Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro, a new powerful gaming phone, specs

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro, a new powerful gaming phone, specs

This smartphone looks quite modest, especially in comparison with the ultra-modern design of its fellows Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi. But you shouldn't make hasty conclusions: what's inside this phone might please those who like to play video games.

In this simple body lies a powerful gadget designed for gaming, but not only. Meet ROG Phone 8 Pro, a new gaming smartphone from Asus. We were able to test it for a few weeks and here is our verdict.

ROG stands for Republic Of Gamers, and under this brand, Taiwanese Asus creates not only smartphones, but also PCs designed for gaming. This year 2024, Asus has unveiled its new flagship ROG Phone 8 Pro which is equipped with AeroActive Cooler system to provide better cooling during long gaming sessions. But the ROG Phone 8 Pro's functionality doesn't end with games, and this could attract a wider range of users, not just gamers.

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro design

If you were expecting a gaming smartphone with constantly flashing multi-colored LEDs and futuristic lines, then this is not the case with the ROG Phone 8 Pro. This smartphone is quite simple in design and large in size, and it is 8.9 mm thick.  However, even at this size, the device fits very well in the hand, and its weight, 225 g, follows the current trend for large smartphones.

© Asus

On the back panel you will find a photo island that combines three modules, which looks very impressive and has a rather original shape. The slight difference appears further down, underneath the shiny line that runs across the device's matte backplate. Asus has installed here a kind of screen consisting of monochrome LEDs. Called Anime Vision, this screen allows you to display small messages in the form of animated and customizable Gifs, along with remaining battery level, time, and other notifications. This gives the smartphone a futuristic feel that will please many users.

On the right edge of the phone, in addition to the traditional volume and power buttons, there are two AirTriggers. They make it easier to move around in games when the mobile phone is held horizontally. On the opposite edge there is a USB-C port. It allows you to recharge the device, but above all, provides the necessary cooling power to the AeroActive Cooler X module. The second USB-C port is located on the bottom edge of the mobile phone. It is not located in the center, as on other smartphones, but on the left side, so as not to disturb the player when the mobile phone is used for games and is connected to the network.

© Asus

On the bottom edge, Asus has retained a jack for connecting a wired headset. The thickness of the smartphone allows the use of this connector.

Finally, users will no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping their device into water. ROG Phone 8 Pro is IP68 certified.

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro screen

Asus did not skimp on the quality of the screen. We can enjoy a 6.78-inch Amoled panel with Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2400 pixels) and 388 ppi. The 20:9 ratio remains classic but comfortable for everyday use. Asus has opted for an LTPO panel that offers adaptive refresh from 1 to 120Hz, while smartphone gaming requires the ability to boost up to 165Hz for a smoother experience with compatible games.

In terms of brightness, Asus claims a peak of 2,500 nits. In reality, the smartphone is perfectly readable. No matter what lighting conditions we subjected it to, it never let us down. The reflections present are still very acceptable and only minimally detract from the image.

The inevitable feature of high-end smartphones in 2024 is obviously present in this ROG Phone 8 Pro. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC in the Pro version has  24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Enough to handle applications and obviously the most demanding games. Thus, this smartphone is one of the most powerful mobile phones available at the moment.

A real gaming console in your pocket

In gaming, the device shows very good stability and the temperature is also well controlled. Especially if you connect an external ActiveCooler X fan. This accessory allows you to reduce heat during long gaming sessions and maintain good performance. As a gaming smartphone, ROG Phone 8 Pro offers an interface designed for gamers through the Armory Crate app. It's full of features, allowing you to find your entire game library in one place and calibrate your phone's behavior for each game. This way you can adjust the processor power and screen refresh rate.

During the game, you can activate Gaming Genius mode by swiping from the top corner of the screen to the center. Then a window with all the parameters is superimposed on the game, including real-time frames per second, device temperature, latency, etc. You can then change the performance mode - between X mode, which is the most efficient and dynamic mode, power saving mode or personalized mode.

The ROG Phone 8 Pro offers some very good AI-powered features. The first, AI Grabber, allows you to "grab" text in a game and then search the Internet through a small floating window. This is very convenient for viewing online guides and solutions while playing. The second feature is called X Sense and allows you to automatically select objects in Genshin Impact. Finally, for some games, the smartphone supports ray tracing, which provides more realistic and detailed image effects. In short, ROG Phone 8 Pro offers everything you need for the most immersive gaming experience.

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro cameras

However, a smartphone designed for gaming remains a device that we should be able to use on a daily basis for something other than games. Asus also put a lot of effort into creating this phone's cameras. ROG Phone 8 Pro features a stabilized 50MP wide-angle sensor (f/1.9), a 13MP ultra-wide-angle sensor (f/2.2) and a 32MP x3 optical telephoto lens (f/2.4). The front selfie camera is based on a 32 MP sensor (f/2.5).

© Asus

Skins and other specs

Among the first settings of the smartphone, there are two options: use the classic version of Android (Android 14) or an overlay of the own ROG UI software. Obviously, the second one seems ideal for taking advantage of all the Asus improvements. It really does offer a decidedly gamer design in both the wallpaper and icon themes. It's clear and effective. There are also native apps, including Armory Crate, for managing games and game settings.

However, the downside to the Asus is that it still does a poor job of tracking Android updates. The ROG Phone 8 Pro will only receive two major system updates (up to Android 16) and four years of security patches. In 2024, this is too modest, especially for a smartphone costing more than 1000 euros.

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