Burning an ISO file using Nero

September 2017

An ISO file which is also known as the ISO image is an 'image' or it can be designated as an 'archive file' of an optical disc where the entire data content of the disc can be represented. This ISO file can be burnt with Nero 8. Through the 'Burn the Compilation' window, one can set the burning procedure up in Nero 8 after the CD or the DVD menu, the image file size and the writing speed are selected. There is no doubt that innovation has arrived.
To burn an ISO file on Nero is very simple, Just follow these instructions:
  • File > Open
  • Browse to find the image file you want to burn, then click Open
  • A window saying "Burn the compilation" will appear
  • From the menu, choose CD or DVD, and select the image file size
  • Choose your write speed
  • Tick "Finalize CD/DVD" - this is important if you want to run the CD/DVD on another reader
  • Then click Burn


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