How to change fonts in Instagram: for bio, apps

How to change fonts in Instagram: for bio, apps

If you're a regular on Instagram, you might have noticed some users using exciting new fonts. By default, Instagram offers one font across the application. However, if you also want to spice up your page with new fonts, there are a few ways. Here we'll show you several options to use different IG fonts.

Where can you change the font?

Good news, you can replace the text in most areas of the app: this includes your Instagram Bio, the comments you leave, your Stories, and even in direct messages. Although you can change the font on hashtags, sometimes it makes them difficult to read.

What are some tools to change Instagram fonts?

Today there are many free font resources for Instagram. These include both online tools, useful on your personal computer, and apps, which are more convenient when posting from your mobile. 

Font websites for Instagram

One of the most used is probably Instagram Fonts. This page allows you to see how your text would look in different font styles, including bold and italic. It also allows you to create your own fonts and text symbols:

Another useful website is Cool Fancy Text Generator, which also lets you insert emojis, symbols, and icons. Also, if you click Decorate you'll gain even greater customization options. For both sites, just write what you want in the text box and choose the style you like best.

Apps with fonts for Instagram

There are also a few interesting mobile apps with various Instagram fonts. We recommend Stylish free and contains 120 types of text, 20 types of figures, and 60 artistic styles:

Another useful app is Cool Fonts, which also has an elegant and professional interface. Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS. Finally, you can also try FancyKey, which also includes a keyboard to search for GIFs, emoji keyboards, keyboard themes, and others.

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