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How To Create an Account on Facebook

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown into a social media giant, amassing approximately 2 billion monthly actively users worldwide. Becoming apart of one of the largest online communities is easy and requires only that you create an account on the platform.

How To Set Up a Facebook Account

Go to Facebook, and complete the fields in the signup section. Once you have done this, click Sign Up:

For security reasons, Facebook requires that you complete a captcha before it allows you to continue. Enter the characters that appear in the image, and click Continue:

A window telling you that you must confirm your email address to activate your new account will appear:

To confirm your email address, open a new window, access the email from Facebook, and click the link:

Your account should now be activated. You can now log in and begin connecting with friends and family on Facebook.

Image: © Facebook.

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