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Macro to manipulate lines of text


I have data that is arranged as this in four columns x emailx nameofx 123 x emailx nameofx 4456 x emailx nameofx 67 y emaily nameofy 12 z email...

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Find and replace from a dropdown


hi Guys, second and hopefully last question for now. Is there a way to the following: I have a dropdown list with names of tabs of the excel file...

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How to easily cummulate data


Hi there, I was wondering if you guys know how to do this: got 13 weeks, each week has a figure underneath it. Let's say week 1 has 1 under it, wee...

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How to add 200 working days to a given date.


Hello, Please I want to know how I can add 200 working days to a specific date to get a new date

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Auto populate data between excel sheets


Have project management data that should be automated to populate from two Excel sheets to the desired Excel sheet. I was thinking that it could be A...

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Cannot change the date format in excel 2007


Hello, I have tried everything mentioned in this forum and they still do not work. I have a sheet with the date appearing dd/mm/yyyy, I have ...

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Excel lookup 2 cells to match in 2 rows.


Hello, I am using Excel to makes archives of PC issues we have in our compagny I have Info that i have to write in two cells that are standard...

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Row conditional formating in excel


Hi All, I'm trying to play around with the conditional formatting in excel to highlight a row in excel if a cell in that row contains certain text....

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Highlight help


Hello, I am needing help with being able to highlight a cell based on another cell's value. Example: I am dealing with cells J2 and J3. I am needi...

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Counting sites visits within a year


Hi All, I have a small database that is regularly updated keeping track of site visits and I want to be able to create a table of number of visits ...

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How to apply conditional formatting


I would like to apply conditional formatting so that Cell A4 is highlighted (filled) if Cell B4 has Text (date in the format 22-DEC-17) and unhighligh...

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How to copy data to a different worksheet?


Hello, I would like to copy data from a specific cell of a worksheet and paste into a specific cell in a different worksheet Eg from cell b2 of a l...

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Conditional formatting - dates


Hello, On a spreadsheet, the cells in column N contain a date. I need any date that is 6 weeks ago or longer to be highlighted. How do I do ...

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Rearrange multiple columns in four columns, vba


Hello guys, An excel rookie needs the help of more experienced users of Excel and VBA. I have a data set that looks the following way: There ...

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Matchpoint score


hello I hope that someone can help me. I have an excel sheet in which I record scores of teams and I would like a formula to calculate the points acc...

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Can't reinstall office 2010


Can't reinstall Office 2010. Always get a notice that an error has happened and it will not install !

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Yahoo id and password hacked


Hello, My Yahoo ID and password has been hacked by someone, coz of that I could I m unable 2 log in. Plz help me out and dont send a mail to t...

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How to use conditional format based on text?


Hello, I want a cell to change color if another cell contains the words "first aid". The text comes down from a drop down list and could read "Fi...

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Copy and convert data


Hi, in advance I would like to thank everyone for reading my post and providing any assistance. I have an exported worksheet with 50 rows of data (30...

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Vlookup, if? question assigning value to text options


Hello, I need to make an spreadsheet that corresponds different text values and gives them a score. I have several tables set up, that I was tryin...

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Data showing who pays a doesnt after manually input receipts


Hello, Hope im clear on this. Im a bit lost. I have sheet one. This is a spredsheet where we input a secuential number with the name of the ...

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English version of frontpage express


Hello, Hi how do I download MS FrontPage the English version. Im only getting the French version

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Filter the data in excel through formula


Hello, I need a formula of the following quotation: Column A Belongs To Customer Name Column B Belongs The Date Column C Belongs To Item ...

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Insert rows on change of value in excel table


Hello, I have an excell spreadsheet that contains a table. I want a macro of vb to insert a row into the table when the values in a particular colum...

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Pdf attachment unreadable and opens with word


Hello, ever since I tried to open a Memo.4ma attachment emailed to me, my pdf files open with Word and are unreadable...they apear in encoding format,...

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If function in excel error


Hello, anyone can tell me where the error Is. =IF(G:G>="0:05", 0:30Min, IF(G:G>="0:20",1:30hrs, IF(G:G="0:00",0:00hrs , 4:00hrs))) * * ...

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Product key of office 2010


I don't K now product key of office 2010 please send me this key Regards Pardeep Gur

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Conditional formatting with multiple rules and blank text cells


Hi, I wonder if someone would be able to help me with this. This is probably really simple, but I can't get it to work. I need excel to change a c...

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Setting up excel formula


Hello, I need some help with the excel formulas I have new taxation laws that apply my organization from January. The current taxes are 10%...

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Post it digital notes


Everytime I try to download Post it Digital Notes I get the 404 error. What do I need to do?

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Where can i download a free word document to pdf converter


looking to download a free word to PDF converter

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Comparing data between two excel sheets


Hello, I have two excel sheets with the same columns. Essentially Name, Email, Phone. One sheet is the 'original" data and the other is the "upd...

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Corrupt powerpoint file, the file extension does not match the i


Hello, I have several PowerPoint presentations that I can't open them now it says " file may be corrupted when use PowerPoint or expansion file ma...

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How to create serial numbers


Hello, I have an excel format shows different values of schedule of correspondence and some of the mails are gone to different addresses and the ma...

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Formatting cell


Hello, I want to highlight the coloumn B, if the coloumn A is greater than 0, In column A having numbers and the column B having texts. here so...

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Drop down look up


Hello all, I have a 40 sheet workbook. I want to hide 39 of the tabs and use one sheet as the "master" to pull all of the data. I have the tabs in ...

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Automatically update master worksheet from other worksheets


Okay, first I should mention that I'm a complete amateur when it comes to excel. No VBA or macro experience, so if you're not sure whether I know some...

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Help- conditional cell formatting


Hello, I am trying to do some conditional formatting and having a little trouble. Here is what Im looking to get. I have a column A (estimated ...

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Make a macro run when data entered in a cell


Hello, I have a macro that runs when the user clicks on a button. Instead, I want the macro to run when Cell D10 is populated. The data for D10 c...

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Word 2010 showing dots instead of spaces


Hello, when I press space tab in the keyboard, a dot is printed in the Microsoft word 2010. How can I fix this problem? faithfully you Con...

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Worksheet_selectionchange event not working


Hello, I wanted to execute a Worksheet_SelectionChange event code. But its not working. I searched on net to find that if I change (General) to Wo...

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Omi Kat

Working out the difference in times between two columns


I have various times in Column B (Departure time), and another set of times in Column C (arrival time). If the time in B is between 07.00 and 00.59...

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when I go to open ms word or ms excel computer ask for file. I have no cd of office 2003. please help

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How to copy columns to a specific column header and repeat?


Hello all, am new to using macros in excel. i have data and i want to be able to columns and paste it under some specific columns repeatedly. Examp...

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Changing format of date in excel


Hello, I have an excel sheet which has lots of cells in a column with the date format as - day month date time year & I wish to convert that to dd/...

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Outlook 2010 configure for gmail


I have created an account and tried configuring through Outlook 2010. Though the test message is successful for sending and receiving, outlook is able...

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Copying formula by changing only one rule.


Hello Team, I want to copy the formula "=INDEX((Sheet1!B2:B99),MATCH(B24,Sheet1!A2:A99,0))" 1000 cells by changing only "B24" to "B25, B26" and so ...

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Can't open documents with a w.


In my documents, I have some items with PDF and some with a W. When I try to open the ones with a W, I am asked to sign up with Word. How can I open t...

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How to compare a range of data in excel?


Dear Team, I want to compare a range of values from columns in row A (A1 to A6) with date input in column C1. If C1 is equal to data in A1 then D1 ...

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Ms visio setup free download


i got a little challeng dowenloading free Ms visio setup could u send me please

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