Skate 4: release date, trailer, gameplay and rumors

Skate 4: release date, trailer, gameplay and rumors

Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3 have been fan favourites since they were first released, and after years of commenting #Skate 4 on most of EA's social media publications, Skate is back! EA Skate 4 was finally announced by Creative Director, Cuz Perry, and Game Director, Deran Chung, on June 19th 2020 at EA Play 2020. They stated that the fans helped make this happen by "commenting the game" into existence. In this article we will cover everything that has been announced so far for Skate 4.

There was a period of time when skateboarding games were popular on gaming consoles, and then there was a long period of time with no new skateboarding games. With the remaster of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 and popularity of the Session skateboarding simulator, now seems like an appropriate time for the return of Skate 4. Additionally, the mediation boost that skateboarding has received from appearing for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics cannot be ignored, meaning hopefully there will continue to be a large audience eager to play skateboarding games.

What will the new Skate game be called?

In summer 2022, the game developers announced that the new Skate game won't be called Skate 4, as it is not a sequel, prequel or follow on from the previous games. It will instead simply be called Skate. 

When is Skate coming out?

The Skate  release date has not been given yet. The developed  The original Skate was released on September 14th 2007, with Skate 2 released on January 21st 2009 and Skate 3 released May 11th 2010. The first announcement for Skate 4 came on the 19th June 2020 with another announcement in early 2021 to say that a new studio, Full Circle, had been created for the game. The latest news came in the form of EA's Q3 2022 earnings call, when EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that Skate will "launch soon". This is positive news and could suggest a 2023 release or 2024.  Ancre

Skate gameplay

Skate is in the pre-pre alpha stage. The most recent gameplay footage can be seen in the "Still Working On It" trailer, released June 30th 2022. The trailer invites gamers to become a Skate Insider for the chance to play, provide gameplay feedback and help shape the future of skate.  

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Skate Wishlist 

 Here is a list of features that we would love to see in the game:

  • A large open world - like that of Skate and Skate 2 (not Skate 3 because that didn’t allow you to skate between districts). If this open world could incorporate spots inspired by real world skateboarding locations, such as London’s South Bank and Los Angeles’ Venice Beach, that would be amazing. Also, why not include vert ramp skating competitions for a unique event.

  • Customisation - being able to create and shape your own character, with your preferred skateboard and sponsors. Why not even include different types of skateboard, for example longboards and cruisers to add some variety, and give players the option to just cruise around the open world.

  • An excellent soundtrack - One of the highlights from previous games was the music as you skated around.

  • An improved park building system - keeping the possibility to create your own skateparks and share them with your friends online.

  • More tricks - add more tricks to the game, but keep the Flickit System. The muscle memory for Skate is real, and being able to consistently pull off 360 Hardflips is a skill not to be frowned upon!

Skate trailers

The first Skate announcement video was released in June 2020. 

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A second teaser trailer was released in July 2021. The teaser doesn't showcase any new gameplay, but it does serve as an update to let fans know what the studio is working on.

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What platforms will Skate  be on?

Skate 4 will be released on Xbox, Playstation and PC (which was announced on the Skate Twitter page). The game will be fully cross play and cross progression.

How much will Skate cost?

It has been announced that Skate will be free to play (like Apex Legends), and will have micro transactions. However, these micro transactions are supposedly not pay to win, and will be cosmetic. 

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