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  • Just broght ibook g4 no password Closed

    Hello, Could someone help me please i have been using my ibook then i switched it off. Now when i switch it on it has a globe picture in the middle o...

    shaft1975 | Latest reply: Allean N Herrin Jul 16, 2011
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  • ctrl key not functioning in joomla Closed

    Hello, cannot assign multiple parents to a products using ctrl key and mouse Configuration: Mac OS X / Firefox 5.0

    jamesy | Latest reply: GM Madman Jul 12, 2011
    1 reply
  • Mybook External drive won't accept files Closed

    Hello, My Mybook 1TB won't accept files transferring bigger than about 4 Gig. It says file Error (0) It already has quite a bit of info on there but...

    PJ | Latest reply: Alex Jul 5, 2011
    2 replies
  • my sims3 keeps crashing Closed

    Hello, when i play my sims3 it crashes and comes up with this note Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x00000000 at address __________ ...

    starry | Latest reply: Ambucias Jul 2, 2011
    1 reply
  • Forget password Solved/Closed

    Hi! So that's the problem: I bought a Macbook about a month or two ago, I installed a password, and yesterday I wanted to reinstall Microsoft Offi...

    fraise_rouge | Latest reply: bionik Jun 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • mac DVD player doesn't read the disk Closed

    Hello, I have a mac book pro of 2008 and since 2 weeks now my dvd player wont read the dvd disks that insert, it just puts them out after 20 - 30 s...

    007 | Latest reply: RWomanizer Jun 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • How to set my laptop back to factory settings Closed

    Hello, I have a Asus eeepc that runs on windows xP I know that it will take everything off my computer Configuration: iPhone / Safari 6533.18...

    JustMe | Latest reply: RWomanizer Jun 23, 2011
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  • 2nd hand pro laptop but no password Solved/Closed

    Hello, I bought a second-hand Mac Pro laptop but there were no restore discs. I cannot use it because I dont have the password. The seller was to send...

    Bea | Latest reply: Ambucias Jun 18, 2011
    1 reply
  • i need a password guys Solved/Closed

    Hello, hi i bought a powerbook g4 at an auction it did have a charger so i got one. but when switched it on it want a password and the is no install...

    Yonela | Latest reply: Ambucias Jun 17, 2011
    1 reply
  • my iomega ego 500gb won't mount on my mac Closed

    Hello, my iomega ego 500gb won't mount on my mac after I partitioned it? its just making a noise off and on. what is the problem? thanks. cian

    cian | Latest reply: rightanswer Jun 11, 2011
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  • One passport to another using smart software? Closed

    Hello, I need to know how my new passport can recognize my old one using the the WD smartware. Can it be done or do I need to physically dump it? ...

    Alfredo Cerrato | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 10, 2011
    1 reply
  • boot error of mac osx on dell inspiron 1545 Closed

    Hello, i have installed mac osx peapord on my dell inspiron installation every thing was fine but when I reboot I get a grey screen w...

    waqas | Latest reply: Larry Jun 10, 2011
    2 replies
  • hard drives and Mac Books Solved/Closed

    Please help! I just bought a Western digital hard drive its 2TB. I have a mac book pro and when l open the hard drive on my computer it shows whats on...

    sam10 | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 8, 2011
    1 reply
  • i restore my powerbook g4 Closed

    Hi guys , i restore my powerbook g4 and now when i turn on it wont turn on it came the white Screen wiht the apple and the lil thih goes around li...

    jrey | Latest reply: RWomanizer Jun 8, 2011
    1 reply
  • Will I lose Pictures already on iPhone when? Closed

    Hello, Will I lose my pictures already on my iPhone when I sync for the first time to my new macbook pro & iTunes? When I try to sync it says th...

    Smitty | Latest reply: Smitty Jun 6, 2011
    2 replies
  • Ibookg4 10.5.8 Closed

    Hello, Plz I'm desperate to reset my ibookg4 10.5.8 to factory settings but I don't have a cd can it be done thank u much for your help Config...

    Kristine56 | Latest reply: xpcman Jun 4, 2011
    1 reply
  • Ipod not turning on Closed

    Hello, My ipod touch is'nt turning on and the apple will show when i try to turn it on but then the screen turns dark then turns off. PLEASE H...

    :) | Latest reply: bionik Jun 2, 2011
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  • Please I need help transferring songs to ipod Closed

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would greatly appreciate your help. Everytime I try to drag songs from itunes to ipod I get a message that says: "itunes can't cop...

    kaymurthi | Latest reply: bionik May 27, 2011
    4 replies
  • Does creating a new admin on mac delete everything off the laptop Closed

    Hello, I used the hack details from another post just recently to access my computer after forgetting the password while away on holiday, it work...

    rcmackey | Latest reply: guido.coza May 27, 2011
    1 reply
  • can 2 iPod users share 1 iTunes account? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am wondering if there is possiblility for one PC with two iPods users with different iTunes libraries? Here goes a case: I have an itunes ...

    bookerlin | Latest reply: puppylover May 22, 2011
    9 replies
  • iPod seems dead forever.... Closed

    Hello, My name is Leo and I have a new iPod 4 generation. I have had it since xmas 2010. I have had loads of problems which I haven't seemed to solv...

    LeoMartin | Latest reply: LeoMartin May 18, 2011
    2 replies
  • forgot my administrator user and password Closed

    Hello, I brought a MAC POWERBOOK G4 and I'm having a problem resetting my administrator user and password can you help my out with the command to chan...

    big poppa | Latest reply: andrea1010 May 17, 2011
    2 replies
  • vlc on macbook but no sound Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have downloaded vlc on my macbook to view .bit video files. the video plays but I cant get any sound. Can you please recommend something...

    veedeekay | Latest reply: Alixio May 12, 2011
    2 replies
  • wd mac to windows issue Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 533.18.5 I've been using a WD paspsort on my Mac and on Windows for a couple of months I set it ...

    kateh | Latest reply: kateh Apr 30, 2011
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  • How can I saftely download msn messanger Solved/Closed

    Hello, How can I (or can't I) saftley downloadmsn messenger to my mac book pro OX S Configuration: Mac OS X / Firefox 3.6.16

    kashzka | Latest reply: kashzka Apr 29, 2011
    1 reply
  • importing songs to Itunes Closed

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out h how to import songs to Itunes. help me please!!!! Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.16

    daxter | Latest reply: bionik Apr 28, 2011
    1 reply
  • Deleted Appstore using WinSPC :( Closed

    Hello, I jailbroke my iPhone and wanted to see what I could do, so I erased the appstore (copied it to desktop first). When I went to paste it bac...

    Denis | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 24, 2011
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  • changing the master password. Closed

    .......... Nov 6, 2009 5:24am GMT Quoted another way is to hack system preferences by putting it on the desktop and right clicking then go to p...

    Sam White | Latest reply: rabiee Apr 21, 2011
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  • Mac OS 9 on OSX Leopard? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Okay so OS X Leopard is the OS 9 killer. Does anyone know of a work-around to install OS 9. I have the latest iMac with Leopard pre-installed...

    makela | Latest reply: JM Apr 18, 2011
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  • download msn Closed

    Hello, please help me to download msn messinger for my macbook air 10.5.2 Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari 523.15

    salim | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 15, 2011
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  • Cannot log off my Mac PC Solved/Closed

    Hello, I switched off my Mac PC at the plug in error and now when I log on I have no icons showing also if I try to open Safari in Applications I ...

    caz | Latest reply: bionik Apr 14, 2011
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  • can i update my ipod without losing data? Closed

    hello, I've been wanting to upgrade my ipod to software 4.2 but everytime I click on update on itunes (the lastest version) it keeps saying the mus...

    leanne | Latest reply: bionik Apr 12, 2011
    1 reply
  • My sims 2 seasons Solved/Closed

    Hello, Mabye it's becuase it is'ent the right window what window are you? if your window 7 or something and the disc is window 8 you have to get t...

    wee amy | Latest reply: pcsces Apr 11, 2011
    1 reply
  • What do you do when you leave a mac on for too long and the screen only shows a Solved/Closed

    Hello, I left my mac on for one hour and when I moved my cursor all it showed me was a black screen with a cursor. I have a warranty but shoul...

    Kev | Latest reply: J Apr 5, 2011
    1 reply
  • the alphabet keys been replaced by symbols Closed

    Hello, My Mac laptop has been acting very strange ! Its now chossen some kind of language and I don't know how to change it! Its replaced the al...

    sophie | Latest reply: bionik Apr 3, 2011
    1 reply
  • backing up using time machine Closed

    Hello, I have used my WD external hard drive to back up using time machine. Does this mean I can now delete music/films/pictures/documents off my ac...

    lucy-33 | Latest reply: jamietomo Mar 31, 2011
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  • How do i download games like sims onto my mac? Closed

    Hello, I was wondering how to download sims university onto my mac laptop? if someone could tell me that would be great! Thanks a ton! Config...

    tnt | Latest reply: jamietomo Mar 31, 2011
    1 reply
  • powerbook G4 forget username and password Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have powerbook G4 and windows is mac osx i for get username password plz tell me what i do

    big khan | Latest reply: chps Mar 26, 2011
    2 replies
  • school laptops cant download itunes Closed

    Hello, I have a school laptop and they block a lot of stuff so I cant download itunes verzion 10.0 witch is what I need plz help me . ps srry bout spe...

    peteo | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 24, 2011
    1 reply
  • Unable to access website Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have lost the ability to access a website over the last couple of months. As far as I know, no changes have been made to my system and I can'...

    Katy | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 16, 2011
    1 reply
  • Mac document erased after resetting password Closed

    Hello, I did reset my password, and it worked. But now, i lost all my documents and programs. Can i find those documents & programs back? P...

    Nele | Latest reply: pcsces Mar 1, 2011
    1 reply
  • bootable disk for mac on w7 Closed

    Hello, i have downloaded mac iso file but i dont know how to install it . currently i am running w7 and how to make bootable disk for mac on w7 ...

    kuchhadiyaa | Latest reply: kuchhadiyaa Feb 28, 2011
    2 replies
  • Mac help black screen Closed

    Hi I have done a really dumb thing. I instaled windows xp via bootcamp on my mac and went through but came to relize it was not a full version of ...

    Ty | Latest reply: shannon Feb 25, 2011
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    RUFFY | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 15, 2011
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  • CD-ROM problems Closed

    Hello, This is my problem. I am running Windows in a Mac. Everything runs great except that the CD-ROM seems not to run DVDs or CDs. Anybody experien...

    jjcmed | Latest reply: mallky Feb 5, 2011
    2 replies
  • Mac Updating problems Please help! Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to update my 17'' powerbook g4 from 10.4.11 to 10.6.6 I'm wondering if this possible to do because when I click 'Software Update....

    eikenberg1 | Latest reply: eikenberg1 Feb 4, 2011
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  • webcam on mac msn 8 crashes my mac Closed

    i recently bought an imac, and downloaded msn 8 for it. for a little while it worked fine as a webcam, but now whenever i invite someone for a video c...

    Frenchie | Latest reply: yup Jan 20, 2011
    1 reply
  • Connect MacBook to Panasonic flatscreen Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a problem, maybe one of you could help me out? I connected my MacBook via an adapter for the MiniDisplayPort and an HDMI cable to th...

    califa | Latest reply: johan Jan 16, 2011
    7 replies
  • downloading songs to ipod Closed

    Hello, I have tried everything mentioned in this website. Nothing has helped me. every time I try I tunes tell me that the song is in the protecte...

    iris | Latest reply: iris Jan 14, 2011
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  • Could upgrading my hard drive slow my laptop? Closed

    Hello, i recently upgraded to a 250GB hard drive and ever since, my laptop is slower and freezes multiple times when running processes. the freezes...

    pd | Latest reply: Mayzer Jan 9, 2011
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