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Tutorial: Transfer your internet connection from a PC to iPhone

February 2016

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An iPhone mobile telephone can be used as a tethered modem which may be connected to your computer wirelessly, or with a USB cable. You can have an internet connection from your computer system to your iPhone mobile telephone. In order to do this you will require a windows operating system, LAN internet connection and Wi-Fi card. You should first establish the AdHoc network for exchanging files, sharing internet connection or printers. Next you have to instruct windows to permit LAN sharing so you are able to access it from your iPhone. You should connect your PC to the AdHoc wireless network and make the connection possible through the iPhone.

Tutorial: Transfer your internet connection from a PC to iPhone

On the internet you can find many tutorials on how to use an iPhone to access the internet via a PC, with MyWi for example.

However, imagine you're in the office and during your lunch break you fancy a game of Need for Speed online on your iPhone but the 3G network is unavailable, and your boss won't give you the key to the WiFi network box. You then have two options: you try to hack the network key or you follow this little tutorial that will explain how to recover the Ethernet connection to a PC and re-send via WiFi.

You will need:

  • PC with Windows Vista or 7 (I do not have MAC so I do not know how to do it)
  • An Lan internet connection (Ethernet) functional
  • WiFi card is capable of emitting

Technique used

We will create an AdHoc network (WLAN) from the PC and activate Lan Internet Connection Sharing.

Step 1: Create the AdHoc network

We will create the AdHoc network, commonly used to exchange files, share printers or Internet connection.

1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center of Windows (Start> Network> Network and Sharing Center)
2. On the left, click Manage Wireless Networks
3. On the top bar, click Add
4. In the window that opens, select Create Network AdHoc and click Next
5. In Network Name type what you want, it will be the SSID of the network you are connecting from the iPhone / iPod / iPad
6. In the Security Type select No authentication (Open)
7. Select Save this network and click Next
Let the utility work, and if it asks you to share your connection you should accept and proceed directly to Step 3, otherwise proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Lan sharing

We are going to instruct Windows to allow the Lan sharing, to access it from the iPhone / iPod / iPad.

1. Back in the Network and Sharing Center (Start> Network> Network and Sharing Center)
2. On the left, click Change Settings Map
3. Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties and go to the tab Sharing
4. Check Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection
5. Click OK

Step 3: Connecting the AdHoc network

We will finally ask the PC to connect to the network AdHoc and so make possible the connection from the iPhone / iPod / iPad.

1. Go back one last time in the Network and Sharing Center (Start> Network> Network and Sharing Center)
2. Right click on Connect or Disconnect
3. In the window that opens normally in the bottom right, click the network name you created and click Connect
4. On the iPhone / iPod / iPad, go into the application settings, turn off the air if it is activated and touch WiFi
5. Activate the WiFi if it is disabled then tap the network that carries the name you chose in step 1
6. Once connected, open Safari; enter the address of a site (e.g. to check if the site is displayed, if so, congratulations!
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