Add Clickable Links and Attachments to Emails on Windows 10

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The Mail app bundled with Windows 10 manages different email accounts from a single interface, may it be a Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, Exchange, iCloud, or a POP/IMAP account. If you are new to the Mail app and have been wondering how to insert clickable links and photos, customize your text, or attach documents to your email messages, then this guide is what you need to get started.

How To Customize Email Messages on Windows 10

There first step is to open the Mail app and then click on the + New Mail button to open the email composition window:

Text Formatting in Windows 10's Mail App

Click on the Format menu located at top of the message composition window to access the text formation options. Click on the small arrow next to U (underline) to access the Font Formatting options:

Click on the small arrow displayed in front of the Headings menu to access the Paragraph Formatting options:

The last menu allows you to customize the text style (Heading, Titles, Reference...):

Add Attachments, Photos, and Links to Your Emails

Click on the Insert menu > Attach to attach a document or file (photo, video, archive...) to your email message:

Click on Table to insert customizable tables in the body of the message:

The Pictures menu allows you to insert a picture in the body of the message:

Click the Link menu to insert a clickable URL in the body of the message:

Language and Proofing Options for Windows 10's Mail App

Click on the Options menu to set the language settings or run a spell check:
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