What Is the Best Free Antivirus in 2020?

If you are looking for the best free antivirus software in 2020, this article will get you up to speed. There are sites specializing in antivirus software testing by measuring their ability to detect known threats. Some of these solutions are free and others paid, and many include a trial. However if you own a PC, Microsoft's antivirus is free and is integrated into the operating system.

Measure the Quality of an Antivirus

The quality of an antivirus is measured according to three factors: protection, performance, and use. Protection is the ability to detect and eliminate malware. Second is performance, or in other words that the program does not negatively impact your computer's speed. Last is ease of use.

Finding an Antivirus

The best way to review available antivirus programs is to look at independent specialized tests sites. Reviewing these tests will give you an understanding of the value, and protection, you will receive for the cost. Here are several sites you can check for in-depth reviews.
Virus Bulletin screens the main antivirus programs in order to measure the detection rate of more than one million malware. The results show that the main antivirus products on the market have rates between 95% and 99%. We have highlighted the antivirus scoring at least equal to the Microsoft solution, assuming that few people would pay to have less protection than the free one installed by default:

AV-Comparatives is a popular site that compares antivirus software on a ranking system:

Lastly, AV-Test gives a rating on 3 criteria to the main antivirus:

Most of the top antivirus solutions are worth the price, with some scores approaching 99%. However there are some important parts to take into account including: the user interface, the integration of the antivirus to the operating system, and the fact that there may be an inconvenience to using a specific software (services blocked by mistake, etc.).

If you have a PC, the ideal solution is to activate the anti-virus of Microsoft integrated in the system, Windows Defender. You will have very high protection, assured future compatibility, as well as updates to automatic days integrated into the system, all included.

However, if you want to pay for higher protection, there are plenty of services available to try for free.

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