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Battery Alarm is a lightweight program that can monitor the battery level of the laptop. The notification sound can be configured depending on the user's preference.

Key Features

  • Discrete location: after downloading the .exe or .zip files and installed it on the laptop, Battery Alarm stealthily sits in the system tray. It remains unnoticed in this location until the battery drops below the 8%. A predefined sound is being played each time the battery power is at this level.
  • Visual and sound alerts: let's note that alerts are entirely customizable. Battery Alarm gives users the possibility to choose their best songs as alert. For that, they have to browse the computer system to access them. With a built-in player, it is possible to read the song before setting it as alert.
  • Minimum battery level: the 8% battery level can be redefined depending on the users' needs. Changing the minimum battery level is utterly feasible. For example, it can be set at 10 or 20 percent. Notification can be repeated at a regular time interval (minute).


  • Battery Alarm can be downloaded and played for free.
  • Notification can be the users' favorite song.
  • This program offers an intuitive and graphical user interface.


  • Nothing special to report.


Alternative spelling: Battery Alarm1100.exe
Latest update on August 27, 2018 at 05:07 PM.
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need an update, but it very good
doesn't autoboot ie boot with windows
can't install in my computer (Windows 7 64 bit)
Doesn't install on Windows 10.
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