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Conditional formatting range of date cells based on another cell


Hi There, There is lots of stuff to do with CF when using today's date but not a for specific date entered in a cell so I was hoping someone might be...

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Search for a keyword. add value from another cell.


I'm looking for something that's very difficult to search for. I balance my checkbook in excel. Each row has a spot for Date/Comments/Withdrawl/Depos...

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A if(istext) formula that needs a trimming, please help?


Hello, Am really struggling with a IF(is text) formula, it works its just really large and I need to be able to trim it a bit as I need to replicate...

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Worksheets into workbook


Dear All, I need to copy each worksheet into workbooks and saved in the specific path except 04 worksheets named NMS, MS, Master and Missing. Further...

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Text from two different cells to give value shown in certain cel


Hello,, I'm trying to solve a problem I have with a list of values and text. I have a schedule of with names I will get two values in different cel...

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Conditional formatting for word and date


Hello, I am trying to make a cell turn a different color depending on if another cell has a word in it and if the date of a third cell is between tw...

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Auto copy and paste cell range to a separate sheet


Hello, I am new to VBA/Macro with excel, but I want my code to automatically copy a range of cells in the same row that a change is made in a particu...

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Need to create multiple tabs based on data in table


Good Afternoon, I'm trying to find a way to automate a few things to save some time: -Use the data in an input tab to create multiple tabs/documents...

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Function in excel 2013


Hello Dear All. who I can do this function in excel 2013 If A2=AB return value from A1 cell , if A2 = CD return from A3 cell value Configuration: W...

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Cell format - countif then subtract from another cell


Hi, I have a spreadsheet with holidays on. I'm using =COUNTIF(D16:D380,"H") I want to then subtract this number from another cell - What do I need ...

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If/then formula help


Hello, I could use some help on the formula below. I need cells in one column (Y) to show specific text ("SEND") if cells in another column (G) has ...

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Date format


Hello, i am trying to create a report which will show me the first date and last date of the previous month. I need first date in one field and seco...

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Building a new spreadsheet using information from another


Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and VBA and would like to thank you in advance for your assistance. I have received a spreadsheet that contains...

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Run macro automatically


Hello, I wrote a macro and I want to run it automatically if one special cell change but have problem, because contents cell change by formula in oth...

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Macro copy and paste in next blank cell


Hi guys, I need some helping in excel macro. I have two sheets in a workbook. Sheet1 is for summary and Sheet2 is for the raw data. I need to update/...

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Automatically copy the values from the active row from sheet


Hello, Struggling already for a couple of days.... so a help would be more than welcomed Need to write a macro in Excel which would: automaticall...

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Macro to copy entire row to next workbook


Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 50.0 I have the following macro to copy entire row when the column has a capital X. I would like...

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A and b column query to provide sum of column c


Hello and thank you for your help. Please use this scenario for reference: - A B C 1 abc x 1 2 abc y 2...

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Search, find & display


Hello, I have been manually filling out the week no's, in a budget sheet, but want to try and auto populate. I have a table with dates and Week No...

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Change cell color based on another column


Hi All, I am not very good at excel, however I am looking for a solution for the following problem. There are two columns (Column A and Column B...

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How to make an excel sheet equal to another


Hi, I'm new in Excel, and what I'm trying to do is this: I want to make an entire sheet equal to another, except for one cell, so if I change somethi...

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Copy paste rename based on cell value


Hello I have a worksheet named template. I need a VBA code which would copy "template" automatically into a new worksheet and rename the new wor...

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Searching for values and creating a list


Hi there, I hope you can help me, so far I have managed to create a formula which searches a range of data (SKU’s) and returns a count of the occurr...

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How to find value from a column with unique random values


Hello, I need a formula that can get me a value from a column that has unique values and return another cell from that row, can someone help me? e...

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Auto generate workwheet from a list and from a template workshee


Hello All, At the moment, I found out how to auto generate worksheet from a list. However, the generated ones are blank worksheets. May I ask ho...

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Excel - a macro to rename existing worksheets based on a list


I have a P.O. spreadsheet with a summary page. Every year we need to create a new file but I would like to create a template that would just renumber ...

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Inserting image in a particular cell in vba


Hello All, I wanna insert an image into the Activecell but the image is getting inserted into the same default area. Kindly help me regarding this...

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If statements with dates and criteria


Hello, I needs assistance with "If "statements and criteria within the statement . Column A has a set of start dates Column B has a set of En...

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Duplicate values in multiple columns


Hello, I'm looking for a formula for a case mentioned below: Consider we have values in three columns I need to find a formula which compar...

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Copy data of one sheet to other sheets


Hello, I want a VBA code or excel formula that automatic copy of data from one sheet to another sheets(either sheet 2 or sheet 3...etc)..suppose In ...

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Copying & pasting data in next available row in same worksheet.


Hello, I would really like assistance to write a vba code for a macro (using a drop down list) that copies data from A4:E4 and pastes it down in t...

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Value from matrix table


Trying to get rate in G14 that comes from the matrix E14 is a list of A3:A10 F14 is a list of B2:J2

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Two tables values with diffrent order and number of values


Hello, I have 2 tables of products (diffrent number of products). 1st table contains: all products (name, SKU): NAME | SKU asd.........21398763 ...

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Calculate my service expense as %


Hello, I would appreciate if someone can help me with this problem solving question. I would like to know how to calculate my Service Expense as % ...

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Error "range of object global failed"


Hello Everyone, Kindly check my code for mistakes. I am getting an error in this part of my code as "range of Object _Global failed". Dim feat...

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Excel- if this, than return that?


Background: I work for a Recruiting Group & we have a list of candidates in Excel with all mailing info, including the County they live in. I need to...

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Trying to concatenate a letter with a date


Hello, I'm trying to keep a date in a recognisable format and precede it with a character. e.g. I want "D" and 27 July 2015 to appear as D 27 J...

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Insert picture in excel macro, after crop it, save it to a file


Hello friends, I need to open a macro, after place the name in A1 cell, push a button to insert a picture, base on A1 name, then, after crop it and re...

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Find words within cell & put text and color in adjacent cell


Hi there, i'm trying to search for certain word(s) (i.e. "reply??" or "remind") in a cell with a sentence in it, and place a specific text on a diffe...

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Macros: copy invoice details from one sheet to another


Would be very grateful for help with this one I have set up a macro that will print and generate the next reference for my invoices raised in excel, ...

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Calculation of positions in excel


Hello Hello, sir/madam...i am doing some work with the students result in excel...but I faced a is simple but I havn't got dat in my mind...

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Excel macro's copy data from one sheet to another


Hey Everyone ok, so, I have a document with multiple sheets one of the sheets is a reporting sheet what i am trying to accomplish with not much l...

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Get a value from col a based on the max value found in col b


Hello, Get a value from Column A based on the max value found in Column B display in Column C. I need to get value Jill in Column C. Name A...

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Comparing dates in multiple columns and using one that matches


Hello, I have a table with multiple columns of date values and need to check whether a date in a certain column is less than that date and depende...

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Create & name worksheets from a list and copy data


Hi Guys Really new to this and thanks to previous posts on here I have managed to create code to complete the first part of my jigsaw, just struggl...

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Formula question: "if" function with date


I am attempting to create a formula that will enter "Yes" into cell P1 if: the date in Cell E1 is before 07/31/16 AND the date in cell B1 is after 07/...

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Highlight cells with text that match data validation menu


I see several similar questions on the forum but not quite the same and the answers don't seem to extend to my situation. I have an Excel sheet tha...

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Macro to create new workbook and copy data


Hello I am looking for macro to copy rows based on partial cell content of a column. I have an excel spreadsheet called "arc.xlsx" from which I wou...

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Compare values in two columns and return the value from third


Hello, I've a table containing four columns. If the values in the first two columns match to particular value (eg. A1="xxxx" and B1="yyy"), I need...

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Place specfic text in cell based on text in an adjacent cell


Hello Folks, Per the preface, I have a cell that has validation rules of "Concur, Non-concur". If the user selects "Non-concur" for that cell, I ...

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