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i dont know what is the problem but my computer suddenly beeps three times then the screen goes blank...the cpu remains on and is unable to shut off without directly disconnecting the power supply...this sometimes happens after the computer has been in use for a couple hours an sometimes it happens a minute or so after the computer starts up...sometimes the computer doesnt even start up,as soon as I turn on the cpu,i hear 3 long beeps an the monitor doesn't come on but the cpu does.... HELP!!!!

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i had this prob w/ my hp laptop. 3 beeps, no pic. everything else worked fine. hp help told me 400 bucks to fix. got on this site, read some reviews, and it worked! turn on your laptop, cover your fan vents (as if you are trying to let your laptop overheat) and let it sit like that for about 30 min to an hour. turn off your computer and then turn it back on. it just might work, it did for me, and I was def a skeptic. but I figured either way, my laptop was done, so what the heck. but it turned on, the screen worked, and I was amazed. aparently my laptop, hp dv6000 has an issue w/ the video card, I thought it was done, but now i'm typing a response to this site, amazing!
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3 beeps a startup - is a sign of memory failure. If you have two memory modules you can swap out one and then the other to identify the bad one. Sometimes just removing and inserting the memory module will fix the problem. Be careful to ground yourself before you remove the module and try to NOT touch the metal prongs. Don't do this on a carpeted floor -that is sure to generate static electricity than can kill the memory..

Good Luck.
Can you help me?Mines been doing the same thing.2,sometimes 3 beeps.i can b in the middle of a game,and it will just shut off,then do the beeps.the tower will turn on,but not the monitor.Several times,i would just take out my memory chips,and reincert them,and it would go back on.But now,even removing them and putting them back in,isnt helping.I know the chips r still good,cause I put them in my other tower,and they work fine.Any suugestions?Im going nuts without my computer.lol.
I have the exact same problem but I am unable to remove the memory stick, what do you advise me to do?