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How to Check Your Grammar Online

Whether creating a blog, social media content, sending professional emails, writing articles or learning English as a second language, good grammar is essential to progressing in your chosen field. Unless you have access to a proofreader or editor, a grammar checker can be an indispensable tool in order to ensure high quality content. Therefore in this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best online, desktop and mobile grammar checkers to make sure you’re never left guessing.


Grammarly is your free online writing assistant. It's the all inclusive app that offers a wide range of features including grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity of text, tone detection, plagiarism detection and more depending on your chosen plan. It can work on multiple applications and programs such as email servers, messengers, social networks and documents. Grammarly is available as a browser extension, desktop app, web-based program, smartphone app and a Microsoft add-on. This is an incredibly popular program and with a user friendly interface, its adaptive capabilities and extensive features, it's not hard to understand why.

Grammarly is available in 3 different plans: Free, Premium from $11.66 /month and Business (for teams) from $12.50 /member / month. You can also download the mobile app for both Android and iOS here.


Hemingway helps to improve all aspects of your writing and is particularly useful for those who would like to further refine their writing skills. There is a large focus on creating straightforward and clear sentence structure with this program and once you have entered a sentence, Hemingway will evaluate and tell you if your sentence is “easy, hard or very hard to read”. More than just a grammar checker (although it does that too!), Hemingway will help you find your writing style, thereby creating more engaging content as well as checking spelling and punctuation. With a great interface and a colour coded corrections system, Hemingway is easy to use and contains no word limit.

There are two versions available, the free online version and the desktop version that is suitable for both macOS and Windows costs a one time payment of $19.99.

Language Tool

Language Tool is an excellent open source grammar checker that can edit text in over 20 languages. It is available as an online app, an extension to your web browser and as a fee-paying app available to download. There is a limitation of 20,000 characters per check with the free version and 40,000 with the paid version. As it is an open source program, users can download it and make any code adjustments to suit their needs. Like some of the other grammar checkers, Language Tool also users a colour-coded system to identify and correct errors and it also has a community of users to exchange ideas and assist with any problems you may encounter when using it.

Both the open source and the online app are linked above and the paid plan starting at $19 can be found here.


Ginger is an excellent tool for anyone who writes in multiple languages as not only can it correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing style but it can also translate your text into a different language. (The free version is however limited to 350 characters). Ginger offers translation support for over 40 languages, it features a text-to-speech feature allowing users to learn word pronunciation and also features a thesaurus. For those who choose to pay for the premium service, Ginger offers a “Personal Trainer” to evaluate your writing style, improve your English and benefit from personalised practice sessions.

Ginger offers it’s browser extension and correction services free of charge here, but is also available from $7.49 /month here for users who wish to benefit from more extensive services. It is also available to download for iPhone and Android.

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