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If-then statement to copy rows


Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to copy a specific row from one worksheet to another in the same workbook based on an IF-Then statement. ...

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Excel macro assistance


Hello, I have a macro running a process of performing a couple of formulas in a workbook that uses VLookup. Every week I have to re-edit the r...

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Converting date in vba excel


Hello, I have a spreadsheet that has: Column A: Year Column B: Month Column C: Day Is there a way to convert these 3 columns into the actu...

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Ms excel 2007 if function problems.?


Hello, I need immediate assistance. basically i am trying to use the IF function to display less than 18 "no", more than 18 "yes". but if 23.5/...

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Excel macro copy data to next sheet using <


Hello, I'm looking some time now around this forum and ditn't find what i'm looking for. So i'm just gonna ask it here and hopefully someof your s...

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Macro to fill down in a range


Hello, Thanks to all who provide help on this site. I'm new to writing macros so hopefully you might be able to steer me in the right direction wi...

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Excel copy and paste


Hello, I have been given a list of 200 codes but they are in the wrong order. for example it goes 12378945610. so i want to swap the 456 and the 789...

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Excel - check rows for data, copy to new


Heya folks! I've been reading the answers to similar questions and I plan to try and patch something together, but I thought I'd put a (more) specifi...

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Lookup or find in excel help


Hello, I have 2 data sheets sheet one contains my Master list of items by number Row 1 Column 1: 453658 Row 2 Column 1: 839565 Etc my secon...

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Ms excel, stripping out char(10) data


Hello, I working in Excel with VBA and have 5 or 6 rows of data located within 1 cell. The user has decided to use Alt-Enter whilst entering the da...

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Can ping but can't use browser in normal mode


Hello, I also have the problem where I was unable to connect to the internet via any browser, but I can ping my router. I noticed that turning off...

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Brain Drained ;-)

Excel work sheet how to i open


Hello, When i am trying to open an exel sheet saved from windows 7 platforms, i am unable to open in windows xp plantform. the file that i was co...

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Copy rows n times and then fill a series


Hello, This is variation of a question that has been answered previously. Does anybody know how I can repeat rows in a spreadsheet by n number of...

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Pie chart in excel


hi there im trying to make a pie chart in excel but i don't really know where to start...can someone help me thanx!

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How to interchange the columns in notepad


Hello, I have data in three columns. I want to inter change the values of first two columns without changing the third one in notepad or in word p...

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Excel sum greater than but less than


Hello, I am trying to get a cell to show the answer if - The date in B5 minus the date in B10 is less than 60 but more than 30 then F10 should sh...

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Comditional formatting relative recording vba


Hello, I want to compare a cell to its adjacent cell on the left. If the value of the selected cell is higher I'd like to colour it green, if it's...

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Tecno free browsing


Hello, pls help to find free browsing configuration setting for my tecno T570 dis is my phone no 07036713275 I will compeciate u with something ...

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No address bar on my browser


Hello, i dont know how to get my toolbar back up on my screen can you help me its a windows xp

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Copy data one excel sheet to other sheet


Hello, any one help meee please im running that macro and getting data from one sheet to other one issue i have when i run that macro the window ...

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Simple macro error help


Hello, I am using Excel 2007 on Windows XP I am trying to write my first macro that will simply place the following formula into a cell. The ...

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Deleteing rows in excel


Hello, I work with a lot of files every day and the number of data in column A is different from the rest of the column. The number of data ar...

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Excel comparison of partial or wild card data


Hello, I have two columns in Excel that I want to compare. The data in work sheet 1, column A has values that are tabbed. This data has the adjac...

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Sheet-1 + sheet-2


Hello, i have a problem plz solve it and tell me solution i want to count some cells which are Sheet-1 and in Sheet-2. Example: (Sheet-1) A1+A...

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Counting in excel


Hello, In the U column shows "Good" and "Bad" answer that resulted from a formual that I used. How can I count the the toal number of Good a...

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Excel help with what if


Hello, I have all the states in column A and I need to result to display in column B. I need Column B to show "Yes" if column A has: MT, ID, ...

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Conditional formatting (more than 3) in excel


Hello, i am trying to apply more than three options to excel that changes the background colour of the cell. my range is R7:R1000 i need a VBA ...

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Excel question


Hello, I have one worksheet with with all of my emails (both good and bad) D2:D3843 and another worksheet A2:A1061 with all good emails and I need...

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Class result in excel


Hello, I have worksheet of class result.In column A there are names of students. In column B i have marks. I want a formula which tell me the name...

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No browsers working after removal of virus.


I've tried chrome, Ie, opera, and firefox. I've recently had a virus and it was removed, but I think it damaged some stuff. I used malwarebytes and su...

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Duplicate emails in two columns


Hello, I have two rows of approximately 2000 email addresses, One from our Accounts package database, another from our website database. Can anyon...

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Copy rows from another excel-file


Hello, I have two Excel files, one containing data and one blank. I'm creating a macro in blank Excel to copy certain rows from the data-Excel. I ...

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Excel formula help required.


Hello, I am looking for some kind of formula that can achieve the following. i have a cell which allows a user to enter any number. i want ex...

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Setting for free browse


Hello, please give me a setting of airtel for free browse

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Macro/vba help.


Hello, i need help to do solve the following problem: Sheet1 contains a value for today. e.g £1000.00 (Cell A10) Sheet3 contains every date ...

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Colouring a ms excel cell


Hello, I need some help. How could I fill a cell in MS Excel in red if a condition has been met. For example: If the number in Cell A1 is mo...

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Compare mutliple excel columns


Hello, I'm working on an excel sheet and comparing multiple columns to determine if a site to be eligible or not eligible for the program, the sit...

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Excel summing up values of scattered data


Hello, I am looking for how to make a cell in excel that tells me how many of a certain item I have. In column b I have values (numerical) of cer...

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Ms excel: value from a range


Hello, HDI get a numerical value (in C2) that is assigned to a word within a range(G2:H8)? Thank you in advance!

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Excel how to change a value automatically


This is my first question on the forum so I would first like to start by saying hello to all members and moderators :) My question today which I'm ho...

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Comparing two excel sheets


Hello, i have two excel sheets, one sheet has 100 email ids, the other have 200 email ids, the scenario is I want to know the common email ids from...

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Excel custom function


Hello, i have created a custom excel function which works fine. the only problem being, you need to press F2 on the custom formula cell and give en...

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Pls help - excel - highlight cell if no data


Hello, Please could somebody help me with a problem. I have a spreadheet and I would like make some cells in a row go yellow if they have no data in...

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joe random

Count rows from sheet2 and place on sheet1


Hello, Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0, Excel 2007 I need help with a formula. On Sheet1, I am trying to get the total # of records for ea...

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Browsing the web with a sansung phone


how to make a phone to browse

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Using find within macro


Hello, I have a list of first and last names of employees (Sheet1). Some of these employees have adjusted work schedules which are listed in a dif...

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Excel vba help


Hello, I am needing some help with this vba code. What I am trying to do is first verify if cell A4 is not empty, if it is not empty then I need it t...

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Maja WL

Copy rows from sheet 1 to sheet 2


I need to have a macro that will copy rows from sheet1 to sheet 2 . The catch is from sheet 1 col A for eg A3 may have the number 10 in it. I need to ...

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To prepare attendence report with excel sheet


Hello, I will describe what I want to do . I have 60 residents working in our department. They attend morning report everyday. So I have prepared ...

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If sum>= 60, color cells red


Hello, I have excel 2007 and am trying to set conditional formatting for a series of 3 cells. If their total sum is greater than or equal to 60 I...

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