery level on your computer running Windows 8.1.

How to set notifications based on battery level?

  • Go to the Control Panel > Power Options.
  • Select a power plan and click on Change plan settings.
  • Click Change advanced power settings.
  • Expand the Critical battery level entry and set the percentage.
  • Expand the Low battery level entry and set the percentage.

How to define the alarms?

  • Go to the Control Panel > Sound.
  • Click on the Sound tab
  • Select the Critical Battery Alarm event.
  • Click on the Sounds menu and select "Windows Battery Critical.wav" or any other sound.
  • Repeat the operation for the Low Battery Alarm event.
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