Impossible to uninstall or to update Adobe Acrobat reader

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Sometimes, it may become impossible to uninstall or update Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular and a useful tool for reading documents and any Office software is incomplete without it. Updates to Acrobat Reader are available on a regular basis for free and should be installed for best results. At times, there may be problems when trying to update or uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader. To solve the issue, Microsoft Cleanup Utility can be installed and used to remove the existing Acrobat Reader from the computer system. With this utility, it is no longer impossible to uninstall or update Adobe Acrobat Reader.


I can't uninstall or update Adobe Acrobat Reader.


To remove Adobe Acrobat reader, download and install Microsoft Clean Up Utility:
  • When installed, launch Windows Install Clean Up
  • Select Adobe Reader from the list and click Remove
    • Warning: Be careful not to accidentally select any other applications
  • Click Exit and restart your computer

The uninstallation should have taken place. You can now install the latest version of Adobe Reader or try another lighter software like Foxit reader.
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