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Hard disk asks floppy to boot

Hello, my pc at first was starting in safe mode . while after it stopped booting in safe mode. it aska for floppy disk every time i boot. i dont know...

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Pc building

Hello, I am building a pc for my brother a already gatherd all material needed for the assembly Cpu Hard cover screen Mother ...

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Acer problem with headset

Hello, I have an acer laptop i have some integrated speakers i can hear sound going from them , but when i plug a headset xp tells me that plug...

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Mouse not working

Hi , i am using and IBM mouse and suddenly it seems no be working anymore . I have try to disconnect and reconnect it but nothing I...

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Problem with booting

Hello, I am having some problem while booting my computer I can't even access windows,each time when loading windows the computer is turning of...

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Cant tun on my sound

Hello, hey i cant seem to be able to turn on my sound at all i cant see it on the bottom of my screen to turn it on i even tryed going through con...

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I need to add a hardisk to my pc plz help


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Adding a 2nd hard-drive

Hi, I would like to add a 2nd hard-drive, how can I do this?

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Formating doubt

Hello all , I would like to format a hardisk i would like to know the difference between formating FAT23 and NTFS what is recomended the har...

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Hardware updating

Hi Everybody , I want to confirm something when installing the ram which slot must be used Red or Yellow?

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Problem with external hardisk

Hello, I have an external hardisk fixed on my pc it got crash is there a way to repair it and retreave the information that was on it. My op...

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Pc building

Hello, I got a Cpu plan and i want to build my own pc does any one can indicate me the compatible hardware device that i can buy i alrea...

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On button on cpu

HI all Yesterday i have change my internal sound card with a creative sound blaster live , and i have been able to installed it and it i...

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Formating laptop

Hi, My laptop needs to be formated i have a bootable windows setup , but it seems that each time i am trying to set uyp windows the process ...

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Power supply

hi the power supply of my system got boosted and its the 3rd time ive changed it and i dont understand what should be done in that.please help me.

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John W

Dvd and blue rays disk

data about dvd and blue rays disc

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John W

No display only beeping signal of monitor

Hello, I hv been facing monotor dispaly problem since last one month that is not displayed only beeping the green signal light of monitor. but y...

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Cpu pramamantiy 100% used.

Hello, my system is working condition cpu pramamantiy 100% used show.?

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Problem with my disc drive

Hello, my computer will not load up a disc. 3 days ago i didnt hav a problem but now i dont even hav a (D:) in devices with removable storage where...

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John W

Solve my problem

Hello, dear friends my dvd writer (LG) not working proparly . it can not read any disk but in the system it will show that working proparly. plz ...

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No display

Hello, i have formated my hard disk. after that i tried to install the Windows xpbut my PC hanged i restarted that but this time the machine fans are...

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Operation of random access memory

what is the function of RAM (random-access memory) and it's operation?

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My disk is stuck in the computer

Hello, my computer says there's no disk in the drive, but there is. How do i get it out? thank you. lisa

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My pc turns on on its own when plugged in.

My Notebook is plugged into an extension which at the same time has an On/Off switch. Every time I switch on the extension my PC turns on skipping its...

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Hello, I Was On Add/ Remove Programs An Acidentally Removed My Audio Device An I Need To know How To Get It Back :S ?

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My computer

Hello, when i turn on my computer it shows "monitor going to sleep" boots but then it just go blank and shows "monitor going to sleep"....can i...

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Virus alert!

Hello, some open GL programs are having a hard time running on my computer. Is there any way I can change my graphics card configuration so I can run ...

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Boot problem

Hello, My computer was working proprly but once time i had off the switch directoly so far no started when i try to start it no desplay in monitor ...

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No sound help !

Hello, i let my friend "fix" my computer and now there's no sound coming from my pc . how do i make it work again?

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Usb connection

Hello, I have a cam recorder, about 7 years old, that has a cable that looks like a USB cable, but both ends are slightly differt. The end that conn...

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Computer crashes

Hello, Im guessing this is a hardware issue.. Im using a XP OS with AMD AM2 Proccesor, 256 Geforce GC 80gb HDD and 2gig Ram. I loaded up my compute...

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Hello, i need help , my computer keeps on beeping whenever i turn it on !!

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No boot

Hello, My boss has a dell laptop, if you shut it off, it will not boot. They have had all virus scans run on it, what do think?

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Pen drive

Hello, just got a one giga pen drive , but i dunno why i cant insert nutting in it , it says error when i try to insert some data in it !

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Operating system

Hello, windows 2003 is not able to install the os ,because of stop error will come.

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About scaning virus in a flashdisk

Hello,how can i scan virus in my flash dissk without loosing other files

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Real price?

Hello guys can anyone tell me the real price of this monster Geforce 9600 GT please ??? I really want to buy one!!

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Y dose my pc turn off when i internet explore

Hello, i need help cuz pc turn off with no warning? at 1st i thought it was spy wear or sumthing but now i dont no?

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Moniter problem

Hello i have problem with my system,the moniter is not displaying when connected to the c.p.u.but the same moniter is working with the other system...

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Partitioning my 250 gb hdd?

Hi friends, I am little confused about the subject. Can you tell me how should I partition my 250 GB hard drive. I am planning to install both Wind...

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No signal

Hello, My grandparents came back from Florida and tried to boot up their e-machine. They left it up in Northern Michigan for the winter in the house...

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Hello, my speakers are connected to a sub woofer and the black sub woofer is connected to the rear black plug-in. There is a pop up saying that this...

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About my desktop

Hello, To you all sir/madam i have aproblem with my desktop icons and even the start menu they disapered from morning and i have tried my level bes...

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Hello, i wanna use my mic , but i am not being able to use it on my messenger !!! HELP!!

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Cd drive cleaner

Hi! I have a CD duplicator, and it seems to me that the lens may be dirty or something of that nature. Does anyone know of a good but cheap driv...

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No sound

Hello, after installing my new motherboard i have found to have no sound at all. my speakers are switched on and they are plugged in tightly so that ...

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Anonymous User

Sound card

Hello, i think theres a problem with my sound card , everytime i mix on virtual dj and when i move the cross fader , theres a strange sound! any help...

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Sound card

Hello, my friend is starting to do music production , and he wanted to know what sound card he is gonna need?

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Hello, my question is why i cant play some dvd movies in my dvd rom?

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Hello, hello how are u ?

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