Video games on Netflix: catalog, price, and release date

Video games on Netflix: catalog, price, and release date

Netflix has a new strategy to keep up with the concurrence (such as Disney+ and HBO Max) and to give a breath of fresh air to the cloud-based entertainment. And the way to do this is through video games. In this article, we discuss everything about the upcoming gaming service of Netflix!

What does Netflix plan for video games?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has previously stated that "sleep is Netflix's n°1 competitor" - so the more time people spend on the platform, the better it is. To optimize this time and encourage subscribers to stay on Netflix, the company collects users’ data about their Netflix habits and preferred shows. Also, the streaming service has offered users an interactive show, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, where they can choose their own adventure. This kind of strategy will also guide Netflix’s further creative decisions: Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said in an earnings call “Maybe someday, we’ll see a game that spawns a film or series that would be an amazing place to get to”. Besides users’ data, intellectual property is another key point for the platform, as we know that rights to games based on Netflix’s original shows (such as Stranger Things) have been licensed.

Who will be behind the project?

Netflix hired former Electronic Arts and Facebook’s Oculus executive Mike Verdu as their vice president of game development. Greg Peters is the streaming service’s chief product officer.

When will video games be available on Netflix? 

An anonymous source told Bloomberg that the service will be available in 2022 but no official date has been confirmed.

What will be the price?

Netflix users will be able to enjoy it at no additional cost, unlike other similar services, such as Apple’s Arcade platform. However, it is not impossible that Netflix uses this new feature in order to justify an increase in subscription plans in the future.

How to access the service?

Subscribers will be able to enjoy the gaming service directly from their Netflix accounts - games will be available in a separate category.

What will the catalog feature?

There is no official information about the future catalog. Nevertheless, we are on the Internet, which means that users have been speculating. Here’s what users have been talking about.

Cloud-based gaming

Although Netflix is a streaming service and some companies are trying to launch their cloud-gaming platforms, the streaming giant may have a different approach. Stephen Totilo - the former editor-in-chief of Kotaku - tweeted that it is most likely that Netflix provides downloadable games.


Another speculation regarding the new Netflix service is the genre of video games it will offer. Given the platform’s experience with the Black mirror interactive show, as well as the Stranger Things interactive world in Roblox, it sounds very likely that the library contains interactive stories or story-based video games, rather than traditional FPS.



Other streaming services could launch their own gaming platforms if they want. If this is to happen, the one to have the most success would be the one with the most appreciated intellectual property. As mentioned above, Netflix is licensing its own vast library for video game adaptation. In addition to that, 85% of the platform's spending is dedicated to its original content. So if you enjoy the service’s original series, then prepare for some good news!