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Stymied by ide ribbon cables in a compaq sr1630nx.

I received this computer in a BUSHEL basket.....IE (HEATHKIT). I have tested the power supply and all the voltages are good to go,and the greenlight l...

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Display problem

Hey My motherboard doesnot show display i checked a new Ram ,Processor and a Battery also nothing else in display help me!!!!

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Black screen

Hi my desktop pc just give a black screen how do I resolve it or did my windows crash

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Pc is not displaying


i inserted a new sound card in to my pc and unploug one aud code from the mother board so when i try to on the system it couldnt boot rather beeping f...

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Acer aspire 5253-bz602 won't turn on

Hi,I plug my Acer Aspire 5253-BZ602 and it make a spark at the AC adapter in the wall outlet and now the AC adapter does't work,and I can turn t...

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My system shut downs automatically

Hello, my system shut downs automatically when i'm using it, my system configuration is intel pentium 500 gb hard disk and i have added two ...

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Computer turns on but no display


Hello Having a bit of a problem with my pc. Basically, my computer turns on but there is no display on the monitor. I fixed this by replacing the C...

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No display

Dear Sir I have a HP workstation ( DC7600 SMALL FORM FACTOR ). Today while i was doing something with it the display became black and only start m...

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My dell vostro 1540 shuts deown and won't power on

I have tried all u said but it was to no avail...won't turn on, no beeps or blinking lights"

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Zohaib R

Dell inspiron n5010 problem with charging and startup

i m having problem with my dell inspiron n5010. its repelling the ac charger turns off when the power cord is inserted into the c...

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Toshiba satellite l40 -15g battery and power led blinks

Hello, my Toshiba Satellite L40 - 15 blinks the battery led power led won't power up...why hel please... i remove all ready battery, plug the ac, ...

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Hp desktop computer not switching on


my hp does not want to show on the screen,the powersupply and the fan are running with a high speed whenrever I put the power cable on the computer bo...

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Ram 4gb

do we have ram of capacity 4GB DDR2 hp elite book 6930p

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Tx1000 motherboard changed but still blank screen

I Have been given a tx1000 that had a blank screen, the fan came on as did the lights but nothing on the screen, so I replaced the motherboard but sti...

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Help no signal from pc monitor.

So here how it went.yesterday i brought a new mobo [N68C-GS FX] then i installed the mobo in my case i added ram,cpu,gpu,ide,psu and connected them to...

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Acer aspire 5738z : black screen (with only lcd backlight off)

Hello, My Acer Aspire 5738z is having issue with startup. when I start my laptop it start up properly, I can use internet and every possible thing...

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Zohaib R

All type motherboard drivers

pl. all type motherboard drivers installion softwaer free download

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Hi, I need help ,I want to install Nvidia Grfore GT540M on my Acer Aspire5750G core i5 but it is failing keep on saying instal Intel first,where ca...

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Zohaib R

I want to use more ram

Hi everyone i have a 4gb memory of ram before i installed a windows 7 32 bit. The computer only detected 929 mb of ram after installation. I know that...

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Pc turns on but no signal message on screen


hi all my pc crashed this morning so i turned it off and back on but it would not give signal to the screen . there are no beeps from it it just light...

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Mac password


how do i get the password to my mac, i bought it off a friend of mine and he doesnt remember the main password to his account settings

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Is my motherboard is fried

There was a short circuit in my desktop(smps) so i replaced my smps now all i can see is black screen on monitor talking about my cpu ,all fans are ru...

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Zohaib R

Dell dimension how do i remove ram?

Hello, I Have a Dell Dimension 440 and i don't know how to remove the Ram..I see the Two white things on each side, but i don't know how to pull it...

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Zohaib R

Vga not display in device manager

i have win xp 2.6 duol core 2 gb ram ddr2 ,when i put vga card 240gt 1gb on pci express,it doesnt show on device manager!! any help plz

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Zohaib R

Bringing light but refuse to boot

i have a system that system is bringing light on the onboard but if i plug in the oxilary power then the system will not power again whot is the cost

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Start but do not power up

Yesterday, I remove all part of my case to test another motherboard and after that I reassemble every things to my previous motherboard exactly the sa...

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Dell 1120 power problems

Hello, My dell laptop wont turn on. With the AC adapter an battery installed, the power led comes on and than begins flashing rapidly. After a few ...

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Zohaib R

Motherboard or psu?

This happen yesterday, my computer will power on for a second, shut off and power back on again, but my monitor, keyboard, mouse, cpu fan is not getti...

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Ram compatibility issue

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this I've been running this computer for about 3 years now. I had Windows XP 32 bit installed. Recently ...

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My monitor wint display anything.

gies i have a litl problem that when i open my pc Last yesterday. it wont work. my monitor doesnt work or display anything. bios setup anymore. but c...

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Help! i may have killed my memory motherboard 3 long beeps


I honestly dont know much about computers and so wanted to learn more and read somewhere that I need to clean the cpu once in a while. Mine was absolu...

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May be motherboard problem

Here, one cpu getting in trouble. Power boot taking ok but on monitor no signal black screen off. I tried by power plugged out from cpu and power butt...

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Failed to get the display but beep is heared


Hi there, i have a lenovo laptop gifted to me late December, last year. I was using it as per normal all the while, and today i used it to watch a vid...

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Display is not coming .....

when i switch on the power of spike guard the smps fan automatically on and cpu fan is also started and hdd led and power led is stable at this condi...

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Power button not responding although motherboard led in on

Shock!, today i returned from college and powered my computer on and after the windows logo in went blank and the pc shuts down by itself. As the smps...

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Zohaib R

Replacing the battery of your mobo

In your reeplacemtn sequence you explain to save the BIOS data, but since i've gotten the "overclocking failure" message, I can not access anything. W...

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Failure to boot xp/ blue screen on install

hi guys, i desperatly need help. i recently used pc health advisor software to clean the registry on my sons pc, after restart i started to get 3 shor...

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Zohaib R

Posting problems

The motherboard powers up and the fans come on with all the lights but, it will not post and no graphics. I pulled the memory out and I got 2 long bee...

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Toshiba satellite issue

Hello, My Toshiba Satellite keeps shutting down and restarting by itself within 2 minutes of turning on the computer BUT it only does that when I hav...

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Zohaib R

Restart problem

My laptop restarts every time when i press the power button.i do complete diagnostics but no errors are detected.i tried disabling the automatic resta...

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Asrock n68c-s ucc bsod


Hello, i have an asrock n68c-s ucc and when i try to format my HDD i get a bsod error code : 0x00000050.. Please, how can i solve this problem?

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3 beeps on fujitsu siemens model ms2176

Hello, i have a challenge with my fujitsu siemens which gives 3 beeps the first beep is longer than the other two, once it gives those beeps it fail...

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Maximum ram capacity in intel 845gv motherboard


pc is very slow what is the maximum RAM capacity & Processor type to Intel 845GV MotherBoard ?

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Zohaib R

Pc won't boot


Hello! I've encounter a huge problem...Some days ago when I tried to start my pc and it did not boot. I've seen that after I push the power button the...

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how to identifing ram card from external side

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Zohaib R

Where to fix graphics card on motherboard?



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Gateway laptop pobem

Hello, I have a gateway laptop it turns on cpu fan, and that's it , screen stays black . i proceed I disconect battery,ram memory,hard drive t...

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Zohaib R

Hp g6 i5 laptop shutting down problem


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No display,video chips overheat of my hp pavilion tx1000

Hi I need help about my hp pavilion tx1000,no diplay only led light ON during start up, any countermeasure to fix the problem of my laptop.... ...

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My dvd optical drive is not being recognized

Hello, I had switched out my motherboard and my ram. and now my motherboard will not recognize the drive in any of the sata ports. Configur...

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