Facebook Dating: review, activate, add info

Facebook Dating: review, activate, add info

Facebook Dating is Facebook's new dating service, now available for users in the UK and across Europe. One advantage is that unlike other apps, such as Tinder, the social network already has information about its users. This makes it much more effective at matching profiles. If you want to use Facebook Dating, read on and we'll explain how to get started.

How to activate Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is now available in the UK and across Europe.

  • To activate it, go to Facebook, either the web version or the app, and look for the start menu (three lines in the app or inverted triangle on the web).
  • Next, click on Couples (the heart-shaped icon).
  • Then click Start.
  • First, choose the level of privacy: who do you want to see your partner search profile, who do you want to block, and if you want the tool to suggest to friends of friends.
  • Keep in mind that Facebook Dating never reveals that you are an active user.
  • After setting the privacy, click on Next.
  • Here you must choose your gender and that or those that interest you.
  • In the next step, Your location of couples, you must set your location to find people in your area. This feature does not work by geolocation, so you must manually change your location at the same time.
  • Then add a main photo and confirm the creation of your profile. Now you're all set!

What information can you include on Facebook Dating?

If you have just opened your account, you likely have only entered your basic information. If you want to make a good impression, it's best to add some personal information. This could include your age, your likes and hobbies, where you've studied or worked, your religion, and whether or not you want to have children. This will make it easier for you to find a close match.

After you've completed this, Facebook Dating will start showing suggestions for people to meet. In the second tab, Interested people, you will see who has shown interest in your profile. If you like that person, you can connect by sending a message.

Connect to Instagram

To increase the chance of finding your special person, Facebook Dating will soon allow you to synchronize your profile with Instagram. That way you can share your Stories and more.

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Secret Crush

Secret Crush is an extra feature of Facebook Dating. With it you can make a list of up to nine people who interest you, your secret crushes from both Facebook and Instagram. If there is a match between you two, Facebook will notify you.

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