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"rs485/m br#22568" message

Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop with AMD processor; running Vista 64Bit version. The machine frequently displays "RS485/M BR#22568" message...

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I want driver software

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Laptop vaio

Hello, Which Sony VAIO laptop is the coolest of the moment plz?

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External 80gb hdd slow down

Hello people, well i have a lil question about how come my USB external 80GB HDD slows down my pc everytime i listen to music from it.. When i used my...

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Qwerty laptop


Where can I buy a qwerty laptop in Paris in a reasonable price?

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Hard drive?

Hi! Here is the thing: I'd like to know if I can go up in RPM speed and also what type I should go with 80 GB EIDE hard drive, ATA 100 5400 RPM DVD...

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Old hdd failure

Hello, I actually have a real problem.. 1. I have 2 old Maxtor 40G HDD 2. They're not detecting anymore.. I think they are dead or got viruses....

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About the mouse market

Hi, all! I was wondering what type of mouse do you, guys, use? I now have to use a crappy "Compaq' roller ball" mouse, cause my brother broke my...

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Computer mouse

Every once in a while my computer "mouse" stops working. If I then pull its plug out of the tower and plug it back in, it starts working again. Do...

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Answer to my survey please!!!

Hey am doing a survey for my blog, i would like to know which anti virus you geeks are using and if you are satisfied with the service given!!

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My new webcam doesn't run well!! :(

Hello guys! My new webcam from Ebay doesn't want to run!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A question completely different but important

Hello to all!!! For a school survey, i would like to know how many of you here are addicted to computing stuffs and internet? I mean, all your soci...

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Monitors: screen vs. specs

Hi, I'm looking at two different LCD monitors, one which is bigger but has worse specs, and one that is smaller, but with better specs. What wou...

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Associating profile to monitor

Hello, I've got the Spyder2 Suite. It works great on my laptop so I don't think it's a ColorVision problem. I have Viewsonic LCD on my PC. I can...

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Building a pc

Hi, I am new to this forum and kind of a newbie and I hope somebody could help me... My knowledge on computers is very limited as I have just g...

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Mother board or graphic card??

hi, Its me again looool hmmm, i got a friend who got a little problem.When he starts windows he has to move his graphic card as so windows runs, it...

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The best sound card?

Hi! I would like to know the best sound cards available right now on the market and also those that might be available in next jan./feb. Thx.

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Computer fan

Hello guys, Im phoebe! I'm in trouble with my computer fan. It makes catastrophic sound.. Do silent fan exist for computer? Kiss Phoebe

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Old computer keeps going off

Hello, My old computer I've been using for about 7-9 years keeps shutting down. Buying a new computer isn't really an option because I'm giving it to...

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Laptop hard drive issue

Hi, there! I got a second-hand laptop with a Samsung MP0402H 40GB hard drive. When I removed the HD from the unit and plugged it into an externa...

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Epson perfection 3200

Hi, My Epson Scan don't open with Epson Perfection 3200... As I couldn't find any solution on the web, I hope you guys will help me. Sud...

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Hi, there! I'm gonna build a (desktop) computer from and don't have much money (my budget is about $1200 with at least a nice 22" wi...

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Overclocking a pc?

Hello ! I am a real newby. I’d like to overclock my computer (an HP Pavilion) and I have no idea how I can do that. I'm pretty sure that I can o...

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Which back-up?

Hey, there! I'm looking to back up my pictures, MP3, videos, and documents. Looking around, I realize there is no fail safe method… But from what ...

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Which motherboard?

Hey! Here is a question for the techies... I'm thinking to get the new QX9650 when it comes out in a few days, if it turns out to be around $100...

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Geforce versus ati

Hi there! These two brands of graphic card should not be strange to you guys, right? Every user have their own opinion about their AGP card. Som...

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5.1 speakers

Hi, guys! I want to get some new 5.1 speakers and I was looking for surround sound. I don't know exactly how I'd set them up in my room. There are ...

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Window vista laptop crashing frequently

Hi everyone! I just bought a Sony Vaio laptop which is running Window Vista Home Premium Edition. Lately, it crashes a lot, apparently with no reas...

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Which laptop

Hey, Guys I was just wondering which laptop you would suggest I get for under $800? I would get a MacBook, but I can't afford it. I will be usin...

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Building my own pc

Hi everybody, I am planning to build my own PC (so much cheaper…) but I’m not familiar with doing this things. So I have several questions about th...

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Ram getting me crazy!

Alright, guys, here is my problem – pretty long story… I have an HP a1030n. The system originally came stock with 512MB of RAM (2x256MB). The stock...

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