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Motherboard problems

Hello, pls help me on this issued. If a motherboard is not coming-up what is the caused of it, And how to install nero into my system.

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Help with replacing motherboard

Hello, I need help with my brothers pc. My son has tried everything, and it seems the motherboard needs replacing.(My brother kept his pc on for week...

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Hello,my motherboard no.4M09h1S0 in p2 from support how gb hdd? and supported os?

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Asus 16x motherboard m2n68-am plus

Hello, Hello, I am Tanuj I wan to naw that Can I use my old OLD Graphics car of 8x in Asus 16x motherboard m2n68-am plus And MY Email Id:-tanuj...

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Motherboard acer aspire 5935g

hi. i have any problem about my acer aspire 5935g but i don't have motherboard can you help me?

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Change motherboard

Hello, my desktop intel pentium 4 1.8Ghz ddr1 Upgrade to motherboard pentium 4 ddr2,,can or not?

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Hello, please tell me that my pc motherboard intel d945gcnl can support geforce xfx 9400gt 1gb ddr2 graphic card.For this graphic card 945 motherboar...

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Passworded motherboard

Hello, I passworded my system and culdn't remember the password.I hav reset the CMOS jumper and hav even removed and placed back the CMOS battery

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Memory and graphics upgrade. qdi motherboard

Hello, I am currently running a PlatiniX 4X QDI Motherboard and I need to upgrage the memory and graphics card. I have 768mb of Ram and I have a R...

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Big motherboard problem

Hello, I lost cd with driver for this motherboard and I don't find drivers. Please help me with drivers for this motherboard or a link for driver. th...

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Wrong ram inserted, burnt motherboard?

Hello,I tryed to put in a DDR2 and DDR Ram at the same time in the computer! Anyways, was a bad idea! After I put in 512mb of DDR and 512of DDR2 and t...

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Motherboard problem

Hi ! I need help with a motherboard. This is the parameters Motherboard ID : DMI Motherboard name : AST 440LX Audio : ESS ES1869 Video : ATI RAG...

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Motherboard won't beep

Hello, check you power supply does the fan run, cd drive open? also the power cord of monitor and pc . as you given above solution...

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Motherboard won't beep

Hello, I have prob in my comp that when i start the comp it will start but doesn't give one beep which normally give after that no display on...

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Need help with a motherboard

Hi ! I need help with a motherboard with these parameters: NTB Motherboard PCB CODE : BA41-10019V REV:1.2(970904) PBA CODE: 99112-NTB-000 PBA...

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Hello, How can i connect a SATA hard drive to a motherboard that has an IDE connector

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No driver of motherboard

Hello, i can,t open my motherboard cause, i have no driver to use.

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Hw break window password with motherboard


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Hello, i want to buy a amd athlon II 620 processor . so want to know all the mother boards compatible to above processors.

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Motherboard buying help please

Im looking to build a brand new pc i was having a look at the gigabyte motherboards i have a tight budget $80-$170

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Motherboard sata/ide

Hey, im having a problem with my hard drive or sata. i'm not a pc person but this is what happens i turn on my pc and it tooks awhile to load the Id...

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Find me a new motherboard of hp compaq 6110

Hello, I would ask anyone who can know where to find me a new motherboad of hp compaq 6110

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Motherboard cd

Hello, Please give me the link to download motherboard cd of Compaq Presario 1238 model

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Motherboard cd

Hello, I want to download motherboard driver for my ES089AA#ACJ motherboard.

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Motherboard problem

Hello, I have this kind of problem. Today i get new chasse from CoolMaster so i moved all parts of computer to the new chasse. All good. But when i...

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First screen of motherboard is displying late

Hello, I have a desktop PC. My system was running well before some days. One day it started rebooting itself. Now if system is shutdown for a 2-3 ...

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Hello, i am not able to know that what is the name of my motherboard .can u tell me how can i find my motherboard name. thankyou

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P5gd2-x motherboard

Hello, you know those little jumpers on the inside that plug the power sw and speakers and led and that can some one tell me how too

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Motherboard beep sound at running windows


Hello, I am facing a problem with my desktop (Pentium dual core 1.6 GHz and Intel 945GCNL motherboard). I hear a beep sound from my motherboard durin...

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Compatibility of motherboard and processor

Hello, I was wondering if the new motherboards that support the new processors i7 are compatible with a core 2 quad processor. I was thinking spec...

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Installing new motherboard


Hello, I am upgrading my mobo and processor to a i7-920 and 1366 board on an existing computer i have. What i don't know is if i install my existing ...

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How to find a motherboard driver of my dell

Hello, I have a dell pc and I want to reformat it but I don't have the driver for my motherboard.I want to reformat it because it had so many virus i...

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Sata drive to ide motherboard

Hello, I have an IDE motherboard. I am trying to add a third drive on the secondary IDE. I have two drives on the Primary IDE. My intention is to cop...

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Lost ibm motherboard cd n id plez heip meeee


Hello, sir plz help me 2 get my IBM8434MAF n i hav no any id coz itz lost ready .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it urgentConfiguration: Windows XP Internet Exp...

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Something wrong with my motherboard

Hello, i have a bad problem. Few Days ago one of my hard drive port , i think IDE/Sata broked. It was the 1/5 ports is on my MSI motherboard. When i p...

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Asus wet motherboard

Hello, HI, Can anyone offer advice my cat peeeed on my husbands lap-top. Have had it into repairers who have quoted $1200 to fix is there any way to...

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My motherboard heat after 30-50 and turn off

Hello, i have a problem in my board.when firstly turn on my computer it will run without any problem but when turn off my pc.secondly when i turn o...

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Cpu and motherboard compatibility

Hello,does my motherboard support core 2 duo cpu,s. I have a foxconn motherboard-socket 775 p4m800p7mb- rs2h.

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Don't know if motherboard works

hi all, my friend gave me a Tyan S2915 Thunder n6650w, its a server mobo but he said it can be used for home pc use as well, so I dont really fully k...

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Motherboard/processor help

Hello all techies, I have a Dell Dimension 4550 with the original mobo still installed. I had processor disaster in so much thta i removed the proces...

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Motherboard change

Hello, I have an acer ase-380. I recently had a problem where my system wouldn't bootup. There was no output to monitor, keyboard or mouse. I repl...

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Gigabyte motherboard with amd athlon 1.2ghz

Hello, I have a dekstop that my my friend built for me a few years ago. It has Gigabyte motherboard with AMD Athlon 1.6Ghz CPU. Two weeks ago it s...

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Lose of motherboard cd

Hello, i hav losed my motherboard cd,configuration is HCL MINDIA with AMD SEMPRON PROCESSOR how can i collect that all drivers from internet,pls tel ...

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Motherboard cd


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2 core cpus and motherboards

Hello, Could anyone tell me just how long have 2 core CPUs and motherboards been on the market, and were they common place ln 2005. Thanking ...

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Video card v motherboard

Hello, I recently installed an "ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro AGP 512MB DDR2 8X" video card on my Asus P5P800 motherboard. My computer is 5yrs old, has a P4...

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Audio driver from new motherboard cd not work

Hello, i have recently bought a new motherboard 'phanom triple core' new power supply and installed an xp operating system (xp home 2003,although in ...

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Lost my motherboard cd intle 3.00ghz no soun


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Hello, sir i hv formatted my desktop pc of company compaq.i didn't hv motherboard cd. so suggest me from where & how to download compaq motherboard ...

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Battery on motherboard?

Hello, a friend told me that i must regularly change the battery on my motherboard is it true ? if i dont do that will it crash my pc ? thank...

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