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People love talking, especially young people, that's why Instant Messaging software like Yahoo Messenger are popular. This softwares aims at chatting, calling friends and many more.

Main features

Yahoo Messenger aims allows people to chat instantly online. It helps friends and family members sending short messages. Yahoo Messenger makes it possible to share the best moment of your life with your friends. Moreover, smiley addicts can send many of them during conversations. Yahoo Messenger comes with a cool « face to face » calling feature. People can see each other during a conversation, provided they're equiped with a webcam. Hence, your distant friends seem now closer. If your friend is not reachable, you can drop a voice message. With YahooMessenger you can now read every single video or image format, as you would with your standard Windows Media Player.

Required configuration

  • Hard drive : 441 KB
  • Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista


This software is for free It's easy to use

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Alternative spelling: msgr115-0-228us.exe
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