How to send a message to an unsaved number on WhatsApp

How to send a message to an unsaved number on WhatsApp

It can be useful sending a message to a WhatsApp user without adding the number to your contacts list. In this article we will show you how to send a message to an unsaved number.

How to send messages to someone not in your contact list on WhatsApp?

You can send WhatsApp messages without saving the recipient's phone number either from a browser, via WhatsApp Web version, or via smartphone or tablet. What you need is to have a browser - whether it is Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Edge, it doesn't matter.

The next step is to open the browser of your choice and type the following URL in the address bar customizing it with the name and message you want to send. The recipient's number must be entered between the slash (/) and the question mark (?), be careful to enter it complete with the country code. Then after the equal symbol (=) insert the message you want to send. The result will be like this example:*******?text=Hello! How are you?

After entering this link in the URL address of your browser click Enter on the keyboard in case you are using a computer or click the Send arrow located on the keyboard of your mobile device. The screen will display the notification Send the following message to +1932027***** followed by the Send button and the message you typed previously. After a short verification of the text and the selected number, click Send. If you want to make changes, these can be made directly in the address bar of your browser.

Pressing the Enter button will direct you to the WhatsApp Web login page. Then open the WhatsApp app from your smartphone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop, and scan the QR code on your PC screen with the camera.

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After scanning, you will see a page with the new conversation activated with the number.

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