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Unable to change date format in excel


Hello, I have an excel worksheet with a date column, the format is set to dd-mmm-yyyy but the dates in the columns display as mm/dd/yyyy. If I doubl...

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If statement


Hello, I am really struggling to get the correct formula for below situation: example: Cell A2 is a "due date" Cell B2 is a "completion date" ...

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How to find the latest time per name in a table with names and times


Hello; I have a sheet with a list of "use name" and "time" (which is a login date). I need to find for each user the latest date . But users have sev...

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Interest on term loan and working capital


Dear CCM, I dont know "interest on term loan and working capital, profit before taxes and profit after taxes""..etc anybody can help me to solve...

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Summarise hours incurred by month based on multiple criteria


Hi, I want to summarise hours incurred mthly (from the time_converted column) based on the grade and agency but can't seem to get the below formula...

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Open office page numbering - start numbering on page 3


I would like to know how to start the page numbering on page 3 instead of 1.

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Message to appear when 5 cells uncolored cells contain values.


Hello, A macro using excel that can return a message when 5 uncolored cells that are in a range of colored and uncolored cells contain values. The ...

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Code to move rows into another sheet based on certain values


Hello, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do something! I have a sheet (Design) with work order details on it (columns A-J will have data in). ...

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Inserting an image without the white background


Hello, I have an image that I have vectorized... or so I think I have.... and I when I try to insert it into a document this white square appears ...

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Auto-populate a sheet with data from different other sheets


Hello, I have been having problems with having a general data sheet in my workbook. My problem is as follows: I have 3 different sheets, all of w...

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Copy rows to other sheets based on value in column


Hello, I have copy and pasted the code used to solve the problem for the question which began this thread. I have 6 tabs into which I want to...

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Replace 'sheet' reference in a formula (not copy data, but get averages)


Hello, I'm working with a precipitation data base of multiple sheets. Each sheet is a year of measurements. The thing is that I'm trying to ge...

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Ms word not displaying page numbers, images


Hello, So far MS word worked fine. But now it is not showing up images. Also not even page numbers. Instead showing up {Page}. Please let me know...

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Am not too good on percentage calculation


Hello please what is the 10 percent of,7200000000

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Why do my pdf documents open in word?


Hello, I can't figure out why my PDFs always get open in Word but not the Adobe program? Does anyone have a quick answer? Thank you so much! ...

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Macro to copy/paste down x times (where x is the number of rows)


Hello, I could sure use some help on a Macro. I need to copy the value in E1 and paste down to all cells in column E (E2 to E??) The issue ...

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Inserting day of week along with date


Hello, I am currently working on a spreadsheet and trying to set the cell format so that it displays the day of te week alongside the date eg Wed 1...

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Not able to send mail from the gmail outlook


Hello, I had configured Gmail in Outlook 2007. I am able to recieve all the mails. But the problem is not able to send mail from outlook. I had giv...

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Send mail if today is the birthday.


Hello, I have a Excel sheet containg profile of some employee like this: Name ID Date of Birth Rahul 335221 15...

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Comparing two excel sheets and copying like data to third sheet


Hi, I'm trying to compare two sheets in excel and have matching column data copy the entire row into a new third sheet. Ex: Compare Sheet 1 column...

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Using a named field for autofill


I am performing an Autofill using a macro. Is there a way to enter the ranges using a "Named Field" in the macro without having to hardcode them in t...

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Excel macro - set and autofill a range?


Hello, I am creating an excel macro to reformat a CSV file. In doing this, I need to select a column (F) and replace the values in that column with a...

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Excel autofilter stops filtering


Hello, I am working with Excel 2003 professional and just yesterday after entering a bunch of records to my file, which has about 19,000 rows, I di...

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Word 2007 blank page displaying square boxes


Hello, Please can anyone help me. I was typing in english and then I wanted to change to chinese. I pressed shift and alt and immediately struck g to...

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If a cell contains any text then add a value


I hope someone can help me with this...I've done this before but can't remember how. I have a list of names (for an attendees list) and I need to s...

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Formula in excel to turn numbers into text


Hello, I found formula but sir I want at last as per below. As per formula =words(1234) = one thousand two hundred thirty four But sir I wan...

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venkatesan pop (imap) settings outlook


I got my email working using the following settings: Account type: Choose IMAP Incoming mail server: Outgoing mail server ...

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Automatically update a cell with last modified date and time


I am maintaining a Test Environment Catalogue, with various users editing it. It is change controlled in SharePoint, however, I'd like to insert a cel...

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Vba find column by name and sort


Hello, I am trying to make a code that should: - Go to the first worksheet - Find the first column with header "sku" - Sort this column ascen...

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Copy x rows from a worksheet and paste x rows into another worksheet n times


Hi, I am struggling to create a macro that can copy an excel range of data (A1:B50) from sheet 1 and paste into sheet 2 for 4000 times. Currently, sh...

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Create new sheets based on column a data.


Hi, Is there a way to create a new tab based on column A? For example: I want to create a new tab for each vehicle, copy and paste all of vehicle ...

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How to put a password on my memory stick?


Hello, I am looking for a way to protect my flash disk with a password. In case I lose my flash disk, and somebody else gets access to it, should n...

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Arrow keys not working in excel


Hello, I am using Excel 2000. I am tring to move from one cell to another in Excel by using the arrow keys on my keyboard but nothing happens. I wa...

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Unable to send emails from outlook


Hello, I have a friend who is suddenly unable to send emails. Can receive, however. Error Message is "unknown error" Ox800CCC81. Help would be most...

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I want to change date format in excel


Hello, I want to change date format from SAP system i.e. 20.05.2010. When I apply thru format cell it doesn't work.

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Automatically data to another sheet by adding new rows


Hello, I have created a "request form" - the form is not designed in VBA - it is simply a spreadsheet using Column B, only, and each row has either ...

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Creating search and update command buttons in a userform


I have created a userform for inputing new records in an Excel spreadsheet. I have written the code for the Save Record and Close Form command button...

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Compare 2 sheets with particular columns


Hello, hear is the situation, sheet1 is having "item code (ex. 150007) in column A", and "Rack ID in column B (ex. AA001)" & other side in she...

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Add data to row that already contains data


I want to enter data for the same product but it needs to be done on different days, with two different entry forms, so the row will already contain d...

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Automatically copy data from main sheet to child sheets.


Hello, I know this question was asked in another thread (

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Copying formulas to multiple worksheets


Hi, I have a workbook that contains 32 worksheets. 31 identical sheets that are basically days of the month. Last one is a summary sheet. I have t...

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Copy data onto sheet only if cell has text


Hello, I need to copy formulas and data from a selection of cells in a worksheet (Figures) onto a seperate sheet (summary). I would like the inf...

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Conditional format "match range"


I am stumped and can't find an answer to this issue for Excel 2010 The best way I can describe this is that I am attempting to build an Excel based...

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How to repair a pdf corrupted doc


Hi, I am having a problem trying to open a PDF file. Ever time I attempt to open, Adobe Reader loads, but displays error message: There was an error ...

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Watermark to some pages not all


Hello Office Software Geek, I am currently writing a lengthy document and want to add my name as a watermark to some pages and another name to othe...

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I need a pdf to word 2007 converter


can you recommend a reliable pdf to word office 2007 converter? I downloaded pdfsmall converter and when I load the pdf file to be converted it gives...

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How can i convert a docx file to pdf ?


DOCX to PDF Converter software - you can convert your files from DOC or DOCX format to PDF format in just a few seconds with no other external compone...

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Vba code to open non excel programs


Hello, I need vba code to open other documents besides excel doc's e.g open a word file, access file etc.. Can anyone help?? thanks PM

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Problem with copy in one sheet


Hello, There is a table on sheet1 for example. A B C D E 1 2 3 4 5 In cell A1 I drag the data from sheet2 cell A10 In cell A2 I drag t...

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I need vba that creates a new sheet for every data entered in column d


Hi, I need a formula that create a new sheet for every data in "D" column cells and sheet name is like the cell ,also add that cell whole row data ...

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