Computer beeps when I turn it on [Solved/Closed]

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After I turn the computer on the monitor stays blank the fans stay on and the computer just beeps. Help?
System Configuration: Windows XP media center edition 2005
Internet Explorer 7.0

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Hello, it will depend on how many beeps that you hear.
  • If 1 beep its - video card
  • If 2 to 3 beeps - RAM
  • If it beeps continuously - it the processor

  • 1. (VIDEO CARD)- Remove the video card clean it up... you can use eraser...make sure to remove the dust/lint.
  • 2. (RAM)- If the problem is the ram ... its the same.. remove the ram clean it..the same as you clean the video card...but if you put back the ram to the slot...make it sure to lock it up and tighten up..just monitor it that its not loosen...
  • 3. (PROCESSOR) - remove the processor ... clean the white (thermal paste). And then if you don't have that paste try to ask the hardware store. I'm sure they have one and grab it... don't leave the processor if it is not attach in the slot make sure to have that paste first it has time limit in exposing the processor it may cause a problem if the processor wont put back int the slot.. <the main solution is change the thermal paste then lock it up tightly.. the most important thing is just...lock it up so tight..>

Hopefully that helps.
Thank you

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Thanks man. My PC was beeping furiously but only the RAM loosened up a bit. Had a moment of panic there, but now it works ás fine ás yesterday.
Simplest, easiest solution.
Thanks a lot bro... I'll try this..
Thanks, you gave me a proper explanation.
thanks alot. the ploblem is fully solved
my computer beeps continuously ,fan running , no picture in the monitor
Yeah, I have seen the exact the same thing. I took out every removable card from my computer and blew the dust off and re-installed it. When I started up the computer, the problem had dissapeared. It was a dust particle somewhere in the connection of one of my cards or a card that had somehow came loose. Either way it works fine now. Dust around the processor can cause overheating also. This will cause beeping. Make sure the processor and memory is seated correctly. The tabs on the sides of the memory should lock. If not then it needs to be taken out and reseated.

Thank you for this recommendation - my Dell desktop gave me the "blue screen of death", and would not re-start, only my ominous beeping sounds before shutting down despite letting it sit overnight. After merely taking of the cover (unplugging first), repeatedy blowing off dust and "fiddling" with the connections (and pluggin it back in)...and good as new.
thx dusty, I blew the dust off and it's working again :)
yello am geobidden but thanks for your solutions.i just removed one RAM stick and testes each at ago using the bootstrap approach and now my machine is working very well greet Email Id removed for security
I tried this solution and booted it and it still beeped
mine is a long beep then it says "going to sleep"!
Its been a while since the original post but this reply is for those who may not have succeeded trying other suggestions listed here.

OS: XP with SP3 (fresh install)

Condition: CPU beeps in a certain order; monitor stays blank; only fan running.

Unplug computer and detach all external cables.
Detach all removable parts from the motherboard including and specially RAM.
Clean out as much dust/dirt/lint as possible with a hose attached to a vaccuum cleaner.
Next, blow with a hair dryer maintaining a distance of at least 1-2 feet.
Connect all devices as before.
Make sure you put the RAM in properly.

If the above doesn't help, note the order of beeps and compare it to the 'beep chart' at
Ok, I was having the same problem the first guy was having, but unfortunatly, doing all the reccommended things didnt fix it. Im going to reinstal windows and hope that fixes it. Before it pulled this little stunt, it wouldnt turn off, what could the problem be there?
I have just had the same problem.

My wife complained "It just keeps bleeping constantly"

Unlike all the other proposed solutions, I started by pulling plugs out of the whining thing. As soon as I pulled the keyboard plug out, it stopped.

Then I discovered that the keyboard had seriously wet itself underneath with a substantial amount of coffee. It was nice and clean and dry on top.

This proves that computers, babies and the fair sex have something in common.

regards, mike
yeah I have the same problem but in my hp laptop, when I open it for the first time it beeps for three times repeatedly but then it stops and the screen never opens (it is totally dim), but then you can hear the log on to windows so please tell me what it might be?
open your laptop and try to remove the memory and clean it, you can use eraser..then put it back ....make it sure that you lock it up so tightly then....we will see the result....

its just only my suggestion...i hope it helps... ^^

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if your computer beeps when you start your computer it means your computer has been over heated during the last session or the internal battery of the computer just beside the processor needs to be changed. the battery acts as a switch, without it you cannot start your pc.if the computer has been overheated then open your CPU AND DUST IT WELL. AND IF IT DOESN'T WORK THEN TRY TO CHANGE THE BATTERY OF YOUR COMPUTER.

Ok, I just had this problem occur with my parents computer
(Short beeps, Black screen)
All I did was clean up the PC of dust, Re-seat CPU/HSF, Ram, PCI cards, GPU, and I reapplied Thermal Compound just for good measure. This worked perfectly. and the computer now runs as it should.
Follow these simple steps, and it should run, If not... Obviously you have another problem.
My computer comes on after a 1 min it turn off. it says somthing about atomatic turn off efore I can click on it, it turn off? what shall I do?
dear sometimes this roblems come after currupting your operating system through virus etc. so as I think if u reinstall your operating system(windows XP) then it can be solved.....
> ashish
i opened my processor its AMD and I put it back together excactly how it was and now the fans and everything turn on fine but nothing shows on the screen!!!
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if nothing is working then just check if your display cable is proper or not.[connect with monitor & CPU...u know ofcourse]
If you can hear long beep,it shows that the RAM is problem,plz check ram anm ram sloat
yes it must be indeed a ram problem. I had the same prob;em but now my computer works fine!
be glad you have a beep. I overheated my computer and the next morning it acts like everything is just fine with one exception : the monitor will not start. (yes ive changed everything from power sypply to monitor- including cpu)-lol
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if u r hearing continuous beeps...den its RAM fault....fix it properly !!!
I dont know where to start need a walk thru please!

I have an hp pavilion tx 2000 laptop and its beeping when you start it up.

Could you please this problem on how to fix it?

thank you.
*Do not do this if you still have a warranty*
What I would do, is open it up, clean it out with compressed air, re-apply Thermal Compound/Paste on the CPU and GPU, and Re-seat the RAM. Put it back together and turn it on. If the screen remains black, (If that's even your problem) then leave it on until the heat of the laptop sort of *dries* the Thermal Paste, after that you should be all set.

If that doesn't work, and you need to resort to buying a new laptop, then do not buy HP/DELL.
I would suggest ASUS, ACER, GATEWAY, or MSI.
That last bit is my personal Opinion.
Good Luck!
I am not sure it is the answer to all of the problems, but I removed the power cord from the PC and then I removed all of the cards and the RAM. I then used canned air to do a DNC on the entire inside of the PC. I also made sure I dusted the cards and slots. Then I reinstalled everything and plugged the power cable back into the PC. Pressed the power button and the PC came on and I was able to go to the desk top!
I just had 2 do the same thing. One dell and one gateway..Both was the memory. The dell tech said when it beeps it is almost always your memory.
continous beep no picture in the monitor fan is running
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Continuous beeps are often an indication of bad RAM. It could also point to other issues such as video or other hardware.

You can google the motherboard make plus beep codes to attempt to ID what the PC is trying to