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    July 2020

    20 July
    • Create desktop shortcut on Google Chrome

      Google Chrome is a highly customizable web browser that allows you to personalize many of its features. In order to help you to easily keep track of your favorite websites, the browser lets you create desktop shortcuts. Read on to discover how to do it.

    17 July
    • Clear Bing search history

      Bing is one of the popular internet browsers that provide a seamless experience to its users. If you are using Bing, you can clear its browsing history by following the steps described below. This will help boost your security online.

    16 July
    • How to merge multiple social media accounts: for one company

      Maintaining a presence on social networks is a key element in digital marketing strategies for a companies, brands or professionals. Sometimes having multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter can fulfil this strategy, for example if a company manages several brands in multiple locations and wants different channels for each one. However, if this activity is subject to change, it may only be necessary to keep one account per social network.

    9 July
    • How to get GPS location on Android

      Any modern Android device is now fully featured to locate you through GPS coordinates. You can find your GPS coordinates using many different apps, but we selected the most relevant ones you will like.

    8 July