Toshiba laptop wont boot up , can only see black screen,n cursor [Solved/Closed]

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my Toshiba laptop is refusing to boot up, all I see is black screen and a cursor, I have the toshiba product recovery CD, although I dont know how to go about it . pls help

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Thank you

This symptom (blank screen with cursor at the top left side of the screen) in most of the cases indicates Hard Drive issues. I can try assisting you with troubleshooting. Please try the below mentioned steps and check if this helps:

1. Power off the computer and disconnect all the power sources and external devices.
2. Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then release.
3. Put the AC adapter and battery back and power on the computer and check if the computer boots normally.
4. If the computer doesn't boot normally in step 3, check in the BIOS if the Hard Drive is detected.
5. If the Hard Drive is not listed in BIOS, Load the BIOS Defaults and then restart the computer.
6. If you again get the same screen, take a technician's help to reseat the Hard Drive (if you wish to do it yourself you can refer to service manual).
Note: Before you start working with insides of the computer, please go through the pre-removal instructions mentioned in Service Manual, this is for your and machine's safety.
7. After reseating if the Hard Drive is not detected again, you need to replace the Hard Drive.
8. If the Hard Drive is listed in Step 4, run the Diagnostics provided by the manufacturer on the Hard Drive.
9. If the Hard Drive Test gives any error please contact Toshiba support for further course of action.

Some of the steps mentioned above are specific to system models, if you need steps on how to them, please reply with the exact System Model Number of your Toshiba Laptop.

Do reply with results.

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Thank you, Zohaib R 114

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Cant get pass the a black screen saying SMART failure predicted on hardisk one press F1 to continue.
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Thanks!!! worked nicely
Many thanks, this worked on my Toshiba laptop when the screen went blank.
It worked Perfect!
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Thank you
Hello Zohaib,
Thanks for your response and ur message, I managed to reinstall the system using the recovery disk, only I lost everything in the computer, but its working now thank goodness.
Thank you
First make sure that touchpad is not disabled. Try the Fn+F9 combination to enable it. Turn OFF your laptop and after that Unplug the cable from laptops computer then Remove battery power and after that Press and hold the power ON button for 50 secs.Now insert battery power,Plug the cable and Turn ON your laptop screen.
thank u, it worked
Thank you
I found out on my daugther's laptop that her RAM got jostled out of its socket. I reseated the RAM and all is well.