Christmas in Fortnite: Season 5 and Winterfest 2020

As every year, Epic Games has surprised us with the Christmas event ”Fortnite: Winterfest 2020” which brings new skins, gestures, gifts and many more novelties. It's been a few days since the new season, Fortnite Season 5, was released, and we're looking forward to seeing which surprises await us! Although there is not an official date yet, we know that it will take place this week and will last until the beginning of January. In this article, we will review the main novelties of the new season, as well as the Christmas winks already introduced in the video game and even a little preview of what awaits us in the 15.10 patch.

New Fornite Season 5

List of all the news of the new season:

  • Map modification: in the center of the map appears a desert with many novelties and secrets.
  • Central sphere: not only can we enter it, but it will absorb us and launch us from the mysterious place in the center of the map.
  • Teleportation: you will be able to consume certain stones that will give you this possibility for a limited time.
  • Quicksand: we will be able to move quickly underground in some areas of the video game.
  • Bosses: as in real life, you will have to face the bosses. Once you finish with them they will give you access to mythical weapons, offer you missions or services.
  • Weapons taken from the trunk: P90, Dragon's Breath Shotgun, Amban Sniper Rifle, Boom's Sniper Rifle, The Dub, Shadow Tracker, NightHawk
  • The fire trap disappears.
  • New variants of fish.
  • Shotgun improvement: in the loading shotgun the damage is increased and the reloading times are decreased; the Dragon Breath’s Shotgun increases its range; and the tactical shotgun fires faster and does more damage.
  • Baby Yoda Skin: You can get this adorable skin at level 99 of the battle pass.
  • Loading screen with a female version of Midas.

Following the announcement of The Game Awards we have learned that on December 16th Fortnite's collaboration with The Walking Dead will begin. Terrific, isn't it? In this ceremony, the arrival of the Master Chief to the videogame was also announced.

Skins and Christmas Objects

Here are some of the Christmas winks that can be found in the game at this time:

  • Candy Axe
  • Tender Defender
  • New style of Fishstick
  • Blast powder
  • Holiday Hook
  • Star Wand
  • Gingerbread Raider
  • Gingersledge
  • Merry Marauder
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Gingersled
  • Grinch
  • Grinch's Little Helper
  • Brat Catchers
  • Singing Gesture

Christmas Event: Winterfest

Until now, during this acclaimed event, all players received multiple gifts, so we can expect no less this year. Also, rumor has it that this new patch will see the return of the planes, so we can once again eliminate our enemies from the air!

Of course, we'll also have Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations to keep our characters excited about the holidays.

Although we have already seen many of the Christmas skins, we are sure that the new ones will not leave us indifferent. We also know that we are going to meet a new character in the shape of a snowman called Snowmando.

Another novelty that has surprised us more has been the possibility of singing a carol with the rest of the players. Due to a new cooperative gesture, we will be able to recite it with up to 4 friends.

We will keep you up to date with all the news!

If you still don't have this video game you can download it through our website: download Fortnite here.

Photo – Fortnite.

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