How To Fix a Rundll Error

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As the name suggests, a Rundll error is related to DLL files, which form part of a large record of codes and information used by many of the programs on your computer. They are all linked to the Windows Registry and help to enhance the speed and memory effectiveness of your computer by using an identical code to run various tasks processed by various programs at a time. A Rundll error arises when a program is not granted access to this particular code, sometimes caused by a virus or spyware.

This article explains why this error occurs and provides some solutions to removing it.

Get Rid of a Rundll Error

Sometimes, simply rebooting your computer can fix the problem. If it doesn't, you can choose from the solutions below.

This problem may also occur due to an incorrect program removal procedure. You can try to fix it by installing the program that has been removed, and to uninstall it either with the Uninstall option provided by the program itself, or through the Add/Remove feature in the Control Panel menu. To access the latter feature, go to the Control Panel > Add/ Remove program. Locate the program that you want to remove, then click Remove. Delete any shortcuts that could remain, empty the Recycle Bin, and reboot your system.

You may also consider locating the error with the System Configuration Utility. Go to Start > Run, then enter msconfig to load the System Configuration Utility. When it shows up, choose the Selective Startup option and enable only one of its options. Apply the changes, and restart the computer.

Finally, you can try using an anti-spyware software, like AVG or Spy Emergency, to locate and get rid of the malware that is causing the error. There are also various online tools, like Regcure and Process Library, that you may find helpful.

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