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Reverse Image Search with Google

Did you know that it is possible to identify any well-known drawing, image, or painting on the internet using Google Images? Reverse image search on Google Images makes it possible for you to identify the work in question, the name of the artist, as well as any relevant information in which you might be interested. This article will show you how to do so.

Identify a Painting, Drawing, or Photo with Google

Open your web browser, and go to Google Images. Click the small camera icon located in the search bar to trigger a reverse image search:

If you want to use an image or picture displayed in a web page, you can paste its URL in the Search field:

You can also upload an image from your PC by clicking Upload an image > Choose file:

Google Images will then do a search to identify your file.

You will see the search result on the next page with the image name, the number of search results, and possible related search terms.

Image: © Nite - Shutterstock.com + Unsplash


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the step-by-step tips for finding images online.

Needed the name and info of a painting I saw online ; copied it to a file then used Google Search . Worked perfectly . Had all I needed to know in moments . Thanks again Google !

This is great!
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Friday April 3, 2020
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April 3, 2020

I used this once when I was looking at buying an item on Craigslist. It turned out that the item in the ad was a picture form the web and in the end, it was a complete scam. Thanks for sharing!

thank you

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