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Many experience this problem after formating. Here is a very simple operation that can help you resolve your issue. Ensure to do everything in the proper order! This manipulation is for XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you block, thank you for informing us by creating a topic on the Software / Drivers forum.

If your computer has sound problems it could be caused by one of a number of things. Sometimes it is caused by formatting your hard drive. Other possible causes are:
  • 1. A virus that has infected your system
  • 2. Bad installation of your sound driver
  • 3. A configuration problem with your sound card
  • 4. Or simply a problem of compatibility between your operating system and the sound device that you are currently using.

In either scenario, you can try to fix this problem by following the steps below:

Check that the audio controllers

Open Device Manager, and then click Start Menu, right click on My Computer and choose Properties from the menu that opens. A window appears, click Hardware and Manager périphériques.Sous Vista / 7, you must click on the blue circle at the bottom left, right click on Computer, select Properties and then click Manage top left devices.

Windows 8, move the cursor to the bottom right corner to open the Charm Bar and select Settings. Then click PC Info and then click Device Manager available in the upper left.

Another window appears with a list. Under XP, the? and! Yellow indicates an incorrectly installed device. Vista / 7, a yellow triangle appears before the incorrectly installed device.

If no yellow exclamation point appears, then you must check:
  • Speaker Connection (jack properly threaded into the green socket on the PC, power-control ...)
  • Windows mute feature (small speaker in the taskbar),
  • the sound heading in the control panel (explore everything everywhere, do not hesitate).

If the audio controller appears as the name of the Device High Definition Audio Controllers, under the audio,video tab, and Device Manager a driver for the audio controller is missing or not recognized properly.

Important: with some modified versions of Windows such as Windows XP Ultimate, Windows LSD, Windows Gold, etc ..., it is impossible to correctly install the audio device (For example, the audio device will appear installed but no sound will come out).

Check that the Windows Audio service starts automatically:

Access the Services panel, following one of two paths:
  • Start Menu> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Administrative Tools> Services
  • Start Menu> Menu "All Programs"> Administrative Tools> Services

For Vista / 7, click on the blue circle at the bottom left, type Run in the Search bar and confirm with Enter. In the Run window, type services.msc and confirm with Enter.

For Windows 8 (valid for Vista / 7 as well), press Windows Key + R simultaneously to display the Run window, type services.msc and confirm with Enter. In the Services window, check the "Windows Audio" service is started automatically.
If it is not, right click it and start it.

Reinstalling Audio Controllers

If there is a yellow ? or yellow triangle in audio devices:

There may be a sound driver that was updated automatically by Windows Update, which does not suit the hardware installed on the computer. Sometimes you can go back to the previous version of the driver. Right click on the yellow ? or yellow triangle, and look for: "Go back to the previous version" from the context menu.

If your PC's brand is (Acer, HP, Sony, or other), look on the manufacturer's website to find a sound card driver. Certainly, the driver will be there unless you have changed your OS (Moving from Vista / 7 to XP).

Download sites of the most common PC manufacturers:

Here's a list of the popular sound card manfacturers' s website:

For integrated soundcards:
  • Abit
  • Asus
  • ASRock
  • ECS Elitegroup
  • Gigabyte
  • MSI
  • Note that at present on virtually all PC sound card is not physically apparent because it is built into the motherboard. We can physically see if it has been added, either to have better performance, either because the integrated card no longer worked.
  • If you have a CD with drivers, then install explore what is missing.
  • If you have a backup partition, it is possible that the drivers are on it.

If you do not have yellow ? or yellow triangle and your audio device does not appear in Sound, video and game, it may be that your audio device is disabled in the motherboard's BIOS.

Audio driver installed correctly but no sound

Check that the audio device is selected for audio playback

Virus infection by Vilsel Trojan / Trojan Clicker

Warning: For your system's safety. Do not go through the above procedure unless a CCM virus/security contributor requests you do it!
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