Windows 8.1 - How to Uninstall Apps Downloaded from the Windows Store

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If you are wondering how to uninstall apps in Windows 8, then you have come to the right place. This tutorial explains how to uninstall apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

From the Start Screen

You can uninstall apps directly from the StartScreen of Windows 8, by interacting with their corresponding tiles. Right-click on an App tile > Uninstall:

If you are using a touch device like the Microsoft Surface, simply tap and hold on the app tile > Uninstall. You can also use this method to uninstall multiple apps. Hold down the CTRL key and right-click on the apps you want to uninstall > Uninstall:

Through the PC Settings

You can also uninstall apps from the PC Settings menu. Open the Charms bar and click on Settings. Click on Change PC settings and then on Search and apps:

Click on App sizes and the list of installed apps shall be displayed:

Select the app you want to uninstall and click on the Uninstall button:
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