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    April 2022

    29 April
    • How to add the accessibility menu to Quick Menu on PS4?

      The PlayStation 4 is shipped with a few accessibility features such as the Magnifier and Text-to-Speech capability, which are meant to make the console easier to use. You can enable the accessibility features by going into Settings > Accessibility, but there's an easier and hassle-free method. This tutorial will teach how to add the Accessibility Settings to the Quick menu.

    • How to restrict downloads on Steam?

      Learn how to set download restrictions (for updates, downloads of new apps/games,...) in Steam. This article will explain the two possible options of Limit Download Schedule and Limit the Bandwidth.

    • Sleeping gadgets: for adults, babies

      If your friends or relatives love long deep and recharging sleep, then you might like to give them a gift to help them sleep even better and reduce their anxiety. You can find an alarm clock with a freshly brewed coffee smell, "smart" mattress, sleep robot and more gadgets that will help your loved ones fall asleep faster, get up refreshed, rejuvenated and full of energy. Read on to discover the best sleeping gadgets that can make your loved ones sleep like never before.

    28 April
    • How to create a disposable email account?

      Having a disposable email can be very useful if you want to avoid receiving tons of unwanted and irrelevant emails. Fortunately, there are a few sites that you can use to generate temporary email addresses that can be used online for registrations and sending emails. Here we'll show some of the best free platforms available today.

    • Manage AT&T prepaid account: cancel autopay, change payment

      AT&T allows prepaid customers to sign up for AutoPay, which is a program that automatically refills your AT&T SIM with a monthly credit. This plan is a great option for those who want to avoid a long-term commitment with a contract or for those who have moderate usage of their account. As an incentive, AT&T offers a $5 discount for those enrolled in AT&T Prepaid AutoPay with a monthly plan greater than $30. In this article we will show you how to manage your AT&T AutoPay.

    • Internet Explorer can't display the webpage: quick fix

      Sometimes, when using the Internet Explorer, you can encounter an error that says "Cannot display the webpage" even though you are still able to use other programs requiring an internet connection. In this case, the problem might be related to the wrong web browser settings. The good news is that it's easy to fix. Read on to discover how to fix this error.

    • What is Apple One: subscription, features

      Apple One is the latest all-in-one subscription deal to come from the tech giant which will group together all its streaming services in various bundles. Announced in September 2020, Apple One will be available to customers in 3 different price packages with each offering different combinations of their most popular services including iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and more, at reduced prices.

    • How does Dropbox work: sharing files, synchronizing folders

      Storing your content in the cloud helps you to free up space on your computer and phone without having to worry about losing information if your device is damaged or lost. Among cloud storage services, Dropbox was the first to become popular and today has more than 600 million users in 180 countries. In this article, we will explain how it works so that you can get the most out of it.

    • Everything about Amazon Luna: review, games

      In an attempt to enter the increasingly crowded gaming market and compete with other game streaming platforms like Google Stadia, and Nvidia's Geforce Now, Amazon has announced its own platform: Amazon Luna. If you want to find out all about Amazon Luna, how it works, and compares to these other services then read on.

    • How to install mods and cheat codes in The Sims 4

      If you are a player of The Sims 4, you will be pleased to learn you can tune your experience the way you like by using mods to completely change the game or tweak the game parameters using cheat codes.

    • How to reset to factory settings your Android device

      If you are experiencing recurring malfunctions with your smartphone, it might be necessary to perform a hard reset. This procedure is the same for most Android phones but it is worth noting that before you perform a hard reset you should backup your phone, as all your personal data and settings will be erased.

    • How to remove Reimage PC Repair Online

      Reimage PC Repair Online is a fake PC optimizing tool distributed on free streaming, manga scans, or download websites. Once installed Reimage PC Repair Online will display fake error messages and urge you to upgrade to the full version. Watch out, we will tell you how to get rid of it.

    • How to search GIFs on Google

      GIFs are now completely part of the internet culture and play an important role when it comes to communication if you know how to use them properly. You can also find them using Google Images.

    • How to to activate Dot Not Disturb on Vodafone India

      Vodafone is one of India's largest telecom companies. One of its most appreciated features is blocking unwanted spam and marketing calls and SMS by activating the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. To discover how to do so on your phone, continue reading this article.

    • How to change the name and address on Aadhaar online

      If there are any spelling errors or other incorrect information on your Aadhaar card, it will not be possible for you to link it with your permanent account number (PAN) or bank account. You will also be blocked from getting any other government-related services in India. If you want to correct or change your last name and address on your Aadhaar card, read this article below.

    • How to reset IRCTC password

      It is difficult to book a train ticket without having an IRCTC account in India. It is quite a hassle if a user forgets the User ID or password of the IRCTC account. Read this article to find out how to recover the IRCTC account password.

    • Best gaming chair

      You may be used to gaming from your sofa, or sitting in front of your PC on a typical office chair, however spending hours in these positions whilst you game can put unnecessary stress on your back. This article will explore the key features and functions of a gaming chair and show you some of the best gaming chairs to improve your gaming comfort.

    27 April
    • How to use Stremio: add-ons, for free, on iPhone, Android

      Stremio is a platform for streaming audiovisual productions that has two main functions: to allow viewing free content thanks to the installation of plug-ins and to locate a series, film or program from among all the streaming services available, such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and others. In this article, we explain how to use Stremio to watch series without paying anything thanks to installing some add-ons quickly and simply.

    • Harry Potter video games: for PC, Android, iOS, AR

      If you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga, you might already know that there are many video games available based on the novel. In some of them, you need to explore Hogwarts and follow the plot of the book and a movie, while eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and Chocolate Frogs. In others, you can participate in Quidditch matches, and some games challenge you to solve puzzles and learn how to cook potions and use spells. In this article, we gathered the best Harry Potter-inspired games.

    • How to insert multiple rows in Excel with a macro?

      Microsoft Excel hosts a number of features that enables users to create worksheets completely tailored to their needs. Among these functionalities is the ability to create a macro, which allows users to make calculations and data manipulations without going through repetitive motions.

    • Protect your personal data: avoid malware, password, VPN

      Nowadays, it is essential to protect your personal information. It is often leaked to advertisers, who send you unnecessary ads and spam but even worse than that, it could also be leaked to hackers. This is far more dangerous for your personal security and confidentiality as well as for your computer safety. In this article, we will guide you through the best precautionary measures to protect your data.

    • Improve your PC performance: for gaming, without formatting

      If your computer has been around for a while, it may have started to slow down and crash a lot more often. This happens because, with use, the computer accumulates external dirt, excess programs, incompatibilities between software, or viruses that, although not serious, end up hindering its operation. If you want to improve the performance of your PC without formatting, read on.

    • How to force quit apps on iPhone, iPad, macOS

      Sometimes apps will become unresponsive on your apple device and prevent you from using it properly. If your iPhone, iPad, or mac no longer responds to any input after an app crash or error, there is a simple way to troubleshoot this issue.

    • How to No-Scope in Counter Strike

      In FPS (first-person shooter) games, noscoping refers to taking a shot without the crosshair on the screen. It is mainly the case with the AWP sniper rifle in Counter-Strike. This article will explain how to noscope in Counter-Strike with the AWP and other weapons.

    • What is Messenger Rooms

      To compete with some of the best video call apps, Facebook has decided to go one step further with their integration between Messenger and WhatsApp to give you video calls with up to fifty participants. This new tool is called Messenger Rooms.

    • Everything about Wi-Fi 6: speed, devices

      The new generation of Wi-Fi is called Wi-Fi 6. It is a wireless networking standard established by the Wi-Fi Alliance who campaigned for a unifying Wi-Fi classification standard - from Wi-Fi 1 (first generation) to Wi-Fi 6 (sixth generation), to make understanding Wi-Fi simpler. In 2019 the first Wi-Fi 6 devices began to emerge on the market. This article will explain this new technology and how it differs from previous generations of Wi-Fi.

    • Use your phone like a pro: tips and tricks

      Quickly return to the top of the page, save an image, change music track, easily delete multiple messages, erase your browsing history... whatever you are looking for, Apple offers users several functions to save time and simplify the use of the iPhone. This article will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone.

    • How to see if a photo is fake?

      Fake news can portray, in addition to made-up information, fake photos, and videos. It is important to check any suspicious videos or images you receive, and for this, some tricks can help identify whether a photo is real or fake. Read ahead to find the best tools to identify if a video or photo is real or fake.

    • Play Atari Breakout on Google

      Hot on the heels of its successful incorporation of Pacman Doodle to its homepage, Google has integrated Atari's famous Breakout arcade game into the Images tab on its site. This article will teach you how to access Atari Breakout on Google Images.

    26 April
    • How to do KYC verification on Paytm

      Paytm is India's leading e-wallet and payment banking service, widely popular in metro and small towns of the country. It helps users make instant electronic payments and transfer money to bank accounts. But, to enjoy the seamless services, users are required to complete their KYC (know your customers) documents.

    • How to customize the PS4 controller

      Sometimes it is handy to readjust the mapping of the button commands that come by default with the official PlayStation 4 controller or pimp your controller's look. Here you will find everything you need to know to shape your experience using the PS4 controller.

    • Activate your Verizon phone: online, via phone number

      Verizon is one of the largest mobile service providers in the U.S., with coverage stretching coast to coast. If you need to activate your Verizon mobile, you can do so online at My Verizon, by visiting a Verizon store, or by phone. Continue reading to find out how to activate your Verizon phone via phone call.

    • Recover lost or deleted files with Recuva

      Recuva is a tool that allows you to recover files deleted by mistake from the hard disk or any other storage device, such as a memory card or a USB drive. To increase the probability of recovering a file, it is essential not to overwrite anything on the disk or card after the file has been deleted.

    • How to enable text dictation: iPhone and iPad

      Text dictation is a valuable feature you can easily enable and use on iPhone and iPad to save lots of time while sending messages. Here you can discover how to use it on your iOS devices in simple steps.

    • How to save and backup game data on PS4

      Copying your game data from your PS4 to an external USB storage back and forth can be very useful to save space without losing data. You can achieve it following only a few steps.

    • How to log in to Outlook

      Outlook is a free email service provided by Microsoft, which has been the successor of Hotmail for years. Here you will learn how to log in, log out, and create an Outlook account.

    • What is Amazon Music HD: review, price, quality

      If you are an audiophile, you will probably love Amazon Music HD because it has the best possible audio quality – 24bit/192kHz. The library counts up to 50 million songs in premium quality as well as some 3D audio. Read on to discover more about Amazon Music HD and find out how it works.

    • How to improve your online privacy

      The access of different companies to our personal information is much more frequent and to avoid this kind of data collection by companies is a much more complex task that we like to believe, fundamentally because all our actions on the internet are monitored and stored without us realizing it most of the time. In this article, you can find some ways to increase your privacy in a digital environment.

    • Disc boot failure Windows

      When starting your computer system, a 'disk boot failure - insert system disk' error can occur for several reasons, including either hardware or software changes. It is possible to fix the disk boot failure error by restoring the boot sector in the case of corrupt system files. If the disk is damaged, partitioning the disk and reinstalling the operating system will solve the problem.

    • HAL is missing in Windows

      The corrupted or missing HAL.DLL error message encountered when starting up a Windows operating system is misleading, as the problem comes from inconsistencies in the BOOT.INI file as opposed to the named DLL file. This article will show you two possible solutions.

    • Free online puzzles

      Puzzles are can be a good way to pass the time while having fun. If you usually enjoy classic puzzles but don't have any at home, don't worry: there are several websites and apps where you can access online jigsaw puzzles free of charge. We'll give you a quick overview of some to check out.

    • Android emulators for PC

      There are several emulators that allow you to play video games on PC or use the Windows system on Mac (and vice versa). As the popularity of these programs increases, so too does the supply, as users want to have all tools and systems at their fingertips both on their phone and PC. In this article we'll show you the 5 best Android emulators for PCs.

    25 April
    22 April
    21 April
    • How to insert blank rows using macros in Excel

      You're trying to create a macro that will insert a set of blank rows into an existing spreadsheet after each entry. The number of needed rows will be the same for each spreadsheet entry but must be changed each time you modify it.

    • How to make video games: game engines and software

      You no longer need to be a tech or to have lots of programming skills to make your video games. You can now use many powerful game engines and editors to build any game you want without limits.

    • How to request a refund on Google Play

      There are plenty of situations when you may need to ask for a refund after having purchased a Google product on Google Play. Here is an insight into how to ask for a refund properly.

    • How to turn off Taskbar Tidbits in Windows 10

      Once in a while, Cortana will display small snippets of information, suggestions, thoughts, or greetings (commonly referred to as "Taskbar tidbits") in the Search box of Windows 10. Taskbar tidbits are meant to improve user experience with the intelligent personal assistant, but if you find these messages distracting, you can turn them off in Cortana's settings.

    • How to split a file in Linux: split, merge

      Linux has plenty of swift, easy, and practical commands you can use, including splitting or merging files with a single command. Come discover how to break any file you want seamlessly.

    • Fortnite Winterfest 2021: date, skins, map, presents

      Every year, Fortnite adds a Christmas event "Fortnite: Winterfest 2021" which brings new skins, gestures, gifts and many more novelties. It's been a few days since the new season, Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 was released, and we're looking forward to seeing which surprises await us!

    20 April
    • FIFA+: web app, football entertainment app

      The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has just launched a completely free streaming service allowing you to watch matches from around the world live or delayed and a lot of football-related content.

    • How to download and select a ringtone on iPhone

      Downloading a ringtone to your iPhone is a great idea if you are looking for ways to personalize your experience. Here we tell you everything you need to know to download new ringtones and pimp your contact's ringtones.

    • How to get a Venmo credit card

      Smart banking isn't something extraordinary nowadays, and almost every active millennial prefers online banking with a useful and friendly interface and fast transactions. The Venmo banking system, owned by PayPal, is making our life easier with their new free Venmo credit card.

    • Unable to connect to WiFi: encrypted with WPA

      Wifi Network security is meant to protect a wireless network from unauthorized access. Sometimes it happens that users are unable to connect to a wifi network which is encrypted with WPA. The WPA encrypted Wifi Network asks for an authentication key before a connection can be made. If a valid key is provided and the user is still unable to connect to a wifi network encrypted with WPA, there could be a problem in the channel. Even if the status of the signal strength is good, there could be some

    • DVD overburning Nero Express

      Overburning allows you to burn data past the normal size limit. To enable this feature, follow the steps below.

    • Popup reminder on Android

      You can configure the Calendar app of your Android smartphone to display popup notifications for upcoming events. To enable this feature follow the simple guide below.

    • Update antivirus without internet

      Antivirus and antispyware remain useful as long as you update them regularly. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, security programs are updated automatically, but how can you update an antivirus if you don't have an Internet connection? In this article, we will show you an alternative.

    • Firefox default zoom

      Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers across the world. It aims to provide you a seamless browsing experience with many amazing features. You can also set a default zoom level for all websites.

    19 April
    • Create a Facebook avatar: Android, desktop, iPhone

      Facebook is constantly adding to its already extensive list of features, one of the latest is its personalised avatars. You can create an avatar that looks just like you and use it in comments and Messenger chats. If this appeals to you, it is very simple to set up and works for both Android and iOS mobile devices. In this article we will show you how to create your own Facebook Avatar!

    • Airbnb top alternative websites: best price, promotions

      Although Airbnb has become the worldwide reference vacation home rentals and home sharing, it is not the only one. In fact, there are many websites that offer all types of accommodation in private homes and apartments. If you are more of an adventurer or prefer to stay with full comfort, in this article we tell you what are the best alternatives to Airbnb to have the best stay at the best price.

    • Split a workbook into individual files in Excel

      A Microsoft Excel Workbook consisting of several worksheets can be split into individual files with minimal manual intervention. This can be done with the help of Excel Worksheet Separator: a powerful and user-friendly tool.

    • Find and subscribe to podcasts in VLC

      A podcast can be downloaded directly from the internet and used for playback on your personal computer or mobile device with the help of the VLC media player. This multimedia player software allows you to subscribe to podcasts to automatically add new content to your playlist. Read on to discover how to add your favorite podcasts to VLC player.

    • Hosts file: edit, modify, restore

      The hosts file (/etc/hosts on Unix based system) is the first step in the translation of a FQDN hostname to the IP address format. When making a DNS request on any address server on the web, this file is queried first. For each name present in this file, a connection will be opened to the defined IP address. It works just like a telephone directory.

    • Insert symbols and special characters in Word

      Although it may not be entirely obvious, Microsoft Word offers quite an extensive library of symbols (such as copyright signs and fractions) and special characters (such as the em dash and the ellipsis) for your use. This article will show you where to find these options and explain how to insert these characters into your document.

    • How to install ncurses-devel on Ubuntu

      The installation of Ncurses-devel is important if applications that use ncurses needs to be developed. Here we are going to explain to you the simple steps to install the required packages.

    • How to connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller: iPad, iPhone

      Gamers who own an iPhone or an iPad are now able to enjoy Apple Arcade, a subscription-based gaming service with over a hundred games already available. Here we explain how you can pair your Xbox One or PS4 controller to your iPhone and iPad to get the most out of the games.

    • What is AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and how does it work

      AGP is the short-term for Accelerated Graphics Port and is concretely a point-to-point bus. The bus, compatible with IBM computers, is hence used as a Local Bus and operates as a Peripheral Component Interface that includes 20 supplementary signals not currently found on a PCI bus.

    • What does Bomboclaat mean

      The internet is packed full of funny memes, hilarious gifs, and expressions that form part of its own unique language. Here we'll explain the origin of the expression and how to use it on the world wide web.

    • How to create an account in Outlook is the free email service offered by Microsoft. It combines the best features of Outlook email client software and Hotmail/MSN to give you access to a wide array of features. This is the step-by-step tutorial to get started on

    • Best podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher

      Marvel movies deep analysis, 6 experimental "astronauts" on the top of Hawaii mountain, secret history details, "rabbit holes" of the Internet, geopolitical trends and predictions, as well as more relaxing meditation or poetry issues – in our listing of the best podcasts to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

    • How to change SIM PIN on Samsung?

      Samsung's Galaxy smartphones allow you to protect your personal information by locking your SIM card with a PIN. While you should choose your code with care, you always have the option to change your SIM PIN. This tutorial will walk you through the short process.

    • How to install a new graphics card?

      If you are an experienced gamer, you probably know that changing a graphics card can massively improve the quality of the games graphics. Changing the card is not such a complicated process if you come well prepared. In this article, we will show you how to replace your graphics card with no stress.

    18 April
    15 April
    • Sync your iPhone with your PC or Mac: iTunes, iCloud, Finder

      It can be very convenient to have your devices connected and access your iPhone files and data on your Windows or Mac computer. You can do so using a data cable or over a Wi-Fi network. In this article we will show you multiple ways to sync your iPhone with your PC or Mac and what kind of content each tool provides.

    • Google Kids Space: features. security, devices

      Google's Kids Space is a new 'children's mode' created by Google for Android tablets. It is designed so the little ones in the household can safely explore the Internet and learn about the topics that appeal to them the most, in a format suitable for their age. This feature will arrive gradually on all Android tablets, so if you want to know what it is exactly about and what features it includes, then read on.

    • Use Google Meet: download, desktop, mobile, breakout rooms

      Google Meet is a useful tool for online video conferences with multiple participants (up to 250), especially while you and your colleagues are working remotely. It is a newer version of the previously named Google Hangouts Meet program and has more features beneficial for business and professional purposes. Read on to discover how to use Google Meet on your desktop and mobile phone.

    • Pet adoption: websites and apps

      Thinking of adopting a pet? It is common to have questions about their care and behavior. In this case, you should know that with your computer or mobile device you can access a world of advice, friendships and even first aid information. Keep reading to find out our top sites that will help you take care of your loved one.

    • How to stop Safari from opening web downloads

      Safari automatically opens downloaded files it considers as Safe. It may include compressed files, PDF, pictures, videos, and other type of files downloaded from trusted sources. But sometimes, the so-called safe files may contain viruses or malware. You might want to turn off this feature (enabled by default) for your own good. It can be done from Safari's preferences or through a simple terminal command.

    • How to download iTunes on Windows?

      There are many reasons why iTunes might come in handy even if you use Windows PC: you can store your music, audiobooks, and podcasts library there, stream offline, use iCloud, sync your iPhone or iPod, and do so much more. In this article, we'll explain to you how to download iTunes for your Windows computer.

    • Wireless chargers: for Android, iPhone

      Slowly but surely, wireless charging technology has gained popularity within the smartphone industry. A wireless charger allows you to ditch the cables and charge your cell phone by simply placing it on the charging base. In order to use a wireless charger, you need to make sure that your mobile is compatible with this technology (check your device specifications). Here is our selection of the five best wireless chargers and where to buy them.

    • Laptop overheating: how to fix?

      Overheating in a laptop is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. In fact, the cooling system of the laptop should be an important consideration for you before buying. Black screen displays, system crashes, and sudden restarts are some of the symptoms of this problem. This tutorial will walk you through other ways that you may fix an overheating problem in your laptop.

    • Windows XP Active Desktop Recovery fix

      It is common that Windows shows error messages but how do you remove them ? If you are getting the Active Desktop Recovery error message at Windows startup, follow the procedure in the article below.

    14 April
    • How to run PlayStation games on Windows with ePSXe

      ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator) is a PlayStation emulator available for Windows and Linux and is considered one of the best freeware Playstation emulators. Here we give you details about this incredibly well-designed and powerful Playstation emulator.

    • How to fix a 403 forbidden error: definition, solutions

      Almost everyone has once encountered a white web browser page with a 403 forbidden error saying that you are not allowed to visit this page. If you are wondering what it means and how you can fix error 403, don't worry, there are solutions we explain to you below.

    • How to fix a blue screen on Windows

      The Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD on Windows indicates a system crash. Here we tell you what you need to understand when the error codes are displayed.

    • The best grammar checking solutions

      Whether creating a blog, social media content, sending professional emails, writing articles, or learning. Here we give you a thorough insight into the best online, desktop, and mobile grammar checkers to ensure you get the most out of your writings.

    • How to stop sponsored ads on Facebook 2022

      If you're a regular Facebook user, you know that sponsored ads can be found almost everywhere on the social network these days. Unfortunately, since 2022 there are no more ways to hide all the sponsored ads as you could do before.

    • How to turn off Dial Assist on iPhone

      This article explains how to disable the dial assist feature of iOS, which automatically assigns international and local prefixes when making calls.

    • The best VR games: on Steam, Occulus, 2022

      Virtual Reality whilst not a brand new addition to the tech market, is one of the latest technologies in the gaming world which envelopes gamers in an entirely different reality during gameplay. There has been renewed interest in the VR universe and with incredible releases (and a global pandemic) it's not hard to see why. In this article we'll explain a little bit about VR and round up a selection of some of the hottest, new VR game releases to inspire you when looking to invest in a new game.

    • Steam privacy settings: 2021

      There are a number of ways that you can improve your privacy as you use Steam. This can be as simple as clearing cookies from Steam's browser, preventing Steam from saving your personal details or changing the privacy setting of the inventory. This article will show you how to do all of this.

    • How to modify SmartArt in powerpoint

      In Powerpoint you can at freely customise a SmartArt graphic to your convenience. At any moment you can add or remove parts from your graphics, this article will show you how.

    • How to enable Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy tablet

      The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great device but some users may face difficulty when trying to connect to Wi-Fi. If you're looking to enable the internet connectivity via Wi-Fi on your Galaxy Tab, then they will need to initially enable the Wi-Fi connectivity feature on their Samsung Galaxy Tab from the home screen option. Follow the steps below to help you surf the web on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    • Insert watermark in Word: in front of picture

      This quick tip will explain how to make your Microsoft Word documents more visually appealing through the use of a watermark. Using Word's built-in tools, you can customize your watermark to any level of visibility and size, and create distinguishable documents for any occasion.

    • How to improve battery life: iPhone, Android

      Smartphone batteries lose their power over time and become less efficient. In this article we will explain the factors that affect battery life and we will give you some advice that will help you to improve your smartphone's battery performance.

    • AutoCAD guide: for beginners

      AutoCAD is the most popular and useful program among architects, landscape designers and engineers. With it, you can create plans, different graphs and schemes. The software is relatively expensive, so if you only need to make several edits to your drawing, you can use the free AutoCAD Web app. In this article, we will guide you on how to edit and create drawings using AutoCAD Web app.

    • Windows 10: Home Vs Pro

      While Windows 10 Home is intended for a casual use, Windows10 Pro will primarily be of interest to SMEs and professionals requiring access to specific administration or security features. What are the differences between Windows 10 Home and the Pro edition? Which edition of Windows 10 is right for you? All you need to know is in this article.

    • PHP IP address of a visitor

      Do you want to display the IP address of a visitor to your webpage? This article will show you the necessary code to do so.

    • Freebox "Router" mode

      It is possible to activate the "Router" mode (NAT) of the Freebox. The fFeebox will then act as a firewall and protect your computer against external itntrusion. It makes it easier to share the internet connection (if you have a hub or a switch on the Freebox V5). In this article we will show you how to configure "Router" mode of your Freebox.

    • Windows XP System32 config system corrupt

      Are you getting the following message in Windows XP: C:\Windows\System32\Config\System is missing or corrupt? This indicates that the system registry hive is corrupted. In this article, we'll show you how to get it back up and running. Simply follow the procedure outlined below.

    • Daemon Tools Lite SecuROM and SafeDisc

      Daemon Tools is an optical disk authoring program and disk image emulator for Windows. The software program imitates a drive on your computer system as a means of opening or utilizing a software program that your system is unable to open. Here's a quick tutorial on how to enable the tool's advanced emulation, which will allow you to access its SecuROM and SafeDisc options.

    13 April
    • How to use the Game Center on iPhone

      Game Center is Apple's online gaming social network that enables you to compete against other users in multiplayer games. Here we are going to explain to you the main features of the Apple Game Center.

    • How to show desktop icons in Windows 10

      You've just turned on your computer and realized that all your desktop icons are missing? Don't panic, there's a simple technique that will help you bring them back.

    • How to add subtitles in VLC: Windows, macOS, Linux

      VLC media player is a free multimedia player that can play almost all video and audio file formats. This program is supported by Windows and Mac platforms and also has a mobile application for iOS and Android. Here we explain to you how to add subtitles the proper way.

    • How to find movies and TV shows you may like?

      On occasion after watching a movie, you may want to watch something with similar aesthetics, themes and motifs. However, whilst video streaming services often suggest titles "you may like", they are not always related. Luckily, there is a new independent service called Cinetrii that has a more sophisticated algorithm with a deeper analysis that considers movie reviews from film critics and the original film selection. It is free, easy to use and truly brilliant! Read on to find out how it works

    • How to install Virtual DJ: Windows, MacOS

      This article will show you how to install Virtual Dj, audio mixing, and DJ software. Virtual DJ is a software developed by Atomix Productions and is one of the most popular tools among amateur and pro DJs. It is available on Mac and PC. Here we give you a quick tour of the installation process.

    • Appear offline on Facebook chat: via web browser, app

      As much as we all love chatting with friends on Facebook, it can get frustrating when your internet browsing or work is constantly interrupted by chat notifications and new windows opening up. One way to avoid this situation is to set your Facebook chat status to offline. This setting will make it appear that you are currently unavailable, allowing you to browse and work in peace. Read on to find out how to do it.

    • Display "Thank you for visiting our website": via JavaScript

      It can be a nice idea to thank visitors for visiting your website or blog. It creates a good atmosphere in which to gain returning visitors. In this short How-To guide, we will show you how to display this message of thanks on your website using JavaScript.

    • How to start a group chat: on Facebook, Messenger

      If you'd like to create a group chat to facilitate a conversation between multiple users, Facebook Messenger offers a very easy way to do so. Depending on the platform that you're using (mobile users cannot participate in chats using the Facebook application), there are several ways that you can go about creating a group chat. This article will walk you through both methods.

    • Fact checking and verification on the Internet

      Finding trustworthy sources of information, comparing, analyzing, and verifying them has become a very challenging task in the last decade. Here we give you a tour of the solutions that can help you to find out what's true or not.

    • Clear system cache on Android

      If you have been using your Android smartphone for an extended period of time, it is likely that your device has become prone to slowdowns, crashes, and bugs. Such problems occur when the Android System Cache has grown too large. This guide will teach you how to clear the content of the system cache and get your device running smoothly again.

    • How to share games on Steam

      Steam provides the Steam Family Sharing feature that allows users to share their Steam accounts and games. Of course, you cannot play the same game simultaneously, but it will enable people to share their games with lots of flexibility and simplicity.

    • How to enable classic notifications in Windows 10

      In Windows 10, the taskbar balloon tips have been replaced by a new type of notification, commonly referred to as Toast Notifications. This article will describe the different steps for restoring the classic notification balloons in Windows 10.

    • Automatically save screenshots: to OneDrive

      This tutorial explains how to automatically save a copy of the screenshots you take to your OneDrive cloud. Prior to this operation, you will need to install and configure the OneDrive client on your PC (a Microsoft account is required).

    • Best Minecraft mods: for survival, to play with friends

      Minecraft "mods" are modifications for the one of the most loved and successful games: Minecraft. Those modifications have greatly contributed to the game's popularity because thanks to them players can add novelty and personalization to their Minecraft experience for free, such as color changes, new items, and new characters, among others. The mods are created by accessing and changing the source code - this is mainly done by programmers, engineers, or hobbyists.

    12 April
    • Top 3D software for home design

      When it comes to housing and architectural design, there are a number of great 3D design tools that can help to make the process infinitely easier. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best software and online tools available if you're looking to design a space from scratch or remodel current living spaces. These tools offer fun and easy ways to create floor plans and furnish your house without having to move a single piece of furniture.

    • Update the Google Play Store app

      You already know that updating your mobile apps is essential for maintaining security and getting the most out of your device. Android applications are typically updated automatically via the Google Play Store. However, these updates may sometimes fail. Here we explain how to update to the latest version of Play Store App.

    • Change the mouse properties on Windows

      Not everyone knows that you can easily personalize your computer's mouse settings, make the scroll speed faster, swap functions of your mouse, or even make the pointer more visible. Read on to discover how to alter your mouse properties.

    • How to turn off autocorrect on iPhone?

      Auto-correct can be your best friend but it can also be the reason for embarrassment and misspelling of more unique names and words, especially when dealing with multiple languages. It is useful to know how to turn it on and off and this FAQ will show you how to disable the Auto-correct feature on your iPhone.

    • How to open the Windows 10 registry via cmd

      The registry is the path that stores options for a Windows operating system. It helps you to trace and access files. The computer registry is a place where all the information is stored about how a system runs. It is not advisable to open or edit it unless it is absolutely necessary. Editing errors can lead to a system break-down. This article explains how to open the registry in Windows 10.

    • Insert an image into an Excel comment box

      In Microsoft Excel, the most widely used data processing and speadsheet program, you can write comments on certain cells and in these cells in addition to text, you can also insert images. Here is how to insert them in a practical and simple way.

    • Change computer system language: Windows 7, Windows 10

      Computer users are often faced with the ordeal of changing the pre-set language of their operating system, either from English to the language of their choice or from another language to English. However, with some basic formatting knowledge, customising your OS is simple. This do-it-yourself procedure works for most updated versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    • Set custom ringtone on Windows phone: WP7, WP8

      Windows Phone gives you the ability to add MP3 songs as custom ringtones. This walkthrough will show you how to use a music track as ringtone for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. These tips should also work for the Nokia Lumia 535, 520, 540, and Windows 10 phones.

    • Blocking content in Opera

      Upon browsing on the web, it may happens that you find yourself on a particular website with unsuitable contents and you don't want let your children to have access to the latter. There's an easy way on Opera.

    • Download Javascript for Mobile: Android, iOS

      Javascript is a very popular scripting language used in almost all web applications. Due to the fast technological growth, you can now download and run Javascript code right on your mobile device, whether you are an Android or an iOS user.

    • Turn AirPods into a speaker

      Live Listen is a useful iPhone feature that allows you to record an interesting lecture or an interview and listen to it in live format using your AirPods. This is a particularly handy feature as an accessibility tool for people who have any kind of hearing problem, but also to enable better hearing if, for example, your interlocutor is too far away from you. Here's how to use your AirPods as if they were a microphone that amplifies what you want to hear.

    • Update your email address on your Aadhaar card online

      The Aadhaar card has become the most important document for Indian citizens. It contains information pertaining to the owner's mobile number, address, and email address. It is important to maintain your email address updated in your Aadhaar card details following any changes. Continue reading to discover how to change the email address connected to your Aadhaar card online.

    • How to update the graphics card driver: automatic, manual

      A graphics card is required when using heavy graphics such as playing video games. Depending on the graphics features you want to use, you may need to update your graphics driver to make sure everything will work properly. Here is how to do that on Windows.

    • How to create a desktop shortcut for Cortana: WIndows 10

      Windows 10 is shipped with an intelligent personal assistant known as Cortana. You can interact with Cortana through voice commands with the [Windows] + [C] key combo or by clicking in the Search field. This article will guide you through the different steps involved in the creation of a desktop shortcut for Cortana.

    • XAPK file: installer, means, format

      Those of you who love downloading apps for Android phone from third-party sources might be already familiar with APK (Android Package Kit) file extension. It eases the download of unofficial and geo-restricted apps to your smartphone. There is a new file extension that emerged recently – XAPK. In this article, we explain what is it, why do you need to know about XAPK files and how to install them.

    • How to fix joy con drift on Nintendo Switch

      Experiencing a Joy-Con drift while you are enjoying your favorite game on Nintendo Switch can be overly frustrating. Although Nintendo now offers free repair service, we share with you a reliable and simple procedure to fix your Joy-Cons.

    • How to disable PS4 share play

      The PlayStation 4 enables you to share your gameplay session with other PSN users through a built-in feature called Share Play.A result of using Share Play is that anyone who has access to your PSN profile page can request to join or watch your gameplay (by clicking on Now Playing > Request to Watch). If you are feeling overwhelmed by notifications of this type, you can turn off this feature in the console settings.

    • Save pictures from Facebook Messenger: to computer, to phone

      The Facebook Messenger app offers users two very simple ways to send photos directly to their contacts. Users can either select existing photos from their Photo Gallery or take new photos directly from the Messenger chat window. If you would like to save the photos taken with the Facebook Messenger app, there is a simple way to have them auto-saved to your gallery.

    • Types of malware: attacks, in computer, virus

      The term malware regroups viruses, spyware, Trojans, and all sorts of small programs designed to harm your system, steal information and track your activities etc. This article will explain each one.

    • USB not recognized: Windows 10 fix

      If you're having trouble with your USB or MP3 flash drive, there are a few things that you can try out to find and fix the problem. Make sure that your PC is equipped with USB 2.0 ports (High Speed USB), otherwise, the device will work but at a lower speed including for file transfers. Follow the tips below for more help.

    • Compare two Excel sheets: and combine data

      Comparing two Excel sheets and combining the unique data can be done with the help of macros. There are several macros available for free that can be downloaded from the internet and tweaked according to the requirements.

    • Md5sum download and how to use

      The md5sum utility is used to calculate what is called the fingerprint of a file. A small tutorial for the program "md5" or "md5sum" commonly called "checksum". (The checksum is a value of 128 bits corresponding to a checksum calculated from the archive).

    • Your security settings do not allow this file to be dowloaded

      Security settings are an integral part of computing. These settings not only guard against unauthorized access but also protect against any kind of malware or virus attacks, coming from the internet or external drives. It is important to choose these security settings judiciously otherwise day-to-day computer activities like downloading can be hindered. Follow this guide for a detailed explanation.

    • Remove hyperlinks in Word

      Hyperlinks are useful for computing as they act as a reference point for data. By clicking on a hyperlink, the user is automatically directed to the data's location within the file. When text is copied from a website onto Office software like a Word document, naturally the hyperlinks of the text also appear. However these can be removed easily. Follow the guide below if you want to learn how to do this.

    • Facebook badges: how to manage them?

      If you have your favourite Facebook page, where you always read posts, often leave comments and likes, you probably already have a Top Fan badge. If so, read on to find out, what a Top Fan badge is and how to manage it.

    11 April
    • Remove the sim card from your Nokia Lumia

      Do you want to remove your SIM card from your Nokia Lumia phone. The procedure for doing this is the same for all models. In this brief article we will explain how.

    • Record iPhone screen: on video, with or without sound

      Do you want to record a video of your iPhone screen to give instructions or share something you like? The process is very simple and can be done without downloading third-party apps. Since iOS 11 version (available for iPhone 5s and later models), the iPhone has a native function to record videos of what happens on your screen and capture the sound of some apps, as well as external audio if you want. Here's how to record your iPhone screen.

    • How to capture audio in KMPlayer

      If you'd like to capture an audio track accompanying your video in order to listen to it separately, you can use the KMPlayer. Read on to discover how to record audio from a movie with KMPlayer.

    • Xbox Series X|S: price, release date, stock, games

      The Xbox Series X/S is the next generation of Xbox games consoles created by Microsoft. The Xbox Series X and Series S come after the latest Xbox One X, released in November 2017. Like Sony's PS5 the Xbox Series X/S is highly anticipated among the gaming community. This guide will tell you all you need to know about both the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

    • Create server: for Minecraft, for CounterStrike

      Online games are highly popular nowadays. All of them work through servers that provide games with the perfect connection to communicate with each other. Did you know that you can create your own server for Counter Strike, Minecraft and many other games? Read on to find out how to do it.

    • How to create a recovery CD: Windows 10

      Create a recovery and master CD by burning the contents of the hidden tattoo partition into a CD. There is an established protection system to prevent re-use of OS and driver software on other systems by a hidden tattoo partition on the hard drive that contains a copy of the operating system and device drivers of hardware. If there are problems in burning the hidden partition on the CD, it is possible to retrieve the master CD by paying on the hotline or through some forums. It is important to o

    • Microsoft Office: free download, 2021

      Do you need Microsoft Office, but don't have the money to pay for the license? Well we have good news for you, you can now find the complete Microsoft Office package online legally and for free. Thanks to the online versions offered, you can easily access Office tools on both Windows 10 and macOS, if you have a Microsoft account.

    • How to verify Windows license

      Piracy is a big issue in the software industry. The people who suffer are the legal users and the manufacturers. Bonafide clients of Windows may get error messages while receiving updates or when connecting to Microsoft's website. A person may be a genuine customer with a software license and unique key, but some unauthenticated person may also be using the same key. If this is the case, there is no short route to tackle the problem.

    • Improve video calls: quality, lighting

      In these times of social distancing, video calls have become our window to the outside world. Whether for work or for leisure, most of us are using them regularly, if not daily, to communicate with our friends, family, colleagues or our partners. Despite this regularity, many of us are still making simple mistakes that can spoil the quality of our calls. Therefore, in this article we have collated a series of easy, and free (or almost) tips to improve your video calls!

    • Unlock iCloud account: activation lock, apps

      If you own an iPhone or iPad, it's possible that at some point your device will be locked out of your iCloud account. Luckily, there are several methods to unlock it. Keep reading and we'll explain what you can do.

    • Obtain an IP address on the PS3

      It is not uncommon for gaming enthusiasts to complain that their PlayStation device has repeatedly failed to secure the IP address. This is usually due to a timeout of the information exchange between the router and the game console. Here's a simple way to ensure that your PS3 device obtains an IP address without having to do any serious reformatting.

    • Add subtitles to video: Android, free

      Nowadays we have access to TV series and movies from all over the world. This subsequently creates a need for subtitles in English and other languages. In this article, we will show you how to add subtitles to movies and series stored on your Android device.

    • Best antivirus: Windows 10, free, online, 2022

      Everyone who uses a computer faces the threat of a virus sooner or later. Computer viruses can infect the whole system, steal your personal information, ruin many programs and lead to a severe data loss. To prevent these dangers and threats, it is recommended that you use an antivirus program. In addition to complete antivirus software, there are also online antivirus software. They are free, easy to use, and they are regularly updated to handle new threats.

    • How to create and use polls on Facebook?

      Facebook polls are a handy way to gather opinions from your social circle on various topics for both professional and personal uses. This article will show you how to make a poll on Facebook, using three different methods.

    • Customize updates and background downloads for Steam games

      Steam is a digital distribution platform that makes thousands of video games available to you on your computer. The program offers the option to conduct automatic downloads in the background of your games. If you would like to disable this feature, this tutorial will walk you through the steps.

    • Reset Sony Xperia: to factory settings, hard reset

      In this article, you will to learn how you can reset the Sony Xperia Z to its factory settings. Before beginning, please note that resetting the smartphone will result in the deletion of any and all stored data and settings. We recommend that you back up your data using the Sony PC Companion (27MB) software.

    • How to enable push to talk in Steam

      If you are using a microphone, or a gaming headset when you play on Steam, then the default setting for chatting with your friends is Open Microphone. It means your microphone is enabled all the time while you are playing. If you want to change it, just follow the following simple steps.

    • How to configure the taskbar in Steam

      Did you know you can tune your experience on Steam by customizing your taskbar? In a few simple steps, you will discover how to shape your taskbar the way it better fits your needs.

    • Television buying guide

      When it comes to selecting a new television, the number of options available can make the decision almost overwhelming. This article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and will also give you some tips on how to increase the longevity of you

    • How to disable comments on Steam profile?

      Sometimes you just want to game in peace or enjoy using Steam without receiving annoying, rude or useless comments on your profile. In this short article, we will show you how to disable comments on the platform. Likewise, if you want to disable the other in-game social features, such as chat and notifications whilst you play, this article will show you how to do that as well.

    8 April
    • Best apps to manage your followers on Instagram, etc.

      Managing your followers can become a stressful and energy consuming process, if you are a blogger or work professionally with social media. To facilitate the process, you can use a designated app to automatically manage your followers. In this article, you will discover the best apps to manage your followers on social media accounts.

    • How to choose a graphics card for your PC

      A good graphics card is needed if you love playing video games on your computer or work with large video files and graphics. In this article, we will explain to you how to choose a graphics card for your pc and which parameters should be taken into account when doing so.

    • Create Samsung account

      While the strict use of a Google account is often preferred by Samsung mobile device users, many manufacturers also suggest creating a separate Samsung account in order to benefit from the full array of Samsung services, including certain apps, Samsung Drive, as well as some other mobile, television, and web services. This article will walk you through the steps of creating your own Samsung account. All you need to do this is a valid email address.

    • Credit summation formula

      MS Office Excel is a spreadsheet application. In Excel, various kinds of statistical functions can be applied to the cells. One can also apply mathematical functions to the data. The below article details a user generated credit/debit summation formula which should be simply pasted into the cell where a result is desired.

    • Windows CLIP command

      Under Windows, the CLIP command allows you to copy the results returned by a command in the DOS command prompt. This trick can be useful if you need to paste the results of the IPCONFIG command, for example, in a forum, it avoids the manual entry of all the data.

    7 April
    • How to connect a BigBen controller to a PS3

      Even if you don't have the official sony PS3 controller, you can still use a controller from another brand such as BigBen. Here we will explain to you the specific process to make sure your BigBen controller is well paired with your dear PS3.

    • Remove VBS virus: manually, antivirus

      If you had a virus type script file that was removed from your hard disk by your antivirus software but are now seeing this message: "Cannot find script file C:\windows\system32\FaAntivirus.vbs" it may be on one or all of your flash drives. What you have is the registry entry that is attempting to start the file. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of this virus permanently.

    • Pay with your phone: best apps, how to use

      Contactless payment is fast and convenient. In fact, there are several methods that allow you to pay in shops, restaurants and supermarkets directly with your smartphone. This way, any kind of contact with the merchant is avoided. The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has greatly increased this already strong growth trend during the last months of 2020. In this article we discuss how to pay with your smartphone, so if you want to find out, then keep reading.

    • How to use WeTransfer: send, share

      WeTransfer is an online service that allows you to send up to 2 GB of data to any number of recipients for free. The platform's simple interface makes sharing files with colleagues and friends very easy. The service even gives recipients a seven-day window to access and download the files.

    • Apps to make free video calls: on Android, and text

      If the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us anything, it is that people need human contact. Whether it be to check in with family, organise a conference call for work or even celebrate a friend's birthday (albeit from a distance!); everyone is looking for a way to keep in touch with loved ones. Unfortunately, many have realised by now, that neither Whatsapp, Skype nor other popular messaging apps are living up to the demands of larger group calls. As a result, we have compiled a list of the best fr

    • Hide IP address on Skype: browser, app

      Skype relies on P2P technology to enable direct IP-based connections between Skype users. One result of using such technology is that the public IP of the user is disclosed during Skype-to-Skype calls. This article will teach you how to hide your IP address when making calls to people who aren't in your contact list.

    • Connect Android to PC: wifi, Windows 10, USB

      Taking pictures or recording videos with your phone can quickly overwhelm your device's storage capacity and cause low memory alerts. One solution to this problem is to transfer the photos and videos to your PC. This way, you can keep your valuable memories on your PC, gain space and speed up the processes on your mobile device. In this article, we show you the different ways you can connect your Android smartphone to your computer, either to send photos or transfer all kinds of documents to you

    • How to turn off the Microphone on Facebook

      If you care about your privacy and want to prevent your smartphone from "spying" on your conversations through the apps installed, you can check out below how to disable the microphone for the Facebook app as well as all the other apps you installed.

    • Connect Xbox One controller: to Xbox Series X

      If you are lucky enough to have been able to get your hands on either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S, then you may be wondering if it is possible to pair your previous generation's, Xbox One controller, or the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller to your new console. In this article we will show you how to connect your Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X, and also how you can connect the Xbox Series X controller to your previous generation of consoles.

    • Connect Xbox to PC: wireless

      To connect an Xbox to the internet through a PC, a bridge connection is required. Even though it is not ideal to use the PC to connect the Xbox to the internet, it can be done through the concept of bridging.

    • How to secure NetGear router:m login, password

      The Wireless Netgear router is widely used but it poses security concerns. Securing this router can be a major concern because the IP, admin username, password and username are all stored in it. The below article has the default Netgear router address which must be secured from hackers. Read on for all the information and necessary steps on how to secure this router.

    • Send email with attachment Excel: VBA, macros

      Excel is not only used for storing, cleaning, and analysing data, but also for automating data-related processes. Automation can be done in Excel by writing or recording macros in VBA. You can even use macros on Outlook to send an email with attachments. This article will show you how to do so.

    • Mouse cursor settings in Bandicam

      You can choose to either display or hide the mouse cursor when recording a video or taking a screenshots with Bandicam. In this article we will take you through the procedure.

    • How to work from home: effectively, online

      As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are reflecting on the positive impacts of employees working from home such as lower bills (from having few people in the office), and in some cases higher levels of efficiency. As a result, companies such as Twitter are now allowing their workers to work from home permanently. Read on for several tips that are easy to implement and will help you to be as productive as possible while working from home.

    • How to make a Discord bot

      Discord has become the one of the most famous and preferred platforms for live gaming. However, you don't have to be a gamer to create a server and enjoy all of Discord's cool features. One of these features is the option to create a bot and to add it to your personal server(s). This may sound complicated but if you follow the steps in the present article, you will be able to code your first bot message, so keep reading and make the most out of the platform!

    6 April
    • How to hide apps on Android

      Whether you're looking to hide a certain app from nosy friends or get rid of those pre-installed apps for which you have no use, Android has got you covered. This quick guide will teach you how to hide apps on your Android device.

    • How to close a Paypal account

      PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods worldwide for private and business transactions. So no matter your reasons, read on to find out how to shut down your PayPal account.

    • Best apps to update your Windows drivers

      To keep your computer system clean and fresh, sometimes you need to update some of the hardware drivers. The most convenient way to do it is to use one of the driver updater software. In this article, we will walk you through the best apps to keep your Windows drivers updated.

    • Install RSync under Windows: cygwin, powershell

      The software application RSync is used synchronize and back-up files and directories. This application is a standard utility in Linux / Unix based systems but it is absent in Windows.RSync can be implemented on Windows but it is best to use cwRsync and DeltaCopy rsync. Installation of cwRync enables users to have a portable version of the application. Read on for more information.

    • The best free online gaming sites

      In this article we have chosen a selection of video game websites that offer guaranteed fun for everyone, no matter your preference. Solo or multiplayer, for children or adults, for a specific device, all without downloading anything, and completely free of charge!

    • Kernel Stack Inpage Error on Windows: how to fix?

      Windows OS sometimes displays a blue screen with an error message saying: kernel stack inpage error. The user can correct these memory management issues by modifying the required settings by accessing the registry. We will take you through these problems and possible solutions in this article.

    • How to expand screen over multiple monitors?

      Windows users may expand their workspace to multiple computer screens by setting up dual monitors. Expanding your desktop is a great way to maximize productivity and makes cross-program navigation simpler, all without the need to purchase an oversized computer monitor. Continue reading to discover how to do this for your computer.

    • Create a BlackBerry ID

      To use BlackBerry services, you need to create a BlackBerry ID. Here we tell you everything you need to do in a few simple steps.

    • Find your mac address: Windows 10, Linux, Mac

      A MAC address (Media Access Control address) is a 12 character identifier for your network adapter. In theory, it is unique for each network adapter and the first half of the MAC address gives information about the manufacturer. Read on to find out how to find the MAC address on your device

    • Disable the performance counter feature: Windows 7

      Operating systems like Windows come with many utilities that get installed in the systems based on this platform. One such utility is the Performance Counter that is there by default in computers loaded with Windows . This utility enhances the disk drive's transfer rate and thereby makes the system slow. One can disable this Performance Counter easily. This can be done simply by keying in specific commands in the command prompt. The user also has the flexibility to activate this utility again, a

    • Insert emoji in Outlook: email

      Emoticons serve as representations of various facial expressions "smiley faces'' using punctuation marks, numbers, and letters. Emoticons are now so widely used that they've almost become a language in their own right especially on social networks and instant messaging applications. If you want to express your joy, disappointment, or sadness when composing an email, you can add one of the smileys available in Microsoft Outlook email client.