Word - Convert numbers into words

To convert a number in text without getting lost in the spelling (dashes..etc), it is possible to ask Word to format the number in words:
  • Create a new field by pressing on CTRL-F9
  • {} Will appear on the screen
  • Fill it with the desired value preceded by '=' and followed by a code (\*cardtext) indicating the format to be used in this field.
  • For example: if you want Word to write down the number: 125
  • {=125\*cardtext}
  • Press F9 to update the field value
  • The number appears in words: one hundred twenty-five
  • To change the number, right-click on the entry and select Toggle Field Codes.
  • Edit the value and press F9 to update the field.
  • This procedure does not work with decimal numbers, in this case, create two fields and insert the word "comma" between them:
  • {=12\*cardtext}comma{=45\*cardtext}
  • This procedure is limited to the number 999999, beyond, Word reports an error.
  • Other formatting codes can be assigned:
    • \*ROMAN - For upper-case Roman numeral,
    • \*roman - For lower-case Roman numeral
  • This procedure is limited to the number 32767, beyond, Word reports an error.

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