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Pc-printer compatability


I have a Lexmark X1190 printer and have recently changed my PC software to Xubuntu, but my printer is not compatable. Is there a driver to suit?

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Dvd/rw driver problems not in the device


Hello, I am having problems the dvd/rw driver and it won't show on the device and my computer and it is missing and that I have done on F2 and found ...

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Kodak-40 scanner drivers/software


HouseIt, I'm looking for a software / driver downloads for a Kodak i40 scanner. I've googled and tried the suggested links however all a dead end. M...

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Toshiba satellite l640 network controller dri


Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L640 and can not pick up any wireless signal. i have installed the atheros LAN driver but under device mana...

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The ialmrnt5 display driver


Hello, hey I was playing the sims 3 for awhile and all of a sudden the screen turns to 3 colrs and is small !it says the ialmrnt5 display driver has...

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Multimedia controller drivers


Hello, I got pc from Japan with the operating system in Japanese Language I formatted the hard to load new operating system english version,now I hav...

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Toshiba satelite l300 display driver


Hello, I have toshiba satelite l300-1a3 laptop modle. I installed xp sp2 over vista. but I cant find any display driver for my modle can anybody help...

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Unable to install sound driver


Hello, Becasue of virsu issue I formate my hole pc. But when IT Engeeneer went then I checked there is no sound. and into device mangager there...

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Hp scanner 2400 driver


Hello, download free HP 2400 scanner driver for windows XP Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 33.0.1750.154

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Presario 2100 ethernet driver


Hello, I formatted my Presario 2100 laptop and lost my Network Driver. Please help restore it. Apollos

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Driver for intel r 2.00 mghz (vga)


Time of this report: 11/26/2011, 18:59:38 Machine name: PC-201111251959 Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Servic...

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Need help with dell laptop model 5030


After installing Windows 7 on the laptop im not able to get online anymore. I checked for problems and it says that there are no drivers installed fo...

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itsme jojo

About canoscan lide 20


Hello, I got response:There is no driver for the OS Version you selected. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver. Does thi...

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Canoscan lide20 to windows8 ??


My scanner canoscan lide20 not compatible with windows8. How can they be reconciled?

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My toshiba lp says "no audio output device"


Hello, myb toshiba laptop says, "no audio output device installed".. i've tried all the instruction I have red but nothing happens.. pls.. help ...

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Free downloading of hp scanjet 2400 scanner online


Firstly, am greatful for being welcome as a kioskea member. I find it difficult to download free HP Scanjet 2400 Scanner on line. I need your he...

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adel osman

Scanner driver


I have a Canon scanner model CanoScan LiDE20/LiDE 30. Worked fine with Windows XP, but will not work with Windows 7. Can I get updated drivers , so c...

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Drivers for acer aspire 5520 (ethernet card)


Hello, im having problems in finding the drivers for my Laptop Acer Aspire 5520 i just found the driver for the wireless but I need the the lan a...

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Dell optiplex gx270 vga graphics driver


Hello, I need the proper vga driver for the dell optiplex gx270 motherboard...right now i've got the standard vga graphics driver... i've got ...

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All drivers for l300 satellite


Hello, i have Toshiba l300 system Unit Laptop and I am searching all Driver like VGA, Lan, Audio and I could't get and m,y Laptop Serial No is 295681...

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Graphics card not working


I currently own a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. IT came preloaded with win vista.....Last year I upgraded it myself to win 7.. Everything was fine except...

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Toshiba satellite ethernet controller


Hello, i formated my toshiba satellite laptop and I can not find ethernet controller drivers for it can somebody please help me Configurati...

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I need all drivers for acer aspire 4720z .


Hello, I lost all my drivers of aspire 4720z . Can anyone plz give me link where from I can download them . I tried acer web site but sadly that sit...

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How backup drive after format


i format my computer and save drives used drive genins to be lovely to help me backup

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Presario c700 sound driver is not instlling


Hello, i have a compaq laptop series presario c700 and first time I installed window vista now formated window vista and I receantly installed window...

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Hcl p 21 pdc drivers


Hello, i am facing problem in my laptop by unable to ear sound kindly send me hcl p21 drivers

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No sound due to pci device


Hello, I have installed audio driver but there is no sound in my pc when I open device manager I found that there is a yellow symbo...

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Tariq yosafxai

Non-functioning ita dvd-rwuj-867s ata device


Thank you so much GAZ for the info on how to repair this drive by altering the registry key. much appreciated. Jademoon

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No audio output device installed?????


Hello, I think I accidentally erased my sound.There is nothing under sound when I go to the control panel. It says no audio output device is ins...

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Hp printer driver desjet 3550


Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 16.0 hp printer driver for 3550

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Unidentified incompatible program driver.


Greetings! On startup, receive error message telling me that I have an incompatible program driver which will be shut down. It does not identify ...

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No sound, no audio device, and unknowns


Hello, I own a HP 7915. I recently crashed the system and had to do a system recovery. Afterwards I lost sound. I have seen simialr threads but none o...

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No audio device! help!


Hi, guys! My comp isn't recognizing my speakers... I've been trying everything from installing Realtek audio soundcards and drivers to rese...

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I need sound driver for ibm t43


Hello, I need sound driver for MY Ibm T43,ever since that I formatt my laptop,i have lost the sound on it,which I dont have the recovery cd to re-ins...

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No audio device installed hp pavilion dv6500


Hello, I also receive the message: No audio device is installed. I have been having this problem for months now. I executed the above suggested pr...

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No audio output device is installed


Hello, no audio output device is installed. Ive pretty much tried everything: driver cd, system restore, device manager, uninstall and reinstall all ...

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Need hcl leaptop b38 c2d drivers


Hello, I need full softwares and drivers for my HCL leaptop B38 C2D Branded HCL, I need sound,LAN video drivers as soon as possible. please help...

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karur karthi

Audio driver for compaq presario v2000,


Hello, Sir, I have formatted my laptop this week but due to lack of motherboard] cd I am not able to get Audio Driver. please suggest me the link....

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luke marine

Help i have uninstalled my cd/dvd-rom driver!


Hey guys OMG please help me out. I would really rather not see a tech if it is possible but if I have to, I guess I have to. Okay well vista is very l...

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Driver for compaq evo


Hello, Need drivers for Compaq Evo SN: 6S1B-JX8Z-K1Pt. please help me....

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Hda audio bus driver is requested


Hello, i deleted by mistake the saoundmax driver now when i try to install it gives me the error that HDA audio bus driver is requested and not foun...

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Can't find a bluetooth peripheral driver


So I got a new Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7 64-bit. Right out of the box, I could connect my phone and ipod touch 3g to my laptop with bluetooth fl...

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Need to install an audio driver


Hello, i need to install an audio driver. Please Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 16.0

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No audio output device installed


Hello, I have windows vista in my pc which is only one yr old now but the audio output is not working. I guess I deleted it. not sure. can you help?

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Cushy Butterfield

Sound driver


Hello, iam using mercury mother board P1945Z IAM NOT GETTING AUDIO USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 22.0.1229.79

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Zohaib R

Sound device


Hello, How i can install an audio output device ? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 6.0.466.0

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Genx scanner drivers 600dpi required


Hello, Dear All; I have tried my best to search the GenX Scanner Drivers 600dpi drivers for my scanner but it is not available at Net. I...

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Del optiplex gx270 vga graphics driver ????


Hello, where do I download driver ? I haven't seen anything for download. Please help with link to specific location to do...

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Audio output device suddenly stop working...


Hello, Good day Sirs and Madams. I am a new member here. I just want to ask, why did my speakers(Logitech 2.1 speakers) suddenly stop working with...

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Awrdacpi sound driver


Hello, im jayr sir/maam can u send me a driver for awrdacpi sound driver and video driver please ? .

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