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Clash of Clans for iPhone

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Clash of Clans for iPhone
iPhone iPad - English
Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game designed for iOS devices gamers. The game is mostly based on building villages, train troops and battle with other online players. The main goal is to lead the clan and the troop to victory. It is downloadable free of charge. This app can work on both iPhone and iPad.

Key Features

  • Strategic planning and fast-paced combats: Clash of Clans is based on letting gamers build their own village into unbeatable fortress. Gamers can make use of different weapons such as Mortars, Bombs and Traps. They are mostly ranked (with points are reward) on their intelligence in battle strategy.
  • Multiplayer game: it is possible to call on other online players to form an ultimate Clan. If not, battling with them is also possible in order to obtain Victory Points. Clash of Clans offers 15 unique units where gamers can profit from multiple levels of upgrades.
  • Improved interface: for this latest version, some features of the interface have been improved. For instance, Chat option is now available even away from the village. Apart from that, to make it easier to handle, Friends List has been moved to the Leaderboard menu.
  • Hero abilities: again for this version, Heroes have acquired abilities that can be activated once per battle. For every additional 5 Hero levels, Heroes can be improved in strength. Others can be found once the app downloaded.


  • It is multilingual including languages such as English, Chinese, French and Italian.


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Latest update on August 23, 2019 at 03:04 PM.
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