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How to Choose The Best WiFi Channel

WiFi is a wireless network technology that uses a specific range of frequencies to limit the interference with other type of equipment and devices. In this article we provide the list of channels and frequencies of the ISM Band (2.4 GHz).

List of WiFi Channels

  • Channel 1: 2.412 MHz
  • Channel 2: 2.417 MHz
  • Channel 3: 2.422 Mhz
  • Channel 4: 2.427 Mhz
  • Channel 5: 2.432 Mhz
  • Channel 6: 2.437 Mhz
  • Channel 7: 2.442 Mhz
  • Channel 8: 2.447 Mhz
  • Channel 9: 2.452 Mhz
  • Channel 10: 2.457 MHz
  • Channel 11: 2.462 MHz
  • Channel 12: 2.467 MHz
  • Channel 13: 2.472 MHz
  • Channel 14: 2.484 MHz

How to choose a WiFi channel?

To be able to communicate with each other, all the components of a WiFi network must use the same channel. For a WiFi network in infrastructure mode, the channel be defined by the access point. However, most people use the default channel. Multiple networks sharing the same frequencies, in the same area, can lead to several problems:

  • Slow connection.
  • Connection timeout.

For best results, you should configure your access point and clients based on the least used channel in your area. You can use the following softwares to list the WiFi networks and the channels being used,

Configuring your WiFi router

  • Using a web-browser, connect to the router's web interface, using the right URL (check in the user manual).
  • Enter the username and password.
  • The router address looks like this: 192.168.xx.xx
  • Search for the "Wireless Channel" or any similar entry.
  • Select a default channel and save your settings.

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