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No signal


Hello, I recently tried to upgrade my ram from 2 x 4gb HyperX fury to 4 x 16 and I proceeded to turn off my PC and put the new memory stick in alth...

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Help!!! my pc is dead

Help!! Today I switched on my PC, and when I turned the CPU switch on, all lights glowed and fans were running, but there was nothing in the monitor. ...

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My hp dv2700 heating and shuts down after 5 min repeatedly

hello, my hp dv2700 laptop has a heating problem. it starts normally. after 5 min the screen goes blank and the power to the lap top goes out complet...

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Pc not booting

Hello, I had to change mobo due to it not working with Win 10. In Win 7 Pro it had been fine for 4+ years. I disconnected everything, removed cpu, mem...

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Pc fan runs but no signal or no display

Hello, sir my pc fan run but no signal or no display ram ok procesor ok smps ok but no signal error pls help me 4 motherboard same problems ...

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Computer turns on with fans, lights on but no display.

Last month me and a friend build a custom pc for me. Everything ran smooth and it worked perfectly. Parts: GTX 960 2gb Gaming edition i5-4690K...

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Graphic card/motherboard problem.


Hello there smart people! PC1 (MSI K9N Neo V3 motherboard, MSI Nvidia GF 8600GT Graphic card with 2 DVIs) PC2 (Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard,...

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Power supply

Hello, I just put my Dell Inspiron 15-3521 Laptop on, only the Power and the battery LED came on, no fan, screen and system respond please i need...

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Blank screen, fan runs a few seconds and a beep.

my lenovo g5o5 has had a blank screen for two months...initially the fan would run but the screen would remain blank on switching on the laptop but li...

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Computer screen goes black and it gave continuously beep sound

Hello, Configuration: Windows / Chrome 45.0.2454.99when i installed my sound card driver it restart my computer...after restarting my computer...

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How would i be able to know that a laptop motherboard is dead

Please how would I be able to learn that a laptop motherboard is dead totally?

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Laptop shuts down after working some time

I have a dell laptop of Inspiron 3521 Model. When i start my laptop it work properly for long time and when i like to restart then open normally but w...

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Hp 620 is shutting down by itself


Hello, My HP 620 is shutting down by it's self whenever I power it on. It starts but suddenly shuts down and does this repeatedly. What do I do? ...

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No sound in compaq desktop

Hello, There is no sound in my compaq desktop after installing zebronics Z41 motherboard. Instead, it shows no audit device installed. Pl help...

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New dell 1120 motherboard seven beeps when you turn it on

I am replacing my dell 1120 motherboard because it failed (per dell). Seven beeps when you turn it on. I confirmed separately that that's the processo...

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Motherboard boot screen stuck


Hi, I've been dealing with this problem for a couple months now, and It's getting really annoying. Ever since I installed my new GPU (Gigabyte GTX...

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My monitor keeps saying no signal.....please help!!!!

My son tried to install a new power supply and a graphics card to my pc and since this my monitor says no signal. We have cleaned and checked plugs, m...

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How to reinstall sound card on the computer?

I have accidentally uninstall the audio of my desktop computer. It says there is no sound card installed. Please help me to restore the sound.

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Not displying

my computer is comming on alright but it can not disply anything on the monitor. when i am putting it on it give a sound after 15 second the light whi...

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Motherboard atxpower

Hello, I recently got a new case and a power supply, while I was moving things over I got to the power supply and I noticed the atx cord on the moth...

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cpu power it automatically on with heavy noise no display on screen , nothing to sence how to troubleshoot this problem

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Motherboard powered, not booting up

Hi, I have an ASUS motherboard,(p5kpl-am/ps) using for last 6 years. Till few days back it the PC was running well. One day, it suddenly stopped. I...

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Hp pavilion 6500 wont turn on

1 year ago my laptop was not turing on. I found some faulty function in its powercode receiving plug not lighting in blue color. Instead it co...

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Motherboard dies after a few seconds and monitor doesn't show an

Hello, my motherboard is Biostar G41, its very old. recently i got a power supply problem so I've changed it. but before i change power supply, i s...

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Front usb connection


Hi I am Harikrishnan I have ECS 945GCT motherboard with me.Where to connect my front usb connection on the board.There are two slots "F USB 1" & "F US...

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Hi all i have a problem with my Compaq laptop, it wont charge even if i remove the battery it doesn't turn on. the light which shows that the charger...

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After shutdown my laptop takes 3-5 hours to start again

i have an acer b950 laptop once it is shutdown I have to wait for 4-5 hours only then it starts again. if I press power button right after shutdown it...

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Thermal paste...


Hi,I am Harikrishnan. I bought a new motherboard and processor.(It is a DDR2 mother board and intel 2.4GHz duel core processor) My question is,is it n...

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Which is the graphics driver

I need to upgrade my motherboard's graphics driver software. Is the intel vga a graphics driver software? I use gygabyte GA-H81M-DS2V MOTHERBOARD. ple...

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Horizontal and vertical lines display on pc and freeze it

Hello, Since last week when I on my PC horizontal and vertical lines occur and it won't run. After restarting several times it works but if I open b...

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After resetting cmos, pc does not display or work properly

Hi, I have recently had a monitor issue where my secondary monitor decided to stop displaying, therefore i tried to fix it... but i made it worse by ...

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No signal to monitor from mb - fans are spinning ok, cd rom ok


Strange thing happend to me yesterday with my new gaming PC... it was running fine and then i let it to sit for about 1 month with no cables... yester...

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Pc powers on, fans & hard disk spinning, but no display & beep

I'm not using my pc for months already and so I tried to use it again yesterday. I plugged everything and turn on the PC. It doesn't boot completely s...

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Laptop not starting..

Hello, Hello, I need help, My HP Compaq C783TU Model wont turn on. I tried charging it for hours, it still wont turn on.when it's plugged in, the ...

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Shuts down automatically after 2 secs

Hello, i am win7 user I was using PC last day I uncover CPU and unplug hard disk, unplugged ram and processor, now when I start it doesn't run and...

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Pc shuts down in 3 secs

Hello, I was using my PC last day but now it is not starting and shuts down automatically after 2 secs, I have asked to others they told me to up plu...

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Pc shut down after 3 secs

Hello, i am new in this forum, last day I was using PC and shut down it successfully, today when I tried to start it, but it turns off after 3sec...

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No video from motherboard???

Hello, I have just finished building my first computer.. but when I hook it up to my monitor, I get no video.. i have tried hdmi, dvi to hdmi, and v...

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Groups of keys not working


My partner cleaned the lenovo laptop keyboard with computer spray cleaner now lots of keys not working pls help.

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I do not see the led light up by the power connector

Hello, I do not see the LED light up by the power connector on my laptop, where can i find electronics trobleshooting for any or some mother board...

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My computer shuts down while gaming

Hello, So i built a rig that i thought was to optimal standards.It has a i5 #4750 processor. 32 gigs of ram a evga gforce gtx 560 ti 448 core vide...

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There was a problem starting c:\`proga...

Hello, please help me solve this..please check the pic Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 41.0.2251.0

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Intel g31 keyboard mouse does not get detected during boot


i got an intel G31 motherboard..the problem i am facing is.. both the PS2 as well as USB keyboard and mouse arnt detected during the boot

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Desktop would not boot

hi, i changed my desktop pc motherboard recently and my system was running on windows xp however i only used the new motherboard for a week and lef...

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1st build, no signal when installed in case

My Wife is doing her 1st computer build, and everything seemed to go together smoothly. Fired it up and got "no signal". Double checked all the conn...

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Boot problem

Hello, my asus k52j does not come on, when i press the power key the green light comes on but it goes off automatically after some few seconds i...

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My toshiba laptop shuts down it self and turns on.

The last month im having an issue with my toshiba laptop. When im turning it on, after 1-2 minutes it shuts down it self and then turning on again.. I...

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Remove pci card

Hello sir/madam, respected sir/madam,my problem related to motherboard. my pc doesn't show anything while power on of my cpu. i understood so...

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My computer is always hang on window lobo


sir, please solve my query of my computer i will format my computer but not formated when format stopped and key board not work on starting setup a...

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No signal on my monitor

Hello, I have a problem with my systems units. when I switch it on nothing appears on the monitor. what do I do?

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