How To Make Calls from Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker equipped with AI that allows you to sync devices and manage tasks hands-free. Over time, smart speaker capabilities have been enhanced, allowing you to do things like listen to music, order food, and also make phone calls. Continue reading to find out how to make a call on your Google Home.

Make a Call From Your Google Home

First, ensure that you have your smart speaker set up and your contacts synchronized.

After this is completed, you can contact any individual listed in your contacts by saying, for example, “OK Google, call Jake” or “Hey Google, call Maria Gomez.” In addition to contacts stored on your phone or in your Google contacts, you can also search for nearby businesses or ask Google Home to dial a specific phone number.

To call a specific number, simply say “Hey Google, call 222-222-2222.” You can, then, talk on the phone, with the Google Home acting as the microphone and the speaker. This is extremely useful if you need to get in touch with someone while keeping your hands free.

To end the call, say "Hey Google, end call" or "Hey Google, hang up."

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