Elden Ring: Rennala's location, weakness, what to do after

Elden Ring: Rennala's location, weakness, what to do after

After you wandered around the game to your heart's content, got out of the labyrinths and won glorious victories, finally (and we really wish you that!) you will find yourself in the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon and fight agains the Queen of the Full Moon Renalla and her minions. Here we can read in a couple of minutes what Renalla will give you, how to defeat her and what to do after.

Who is Rennala, and what can she give?

After killing the Red Wolf Radagon, you will find Rennala in the Academy of Paradise Lukaria, which will also need to be defeated. Rennala is the Queen of the Full Moon and a very important character in the game, as for from now on the game takes on a more magical character than it did in the earlier stages.

After you defeat her, you will find her in the Raya Lucaria Academy Grand Library and will be able to obtain from her 40,000 Runes, a Memory of the Full Moon Queen and a Greater Unborn Rune. This is a very valuable rune, as by default it is ready to go and gives you its respawn ability, with which you can greatly improve your stats.

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How to defeat Rennala?

You will find the Full Moon Queen floating in the air and protected by an energy shield that only works while the three students are singing with a gold aura about them. Find them and either kill them or just move them. Renalla will not approach you, but will try to hit you from afar with energy beams, projectiles and the Moon, which creates a huge explosion. You will deal with the attack you will receive from her minions, and she can also summon wolves, a dragon, a bloodhound knight, or a giant to help.

If you are having difficulty defeating Renalla, you can use Godric's soldier's ashes or lone wolf's ashes. Be careful, play defensively so as not to weaken. Move quickly, dodge (the students can also attack you, like the queen herself!), roll and you will win!

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What to do after Renalla?

At this moment, you may find yourself at the main crossroads of the game, because that you won't be able to open your boss's room. Of course, you can just go with the flow and follow the new stories that the game offers you. But for the ambitious, this is hardly suitable, and we will show you a way out.

A key starting point for you will be the royal capital of Leindell, which lies on the golden fields of the Altus Plateau, north of Lucaria's Paradise. Head in that direction, but keep in mind that the only way to get there is through the Ruin-Clotted Chasm. You need to walk across the water north of Lucaria's Paradise and fight another boss in this abyss.

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And now you are in Altus. Head east fighting the bosses along the way and you will reach the Bastion of the Eastern Capital through which you will enter Leindell. You will need a lot of skill and good equipment, and it will probably take a lot of time... Finally, you will receive advice from the maid Melina on what to do next.

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