How to deactivate Safe Mode on Android

How to deactivate Safe Mode on Android

You may find that your Android device has gone into Safe mode without meaning for it to. This can be caused by repeated application crashes or simply by you accidentally pressing the combination of buttons that activates it. This how-to will introduce you to several ways of deactivating Safe mode on your Android.

What is the Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode for computers and smartphones that allow you to identify and remedy a range of issues that you might be experiencing with your device.

How to simply restart your device?

Sometimes, a simple restart of your Android smartphone will cause it to revert back to Normal mode. You should start with this easy option because, if it works, it will save you lots of time and frustration that you might have, otherwise, wasted on more complicated fixes.

Newer Android devices allow you to restart your smartphone via a notification. However, if this choice is unavailable to you, you may try to restart your device by swiping from top to bottom on your screen and then selecting the restart option.

How to force restart your smartphone?

If the classic restart is unsuccessful, try performing a forced restart. Begin by turning off your phone, then turning it back on while pressing [Power] + [Volume -] simultaneously.

If the option is available, you can also try removing the battery, waiting roughly 10 seconds, then replacing it.

How to uninstall an application?

If the aforementioned tips haven't worked, the issue may be caused by the fact that you have recently downloaded a faulty program. Locate any recently downloaded applications and uninstall them. Once you have done this, restart your device, which should now be out of Safe mode.

How to restore Android to factory settings?

If none of the above solutions have worked, you will need to restore your phone to its factory settings. This means that all of your personal settings and data will be lost, so this option is a last resort. You should also consider backing up any information that you'd like to keep before continuing.

Using settings

  • The first way to do this is via the Settings menu. (The name of this menu may change depending on your Android version.)
  • Go to Settings > Save and restore > Restore > Restore now.

Using Recovery mode

  • The second way is via Recovery mode. This will come in handy if you can't access your settings due to the fact that you are stuck in Safe mode.
  • In order to access this mode, you will need to, first, perform a hard reset on your device. To find out how to access Recovery mode via a hard reset, please visit our article on how to hard reset your Samsung device.
  • Once you've done this, all you need to do is reconfigure your smartphone and re-download your apps.
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