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Best Smart Gadgets To Exercise At Home

Amid the pandemic, some of us have been forced to exercise at home, and this can be difficult. Even going so far as to follow a routine can become a nightmare, tutorial videos can be complicated and mostly we tend to lose motivation after a while. It is important to have in mind that our bodies need to keep active, and exercise regularly even from home can give us the energy and strength we need to have a healthy lifestyle.

You can build a complete workout routine at home. If you’re looking for gadgets for your daily workout routine, or perhaps, looking for extra motivation to build those muscles, in this article, you’ll find the best smart gadgets for exercising at home and reach your fitness goals. Have a look here if you are looking for specific apps for working out at home.

All In One: Forme Life Home Studio

If you’re thinking about the future of exercise, Forme Life Home Studio is how it will look like. A complete home workout equipment, the Home Studio is a 43” display compact mirror with a 4K resolution and a design of a real-size smartphone. The mirror display is a home training system personalized for each user. The home gym is equipped with a touch screen so you can avoid the use of any app and get directly to your workout.

The smart fitness gadget has voice recognition and it’s equipped with different routines, workouts and can add individual gadgets. It’ll track all of your progress and keep you updated on calories burned, training data, heart rate, and more. The brand offers sessions with certified personal trainers with whom you can interact through the display. You can find the display and different package subscriptions directly on the Forme Life Home Studio website.

Smart Yoga Mat: YogiFi

If you’re interested in Yoga and a full-body workout. As a beginner or a long-time yogi, this Smart Yoga Mat is all you need for good practice and healthy postures. The YogiFi can be synchronized with Google Home or your Apple Device and will guide you through your movements while you practice your asanas on the mat.

The application will give suggestions if postures need to be corrected, keep a workout journal, monitor heart rate, and count calories. The software will serve as an artificial intelligence master guiding you through your practice directly from your living room. Find it directly on their website with different pricing and fitness packages options.

Headphones: Jabra Elite Active 75t

There is no exercise without music, and if there’s no possibility to play it out loud, a good pair of headphones can make the difference. For training gadgets, the Jabra Elite Active 75t is a must. They’re available for $129.99 on Amazon and are worth every penny.

The compact wireless headphones have among their many features an impeccable sound with noise-canceling activation and the possibility to modulate and change the sound performance through their app. They’re waterproof and are made to resist external residues like dust. The battery life can go up to 28 hours and the headphones can automate with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Strength: JaxJox KettleBell Connect

The JaxJox KettleBell is a full-body strength training gadget connected from the kettlebell to a training app. The Bell is a six in one digital and adjustable compress between 12 and 14lb to complement a full-body HIIT weight workout. This piece of equipment is connected to an app in which selected and personal routines are set for each individual based on the expected fitness results.

You can keep your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Count steps, body weight, and fitness levels and share it all on social media. The app is managed by personal trainers that work with each individual to guarantee a maximum result. You can find the KettleBell for $229 at their website.

Smart Scale: Withings

If you struggle with weight management alongside your exercise routine, a smart piece of equipment is the Withings Scale. The smart gadget is a body composition scale, it measures the muscle mass, body fat percentage, water balance, BMI, steps made in one day, and more. The scale works in real-time while connected through their app that will keep track of the data.

The scale uses a bioelectrical composition system allowing the scale to read through the body with electrical impulses, this connected through an app that follows your movements. When doing your own personal training, this gadget can be helpful. It connects to your smartphone both Android and iOS and the Withings Scale is available on the Withings website for $99.95.

Tangram Skipping Rope

If you love jumping rope and are not interested in going to any fitness classes, the Tangram Skipping Rope is a smart workout gadget that can be used at home and perfect for you. It’s an affordable and effective way for a complete cardio workout session. Paired with the Smart Rope app, you can create a fitness tracker, have a heart rate monitor, calorie tracker all easily paired with iOS Health App and Google Fitness.

The Tangram Smart rope has a light and innovative design and comes in attractive fun colors. You can find their three categories; rookie, LED, and Pure starting at $39.99 directly on their Website.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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