Speed up PC startup on Windows 7, 8, 10

Speed up PC startup on Windows 7, 8, 10

Is your PC slower than usual on startup? Continue reading to discover how to speed up your PC's startup process to save you a few seconds each time you turn on your computer.

How to speed up your Windows PC startup using MSConfig?

MSConfig allows you to configure Microsoft Windows.

  • To use MSConfig to speed up your computer's startup, go to the Start menu, then click Run.
  • Click msconfig, then confirm by pressing [Enter] on your keyboard.
  • In the window that opens, click the Startup tab, which shows the list of programs that are active at startup. Unclick each of the programs, except for your antivirus and your firewall.

All of your programs will still be accessible once your computer has started. However, they are useless at startup and their launching simply slows down the process.

How to speed up your Windows PC startup using BootVis?

Microsoft has launched BootVis, a program that allows you to easily optimize the startup of your computer.

  • To use BootVis, you must first download the software.
  • To run an analysis, launch the program and click the Trace menu, followed by Next boot and Driver. Bootvis will prompt you to restart the computer. After rebooting, Bootvis is restarted automatically and displays statistics on the booting activities of the computer in graphical form.
  • You can optimize the startup process by clicking Trace menu and selecting Optimize System.

How to disable the Windows logo at Startup?

You can speed up the startup of your computer by disabling the Windows logo at startup. To find out how to do so, see our article on removing the welcome logo when starting Windows.

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