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  • vba Solved/Closed

    I want to append the month name at the end of the tab names in my workbook I have 86 tabs which are named by employee name and every month I want to ...

    looneybin | Latest reply: looneybin Jul 30, 2015
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  • Formatting cells Solved/Closed

    I'm stuck.... I am creating an invoice of sorts for a company who deals in different currencies. Q1. I have created a drop down list of all products ...

    Stace123 | Latest reply: Stace123 Jul 28, 2015
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  • Cutting last 10 charecters of a cell and pasting to next cell Solved/Closed

    Hi Guys - Im back again with another excel macro problem. I can find all sorts of advice when I google this, but none of it quite matches my needs so ...

    BrianGreen | Latest reply: TrowaD Jul 28, 2015
    4 replies
  • Excel formula needed to count a list of names Solved/Closed

    Hi This is probably an easy one for the pro's, basically I have a list of names that will change as reports are generated. The report will inclu...

    lut1n | Latest reply: LINA Jul 25, 2015
    8 replies
  • Conditional formatting: Find text and highlight from other cell Solved/Closed

    I have a table with names and number values alternating in a table. I add all the numerical values and highlight based on the total value for each nam...

    drumroll13 | Latest reply: TrowaD Jul 23, 2015
    7 replies
  • get data present in Row1 of Sheet1 copied into row1 of Sheet2 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need to get data present in Row1 of Sheet1(Central OPD) to be copied into row1 of Sheet2(Departmental OPD) based on Department Column of Sh...

    ShambuKarpur... | Latest reply: vcoolio Jul 15, 2015
    11 replies
  • formula - If C2 is not blank, and b2 Is blank, then copy c2 to Solved/Closed

    Hi all - Am looking for help on formula - I want excel to look at cell C2, then if it has anything (text or numbers), then to look at cell b2. If ...

    Eirualmac | Latest reply: Eirualmac Jul 12, 2015
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  • how to sort data according to shift Solved/Closed

    i want to sort according to person shiht

    bharatdevekar | Latest reply: bharatdevekar Jul 11, 2015
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  • Transfer data and then apply formula Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a rather large spreadsheet which records the data from a number of different branches on each separate worksheet (labelled as "branche...

    TJay | Latest reply: Hydro Jul 9, 2015
    3 replies
  • Macro to copy/paste specific range every 3 rows Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am beginner in VBA and now have an Excel sheet with about 4000 rows, where I could need a macro. I already recorded a macro for the fi...

    Isa | Latest reply: Isa Jul 7, 2015
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  • Need urgently to find a macro in excel report across sheets Solved/Closed

    Hi, Anyone a solution? I need a macro that will do the following: 1. Search for a word, a number, ... across all the worksheets in the workbo...

    moisdois | Latest reply: moisdois Jul 7, 2015
    6 replies
  • Error trying to populate new worksheet using macro Solved/Closed

    Hey everyone, I've been working on a macro to create a new worksheet based on the information entered into a column of a "data" worksheet which pop...

    AmitMehta96 | Latest reply: AmitMehta96 Jun 30, 2015
    2 replies
  • add string only if a text is present in a cell Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have this string =CONCATENATE(MID(B5;1;1);".") i use to have the initial of a name like this: from "Name" to "N." but some fields have no...

    Deloro | Latest reply: Deloro Jun 30, 2015
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  • Copy cell from another sheet where cell is value...? Solved/Closed

    Hi, Is it possible to copy a cell from sheet 1 to sheet 2 where (for instance) sheet 2 A1 is same value as a cell in sheet 1? What I have is: sh...

    wzshop | Latest reply: wzshop Jun 30, 2015
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  • macro for filling data from specific cell to another Solved/Closed

    Hi all, i need help with creating macro to fill data from specific cells in column to another specific blank cells in other column. screen shot i...

    kayuf | Latest reply: kayuf Jun 30, 2015
    4 replies
  • Error: embedded Excel spreadsheet Solved/Closed

    Occasionally I have an error with my embedded spreadsheets- it is "Microsoft Office Word can't start the application required to open this object. An...

    BrianGold654 | Latest reply: MatthewBon Jun 28, 2015
    1 reply
  • Need value as per given criteria Solved/Closed

    Hello, There is a range given on one column and on the other column there are points. Ex: 200 - 180. 10 points 179 - 160. 9.5 points 159...

    Sanam Khan | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Jun 23, 2015
    6 replies
  • IF formula for a range almost works, except with blank cells Solved/Closed

    Apologies if the title is too vague. I will if necessary rewrite it to comply with forum rules. I have posted this same question here: https://www....

    eddiecruz | Latest reply: eddiecruz Jun 19, 2015
    3 replies
  • Cannot browse - ftp ok, email ok, ping ok Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have been following the thread from people with similar problems but mine is not fixed. This all happened yesterday when AVG falsely ident...

    justabouthan... | Latest reply: 2NinerRomeo Jun 14, 2015
    24 replies
  • Date format Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a column in format like 14-02-14 and i want to change it like14-02-2014

    Murshid | Latest reply: Mazzaropi Jun 14, 2015
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  • if condition formula required Solved/Closed

    Hello, Thank for the earlier reply. Please help in correcting the formula given below. condition is if a column is AB2>=1 it should reduce no. ...

    Raghuram | Latest reply: Raghuram Jun 14, 2015
    2 replies
  • Excel Consolidation Tab Solved/Closed

    Hi all, I am wondering if it is possible to exclude one spreadsheet from being pulled into the master tab. I could name it Data. Can you advice? ...

    nnavarro | Latest reply: nnavarro Jun 11, 2015
    4 replies
  • If cell A1 has text then cell B2 has today's Date Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to find a formula that writes, If Cell A1 has text or any value, then B2 should show today's date and time. Can someone help m...

    Sasha | Latest reply: ac3mark Jun 10, 2015
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  • Excel - Repeat rows a specified number of times Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'm aware of the post here https://ccm.net/apps-sites/software/1603-how-to-repeat-rows-a-specified-number-of-times-on-excel/ But I wo...

    Riteon | Latest reply: Riteon Jun 9, 2015
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  • how to repeat rows by x number of times Solved/Closed

    Hi Does anybody know how I can repeat rows in a spreadsheet (or into another spreadsheet) by n number of times specified in the cell in that row ...

    stressedout | Latest reply: Riteon Jun 9, 2015
    7 replies

    Hello, Good day!! For the Excel rounding function normally is 4 down 5 up is it possible that rounding the digit as below request? 115.21...

    Winndixie | Latest reply: Winndixie Jun 5, 2015
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  • VBA to refresh all pivot tables Solved/Closed

    Hello, One of my worksheets has about 40 pivot tables. I know that there is a pivot table option to "refresh tables when opening file". But my raw ...

    Fwong | Latest reply: Fwong Jun 5, 2015
    1 reply
  • Macro to add/remove rows based on highest # in group of cells Solved/Closed

    I am looking for a macro that will look at a predefined group of cells (say A1-A5) and create as many rows based off the highest one on another sheet....

    Joermccartney | Latest reply: TrowaD Jun 4, 2015
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  • Copy specific cells to separate worksheets upon 2 conditions Solved/Closed

    Hello everyone, vcoolio has kindly written me a script to copy and paste specific cells from Sheet1 to Sheet2 if ONE condition is met (ie "Yes" is...

    Fwong | Latest reply: vcoolio Jun 1, 2015
    3 replies
  • problem with macro Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have problem with macro. if I delet on of the samples data, the 4 parameters value (a,b,c ,d)will change while is 4 parameters based on the...

    Sonya | Latest reply: Sonya May 28, 2015
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  • Copy certain cells when an option is selected Solved/Closed

    Hello, Can anyone help me with a script to: Copy: cell A, Worksheet One to cell B, Worksheet Two; cell G, Worksheet One to cell D, Worksheet Tw...

    Fwong | Latest reply: vcoolio May 27, 2015
    14 replies
  • Arrow key now working. Solved/Closed

    Hi, When i use the arrow keys using excel, the columns & Rows are being highlighted. How to unlock this? Can you help me to solve this?

    belle07 | Latest reply: belle07 May 26, 2015
    2 replies
  • date format Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to write date into following format like (25/05/2015) into 25 days 05 months 2015 year. Is it possible??? Thanks Configuration...

    khushi | Latest reply: Mazzaropi May 23, 2015
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  • Help to insert a date using a macro in excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a spread sheet with four tabs. I have written a macro to copy the tabs and rename them but I need to be able change the date which u...

    Nina | Latest reply: Matt May 22, 2015
    3 replies
  • How to Hide and Unhide tabs according to cell criteria. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have an Invoice that has a Rent To Own Sheet and also an Order Form attached to it. On my the Order Form tab I have a data validation...

    Simpleminded... | Latest reply: vcoolio May 20, 2015
    1 reply
  • Excel VBA Format a Range Borders to Crossed diagonal lines Solved/Closed

    Hello, please help me to format a range of cells like if in a range a1:c10 if any cell eg: c1 contains a value c then format diagonal lines wit...

    mathewmunna | Latest reply: MaxStart May 17, 2015
    4 replies
  • Conditional Formatting: 3 range of numbers Solved/Closed

    Hello, would like to seek advice from some of the experts here. I want to do conditional formatting from column O6-O21. If percentage is a...

    LCC | Latest reply: LCC May 10, 2015
    2 replies
  • Reformatting a Date in Excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I could really use your help with Excel. How can I change a date formatted like this...03/12/2004...to just reflect the month and year...0...

    Bert | Latest reply: Bert May 8, 2015
    4 replies
  • get a percentage in microsoft excel Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to get 10% of a number in another cell. rather than doing it in my head, I was hoping someone would know the formula. If you do,...

    theocupent | Latest reply: kb May 7, 2015
    3 replies
  • How to use name range..Please help to solve this issue.. Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a excel work book which has few name ranges eg namerange1, namerange2, namerange3.. how i can display the resultant like if column e...

    mathewmunna | Latest reply: Mathewmunna May 7, 2015
    4 replies
  • Exam layout help Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to display a classroom layout on sheet 2 using a list of names from sheet 1 I'm sure it's possible, I just don't know where to sta...

    Dibble | Latest reply: addseo1115 May 1, 2015
    8 replies
  • Conditional formatting cell if every cell contains "YES" Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to A2 (surname) and B2 (forename) to turn green if every cell in range C1:F1 equals "yes". At the moment it is highlighting A2 & B2 i...

    LizzyDashwood | Latest reply: LizzyDashwood May 1, 2015
    2 replies
  • Compare 2 Sheets -> Summary differences Solved/Closed

    For an ongoing school project values of test subjects are changing over time. I would like to create a quick overview of these changes. Examples ...

    SidK | Latest reply: SidK Apr 30, 2015
    4 replies
  • Conditional Formatting for a particular column Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need to perform conditional formatting on a particular column, which should display the numbers entered into it, in 3 decimal format. ...

    Harish | Latest reply: Harish51290 Apr 30, 2015
    11 replies
  • How to search for a value in a range if found run a procedure. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am trying to get my spread sheet to run a Macro I have that is working nicely (that copies the row and pastes it to another sheet in the ...

    Tiny | Latest reply: Tiny Apr 29, 2015
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  • finding a date (N30) in a date range B5:B30 and returning A3text Solved/Closed

    Hello, Thank you in advance for helping me... I really appreciate it. I believe I need an =IF formula.... I have a column with different dates ...

    Kelley | Latest reply: MaxStart Apr 29, 2015
    3 replies
  • Auto. copy a row of data onto another sheet using conditions Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am new to VBA and I have two spreadsheets both in the same workbook. One sheet is full off information the other is a printable form t...

    DON'T KNOW | Latest reply: Don't Know Apr 28, 2015
    8 replies
  • Macro to Search for a word and put a code on the cell next to it Solved/Closed

    Hello, I'd like to scan a column for a certain word ("TOTAL LINE") and put a code (e.g "a") on the cell next to it each time it finds it.In case tha...

    A.E | Latest reply: A.E Apr 28, 2015
    2 replies
  • Macro for blanks Solved/Closed

    Hello, Would appreciate help! I have a spreadsheet which I run daily. The number of rows can change each time I run it (ie one day I have 5 rows; t...

    Connie | Latest reply: vcoolio Apr 21, 2015
    3 replies
  • sum if Solved/Closed

    Hello, Pls help me find the formula for below situation I am trying to sum up 4 when a cell in the Column A contains End with XX7. Otherwise it...

    senthil | Latest reply: senthil Apr 21, 2015
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