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How To Start a Group Call on Skype

Skype is a web-based chat program that allows you to video chat with your friends and family. Among the software's many features, participating in group calls is a popular option that makes it possible to talk to several of your loved ones at once. While initiating a normal Skype call is fairly straightforward, organising a group call is a bit less obvious. If you need help doing so, this tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Starting a Group Call on Skype

  • To create group call on Skype, you need to first log in to your Skype account on your PC, Laptop or mobile device.
  • Once connected, you should see the New Chat button. Click on it, and there will be several options, for the various types of call you can make. Here you should select New Group Chat.

  • In the next window you will be able to give your chat a name to make it easy to distinguish if you have multiple group chats planned.

  • Once you have given your group a name you can begin to add contacts. You can either add existing contacts, or use the search bar to find new ones.

  • Once you have finished adding people (up to 50), your group will be created will all of the added members in a sort of lobby, before you begin your group call. If you get to this stage and realise you have forgotten to add someone, it is not too late - you can still invite other users here.

How Many People In A Skype Group Call

Skype has doubled the amount of people that can participate in a group chat or video to a maximum of 50 people per call. This allows Skype to compete with Facebook's Messenger Room (also 50) or Zoom's larger group sizes (100+).

You are now ready to go! For more Skype related content, find out some easy ways to improve your video calls. Also, here are some of the best alternative to Skype if you decide to try something different.

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