The best free online gaming sites

The best free online gaming sites

In this article we have chosen a selection of video game websites that offer guaranteed fun for everyone, no matter your preference. Solo or multiplayer, for children or adults, for a specific device, all without downloading anything, and completely free of charge!


If you already have experience with online gaming, you have surely heard of Miniplay, one of the reference points for free to play games. In addition to a very large and participative community, one of its best features is its intuitive and organised interface, which helps you to not get lost in the immense games catalogue. In the central area of the page you will find blocks with the various categories, such as New, Most Played, and Multiplayer games, while in the sidebar, they are organised by genre: action, adventure, racing etc.

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The only downsides of Miniplay are the mandatory registration (although this can be done through Facebook), and the need to activate Flash in your browser for some of the mini-games, despite Flash being obsolete.

Games XL

On Games XL there is no shortage of entertainment. Its repertoire is constantly renewed and has something to offer for each situation, whether you are just looking to kill time or if you feel like exercising your brain. It should be noted that it includes a Mobile category, in which you will find plenty of games to enjoy from your phone’s browser - something especially useful when you don’t have much free space left and don’t want to install additional apps.

Retro Games Online

Retro Games is a website designed to delight the most nostalgic. Here you can find arcade classics, and consoles of yesteryear, such as the original Gameboy, or the first Playstation. All of these games are ready to play on your PC and allow you to relive unforgettable moments of fun, without the need for an emulator.

retro games online
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Internet Archive

As its name suggests, the Internet Archive is a large Internet library where you can find millions of free resources, including books, movies, music, and of course, video games. The above link will direct you directly to the MS-DOS games section, where you can enjoy classics such as Prince of Persia, SimCity, and Wolfenstein 3D. The only complaint is that it doesn’t have the most intuitive of interfaces.

Board Game Arena

For longtime board games lovers, Board Game Arena will be your downfall (if you had planned on being productive!). After registering with your Google or Facebook account, you will have almost 200 table games at your disposal, which you can filter by complexity, number of players or average game time. Each of them has complete tutorials and bots against which to play your first games. When you're ready, you can invite your friends or join competitions created by other players.

board game arena
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Other gaming websites

Are you not convinced by any of the previous pages? Have you already spent too much time on them that you want to try something new? Okay, here are a few more options:

What to do if games not working?

If the games don’t load, or you’re having trouble running them, follow this link to enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome. If you prefer to download the games to be able to play them offline, or without staying connected to a website, see here how to download free Flash games on your PC.

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